Do you have any "doll friends?"

Jun 19, 2011

    1. I made a lot of friends over the years through dolls. Many of us continue to stay in contact one way or another, but at this point, almost the entire group of friends I made (and myself) have all moved to different parts of the country and gone on from there. Haven't been trying too hard to find a group locally, and I know a few others who are interested but I'm not going to push them to join the hobby or not.
    2. Yes, fortunately. Three!:dance

      -One BJD friend from secondary school - he's a guy, bytheway.
      -My mom who loves making outfits for my dolls and comes up with varius ideas what I should sew. She obviously likes crossdressing dolls:)I'm going to giv her bjd, so she will finally have her own, too:)
      -Friend who collect vinil dolls, Barbies and action figures. We know eachother since we ere eight.
    3. I have a few friends interested in dolls, but not specifically bjds (which is fine too). If we were talking about bjd friends specifically then I have none. I plan on finding friends at a bjd convention I plan on going to but other than that, I'm all alone. That's why I try to be active in the online bjd community~
    4. One of my best friends was a huuuge fan of bjd years ago but couldn't afford one back then, while I didn't care for dolls at all. Now I changed my mind and bought a bjd, but my friend isn't interested in them anymore (still admires them from afar, but doesn't really want to get one) and prefers other kind of dolls :') It's a little bit sad to be honest, but we still talk about our dolls a lot, even if they're very different.
    5. My gf actually. I've know about bjds for a few years and always thought them to be very pretty and a nice creative hobby. A few weeks back my gf showed me hers again (they live in their boxes most of the time right now since she hasn't so much space right now) and it remidned me that I would love to have one. So now I'm here (she also intorduced me to this place), but so far no other friends in this hobby.
      My parents are kinda courius about it though, and asked me if I can show them one when I get my own.
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    6. I was hanging out with one of my friends last month shortly after I got my first two dolls- I had to stop to pick up a package (doll clothes) and she asked what I got and I told her about them- I didn't have a clue she was also interested in dolls, but we had a fun conversation afterwards. I showed her the dolls and she got to see me be frustrated because I was trying to put boy pants on a very hippy girl doll. Our schedules don't always mesh the best, but it's nice to have someone to talk to about stuff. She can't afford a doll of her own, but it seems like she's been following the hobby a lot longer than I have.
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    7. I wish!!!! I plan on bringing one of my dolls to college. Maybe it can start a conversation and find me a doll friend. I take a lot art classes so I'm sure some other "artsy" person would be in the hobby.
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    8. Nope! I did have one doll friend years ago, but all of my current friends either think they're creepy, childish, or are just indifferent about them.
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    9. I have made friends on here but would love a BJD friend who was living close by so we could meet up and chat about our dolls
    10. I used to have a group of friends years ago, but then we all kind of moved out of the country and stopped playing with dolls that much. Currently I have one close friend, and we do photoshoots together and go out with dolls, but I miss having community and more doll friends
    11. Yes. I became friends with a girl and it’s her fault I got into this hobby, THEN I became friends with the girl who got HER into the hobby.

      I feel the need to convert someone to our hobby now, must not break the chain
    12. I have one friend and my mom who are very supportive and share my excitement about it, but they don’t actually participate in the hobby.
    13. I met my bffs through the bjd and books hobby :love
    14. I have several doll friends, some of them are met at internet, some of them are met at doll meet up, it is really happy to hang out with friends, I also have friends who do not have dolls, but they like my dolls too.
    15. I used to have a doll friend. Sigh. She works way too many hours- literally seven days a week....and acquired a boyfriend...and does not have time to play with me any more. Sigh.
    16. I have some friends that are into BJDs and some own one or more! One of my closest friends wants to get a BJD but knows she won't due to the price on them. She can dream of one!
    17. I made a friend at a doll meetup at a con last year. I'm a pretty shy person so I'm glad I was able to step outside of my comfort zone and meet someone. :)
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    18. One of my friends is loving bjds, but she lives so far from me :( So the only one that we can do together is discussing dolls all the time. All my friends, which live in my city, aren't bjd-addicted, as I am, unfortunately. I haven't made friends in hobby yet, but maybe sometimes I will)
    19. I would have loved to have met you when I was in college! :)
    20. I have one friend who I know in person, but she lives far, far away from me. She’s the one that made me realize that dolls didn’t have to be just for children. We were 17 when we met!

      My other doll friends are online (I have 4) and are incredibly sweet and accepting. They don’t mind my dumb questions and don’t get upset when I’m sick and can’t keep in touch as much as I’d like.