Do you have one doll way more spoiled than the rest?

Feb 4, 2020

    1. None of my poor babs are spoiled :sweat. I have all these elaborate ideas, but not the skills, space, or money. And they all have different little things I kind of push for them. Ollie has the most clothes because she's not picky and fits everything, Gobbie has the most props because she is so small, Elliot has the most effort put into custom stuff because I have such a specific vision for him. Poor Ji-han is at the back of the pack, but he has such expensive and particular taste, it's his own fault really :roll:.
    2. Oh, I've been calling Rin my spoiled brat for years. When I got him, he was my most stable stander, so that earned him the position of travel doll, which meant that not only does he get to go places, but I end up buying toys for him on every trip too. But more than that, it's actually in his character. As an adult in my main project, he gets away with doing pretty much anything he wants (sometimes to the detriment of his own family).

      Rin being himself in a motel room in northern Arizona.

      Admittedly, Raven and Kestrel might end up being more spoiled eventually, but they're not there yet.
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    3. Rani is my resident spoilt favourite, she gets everything, and anything that doesn't suit her then gets distributed amongst the others :lol:

      [​IMG]Rani by Flowergirl Fashions, on Flickr
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    4. So long as all of my dolls have one set wig, a set pair of eyes, and a set outfit, I'm happy~ A couple of them have had wig or eye changes, most of them have an accessory or two if I come across something I like, or need it for their character, and only a handful have multiple outfits (which rarely get changed anyway!). I think when I get to a point where new dolls aren't steadily trickling in, I'll be more likely to get a few more outfits etc for everyone. In terms of most photographed though, my DOD boys (Ducan's mostly), have the most snaps and get the most attention there :sweat
    5. I am afraid when I'll get my DC girl, I will spoil her very badly... :sweatAnother fear is, that I won't care about my boy once I get a girl... we'll see...
    6. Murmur, my PlumeDoll Luna... I think I’ve spent more time and money on clothes for her than all my other dolls combined. She’s just so darling!

      Galatea, my Twilight, might end up pretty spoiled too... but I’m waiting for her clothes to come <_<
    7. Yes! With my finished dolls, most just have one outfit. One of the Olivers has technically two outfits with pieces that I mix and match
      But my Kishen has full like five full outfits with two extra shirts, I mix and match his clothing a lot though, there’s six tops (one is a coat) and four bottoms, then he also has a long sweater dress type thing? I’m having a harness made as well.
      He’s the one I’ve been the most into, too, extensive mods and blushing. He’s my most spoiled by far
    8. My first is my baby. But when he comes back from being repainted, again, I’ll be able to pay more attention to my newer additions.
    9. I think it's fair to say that Blue is the spoiled one of mine xD

      I have been throwing gifts at her since day one. She was my grail and also my most expensive doll so far, so it makes sense that I have been so obsessed with her and bought her so many things.
      Now that a couple of years have passed since I got her, I have calmed down and gone back to treating them all more or less equally. But she still has the most clothes and props of all of them, and she is still the only one with a diorama (though it is temporarily dismantled).
      Oh, also, my other two dolls are displayed on my chest of drawers in the corner of my bedroom, but Blue gets pride of place on my desk where I can fuss over her all the time (I only have space for one doll on my desk). So maybe I still spoil her a bit... xD
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    10. There is only one doll that has gotten ready made clothing (not cheap either) I ordered especially for her. And she is no more with me actively (she ended up being packed away until her buyer finishes the layaway), but back then she was really the spoiled brat. Currently I don't think I have anyone I spoil more than the others; all of them lack something (clothing, shoes, eyes, blushing or a wig), but all of them have something I have made for them.
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    11. I actually envy those of you with a favorite doll! I have a good sized collection (currently at 38) and ALL of mine are spoiled!*_* It’s a lot of continuous work! They all have a minimum of 3 outfits, high quality eyes, gorgeous wigs, props, displays, etc...what a colossal drain on the pocketbook!:chomp: And I feel like I’m chained to the sewing machine half the time. But I just can’t help myself. It’s just too naturally ingrained in me to spoil them all equally, like real-life children. I find myself going from doll to doll, and that one becomes my favorite for awhile and gets even more spoiled. Then my eyes will fall upon another of my beloved darlings, and they become my favorite and I start spoiling them. This is how I’ve wound up with too much stuff in a home full of spoiled brats!:doh
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    12. Every one of my dolls gets their own pampering session every once in a while, but it's pretty much common knowledge that Adhara is the Queen of the collection. I mean, two heads with strikingly different faceups depending on her form (Fantasia Doll Vivian or Iplehouse Scarlet), while the others have to content themselves with just minor styling changes if they have to go dormant or warlike -- that's saying something. :sweat Even though her S.O. Guórén (a Granado Michael) comes in second on the priority list, it's admittedly a far second. As far as I know, he doesn't have nearly as much clothes and accessories in his wardrobe as Adhara!
    13. My girl Annalise has a lot more clothing than my 2 boys but that is because I got her first and I find it easier to make female clothing. I want to spoil my boys more but I struggle at designing and decided upon male clothing.
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    14. I definitely have a clear favorite that gets more new things than others XD
      I find it more fun to shop for her (Kyotenshi Byakuren)
    15. Well, since Delaney has 14 wigs, 18 sets of eyes and 21 pairs of shoes, I'd say she's pretty definitely my spoiled little diva. I guess I'm lucky she doesn't really care for most store-bought outfits. She does keep me busy sewing, though.
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    16. My dolls have all the same amount of clothing, accesories, wigs and eyes, more or less, so they're not spoiled in that way but I tend to carry with me my Yo-SD girl whenever there's the chance to take a doll for a trip so I think she is the spoiled one in that sense. But she is so easy to carry and so cute I don't mind spoiling her xD
    17. Loving all the replies! These favourite OCs seem to be a good reason for spoiling them (I’m biased here...)
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    18. My Unidoll (who is still unnamed) is currently the most spoiled, with several outfits in progress, but that is because when I first got her, I conceived an idea for an outfit for her, but could never find the right fabric for it, recently started making some other outfits for her.... and then I found The Fabric.
    19. My first doll is very spoiled just because she is my first who brought me into.the hobby and thus made it possible for the other ones to enjoy me. However my 1/6 scaled dolls are also very spoiled because its easy and cheap to buy clothes for them since they wear barbie clothes which are easily accessible.
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    20. NO! All 4 girls get it equally!! Which means I’m always broke :(
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