Do you prefer full set or blank ?

Feb 12, 2019

    1. I love fullsets, but they sadly, are out of my budget. So I go for a blank one, that way, I can at least have the doll. If I had the funds, I’d get a fullset every time. Not having the fullset doesn’t bother me at all, as the doll is what is most important. Only one of my of my bjds is a fullset, while a few have the company face ups. My dream is someday, I’ll be able to go all out and get the fullset with ALL the options.
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    2. Blank dolls despite fullsets are very very beautiful -- I love looking at them.
      I buy dolls to make specific characters, so fullset wouldn't do. My plans are pretty long-term. Impulsive buys aren't my cup of tea for this reason. Money are also factor, but if I really want something I have no problem to vait and save.

      I would buy fullset as long as the styling is exactly what I needed.
    3. Haha! Right now I have Ine & Carol. I have Rens & Eva but I sold their original bodies and ordered new full bust ones. I have Cygne arriving next week. I have Rendia's full set outfit and wings so I'll be buying her head & body eventually. Only other full set girl I'm looking for is Momo^^
    4. If I am drawn to the doll because I like the fullset, I will get the fullset, and sometimes the dolls I like can only be ordered as fullsets (in the case of my Trinity it was a case of picking the fullset I wanted).

      But if I have an idea for the doll that doesn't match with the fullset, I don't get the fullset, or I only get the parts of the fullset I like, if that's an option. When I got my Soom Sabik, the doll's wig and faceup perfectly matched the character I wanted him for, so I got them, but I didn't buy his outfit or eyes because I didn't need them. When I got my Yuki, I ordered her with the default eyes and wig, but not the outfit or faceup because I had a different idea for her, and I ordered my Corun completely blank because I wanted to get him very heavily modded, and he now looks nothing like the fullset doll at all.
    5. I definitely prefer blank. I do have 2 fullset dolls, and they're not quite as fun as blank ones. You skip the fun part- though I did switch the wig on one of them and I like her a lot more now.

      I like the companies that let you buy the outfit but not necessarily have a face up. Because I wouldn't mind that. I feel guilty wiping a company face up (especially from a fullset), but I like some of the outfits and would like them for other dolls.
    6. I wish it was easier sometimes to pick and choose parts of Fullsets. Like sometimes I just want the outfit or wig but you can hardly buy those separate. Or just the wig and eyes or so on:
    7. Blank. I love crafting & customising, even the bits I buy (clothes, shoes) are fun to shop for! I wouldn’t rule out buying a full set if I really loved it, though.
    8. I’ve bought a lot of blank dolls, but I find as I become busier with life I prefer full sets. I just don’t have the time I used to have to devote to getting a dolls look just right. Luckily I have a very specific look I like so I’m not out there buying up all kinds of full sets haha.
    9. My first doll was a full set- and I almost immediately got her different hair and clothes- so probably no more full sets unless everything perfectly suits the character or the full set comes with exclusive items I want. There are some absolutely gorgeous full sets out there- so this will happen at some point.
      My second doll just had the factory face-up- same with my third who won’t be arriving for months...
      I’m considering ordering a blank doll with my tax return- and try my hand at doing a face up... If it’s something I can get into, I’ll probably shift over to mainly blank dolls.
    10. Blank!! Fullsets remind me too much of American Girl dolls or Barbies. To me, the whole appeal of these dolls is that they are a blank canvas to be customized.

      Now, that being said, there have been a couple of Dollmore Alexia and Lusion fullsets I've completely fallen in love with and would have bought if they hadn't been out of my price range, so.
    11. It just depends. So far I’ve only bought full sets but the reason for that is because I love the face skulp, body skulp, with the clothing and I feel that is rlly goes well with the plans I wanted for my dolls. But in the future I’m definitely not gonna buy fullsets all the time. All long as it has a face up it’s fine. So it just depends if I like the full set or not.
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    12. Blank, no question! Fullsets are totally worthless to me... If I didn't paint and design a doll, it looks terribly creepy and unsettling to me. The only "pre-designed" dolls I have any patience for are Living Dead Dolls, lol

      I could see wanting the clothes or wig from a fullset, maybe, but never the true full set.
    13. I much prefer to buy blank dolls so I can truly make them my own. That said though, I do have two full set dolls, but that was because they were not available outside of that option.
    14. I prefer blank dolls,but full sets have their advantages. What I like about a full set doll is that it's already styled,you don't have to hunt for clothes or wigs,and the faceup will be perfect and professional.
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    15. Blank, Most of the time the fullsets don't fit my style, they're really expensive and I prefer to sew my own or buy individual pieces.
    16. I prefer blank. That way I can personalize their look. I have two fullset dolls, one because that's the only way they were sold, and the other for the extra parts they came with. I have company face-ups on some of my dolls. I love crafting for my dolls, so sewing them clothes is a big part of working on them. I'm learning to do my own face-ups so many of my blank dolls have eyes and a wig, but are still blank.
    17. I've bought dolls in both states... Sometimes I really like the company face-up (That's particularly true of my Volks one-offs) and sometimes I don't. It's a very case-by-case kind of thing, and more about the look than the price.

      I find that I never keep full-sets in their original outfits or wigs, though, and I only rarely use their original eyes. I do keep all of those bits, and occasionally they'll end up seeing use with another member of the crew, but so far none of my full set dolls have stayed in original full set form.
    18. I’m 50/50 on this! I love getting a dolls fullset if it fits perfectly with the design and company faceup, but I also enjoy taking a blank doll and making it into something original!
    19. I usually prefer full sets unless I have a character I am trying to buy fro and the full set (primarily the faceup) does not suit what I want. I am not a faceup artist and I hate sending dolls away to get painted; I have done it twice and it causes me great anxiety. I prefer that the faceup is done for me by the company so that when the doll arrives, it is ready to go; never has to leave my side again. I also like full sets because they come with clothes, a wig, and shoes right off the bat. It gives me a bit more time to buy things for them and all the fullsets I have purchased are gorgeous and I always find a use for.
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    20. I can go either way. Fullsets are expensive, but putting a doll together can also be costly if I don’t make everything myself. It can be a hard call.

      The drawback to fullsets is that my doll will probably look like someone else’s and that can feel odd. But the benefit for me is that at least I have clothes that I like and that will fit. With time, I usually end up switching things around anyway.