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Do you have any "doll friends?"

Jun 19, 2011

    1. I made a lot of friends over the years through dolls. Many of us continue to stay in contact one way or another, but at this point, almost the entire group of friends I made (and myself) have all moved to different parts of the country and gone on from there. Haven't been trying too hard to find a group locally, and I know a few others who are interested but I'm not going to push them to join the hobby or not.
    2. Yes, fortunately. Three!:dance

      -One BJD friend from secondary school - he's a guy, bytheway.
      -My mom who loves making outfits for my dolls and comes up with varius ideas what I should sew. She obviously likes crossdressing dolls:)I'm going to giv her bjd, so she will finally have her own, too:)
      -Friend who collect vinil dolls, Barbies and action figures. We know eachother since we ere eight.
    3. I have a few friends interested in dolls, but not specifically bjds (which is fine too). If we were talking about bjd friends specifically then I have none. I plan on finding friends at a bjd convention I plan on going to but other than that, I'm all alone. That's why I try to be active in the online bjd community~
    4. One of my best friends was a huuuge fan of bjd years ago but couldn't afford one back then, while I didn't care for dolls at all. Now I changed my mind and bought a bjd, but my friend isn't interested in them anymore (still admires them from afar, but doesn't really want to get one) and prefers other kind of dolls :') It's a little bit sad to be honest, but we still talk about our dolls a lot, even if they're very different.
    5. My gf actually. I've know about bjds for a few years and always thought them to be very pretty and a nice creative hobby. A few weeks back my gf showed me hers again (they live in their boxes most of the time right now since she hasn't so much space right now) and it remidned me that I would love to have one. So now I'm here (she also intorduced me to this place), but so far no other friends in this hobby.
      My parents are kinda courius about it though, and asked me if I can show them one when I get my own.