Do you Sleep with your doll? Is it Weird?

Oct 27, 2016

    1. My dolls are barely ever out of their box because of some paranormal activity but if that never happened and I wasn't afraid of crushing them I would.
    2. As long as the doll is safe, nah I don’t think it’s weird. I don’t think I would do it myself because her wig would get all tangled up and I have a bad habit of pushing things off the bed - my cat has to move several times during the night and it’s another reason I never had stuffed animals or dolls with me in bed as a child.
    3. I really wouldn't want to sleep with my dolls because im so reckless when I sleep. I have legit woke up punching the wall because of a dream I was having... Haha.
    4. I've always wanted to, but I don't think I have. I think I just assumed something would get broken if I did. And much of what I do is weird anyway, so that wasn't a consideration. :lol:
    5. I think it's a cute idea. personally i don't take dolls into bed as I might damage them while sleeping. I will take my favoraite doll to sit with me while I am working. it feels nice.
    6. I might sleep with mine but I already share my bed with another human. Another human who would scream loud enough to shatter our neighbors eardrums if he found one I our bed.
    7. I don’t sleep with them because I’m afraid I might accidentally kick them out of the bed
    8. I sleep with my dolls , it is not weird I really love them. Actually I feel really safe when I sleep with them.
    9. I do. :D and I'm all for doll cuddling. Apparently I don't move much when I'm sleeping with my doll so I'm not worried about em falling. They made me sleep better too.
    10. Personally, I wouldn't, just because I'd be too terrified to break something!
    11. I keep my girl on a stand on a table right next to my bed. I like having her close. Thank god my hubby doesnt mind>.<
    12. Im all for doll cuddling too, ive invested a lot of time and money in my hobby and some dolls are important to me becuse they where gifts, my cain doll was given to me when i was in the hospital and became a big comfort for me so i cuddle him a lot when im feeling down or just wanna cuddle in bed. i think theres nothing wrong with it as long as you dont cross the line and start thinking it's a real person or something. for me it's just the big comfort aspect it reminds me of the person who gave it to me so of course id cuddle the heck out of my little man lol
    13. I used to a little but I heard that can do a lot of bad things to their wigs and I sleep with my dog now so dolls go back to their dollie room.
    14. Yes, I sleep with Chaeri.

      Yes, it's probably weird for someone who thinks it's weird.

      Fortunately people think I'm weird anyway.

      And they're right. :D

      Seriously, sleeping with a doll is no stranger than sleeping with a stuffed animal, or a dakimakura, or any other so-called "comfort object". I sleep with Chaeri every single night, but then I'm not much of a tossy-turner so she's in no danger.
    15. Okay, I'm going to admit it. :sweat

      Whenever I get a new doll, I take naps with them a few times in order to bond with them. Considering that most of my dolls are SDs or 70cm ones, its not as dangerous to the doll as it would be if they were tinies. Sometimes I would cuddle with them, and sometimes I would just have them sleeping on the other pillow while my partner is at work. Since we sleep on a queen sized bed, they're okay if I put them on the other pillow. I don't move around a lot when I sleep, so whomever I nap with is usually safe.

      I haven't gotten a new doll for a couple of years due to health problems, but since my health is back to normal, I might start getting more dolls! :XD:

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    16. I have a little ledge right next to my bed where I can sit 2 dolls comfortably, so my crew rotates every so often! :)
    17. I think it's normal. I know you have a mattress for your doll, but I think it's totally fine to even cuddle with your doll while you sleep. I still sleep with a stuffed animal; a teddy bear I've had since I was three. It's a pretty normal thing to want something/somebody to hold onto when you sleep. The only doll I have now - Clara - is a Littlefee, and she's a bit fragile. I have a 1/4 scale doll on the way, though, so maybe he'll be sturdy enough for it? However, I read something somewhere (perhaps in a manual?) about the resin having the potential to irritate one's skin if they sleep with them. I think it was with the context of children's sensitive skin, but it stuck in my mind enough that I'm a bit nervous about sleeping with my doll, no matter how much I would like to.
    18. I dont sleep with my dolls, id be afraid of breaking something, plus i move around sometmes (tossing and turning) so i would feel very bad if fingers broke or something.

      if others do it, you do you. but i certainly wouldn't.
    19. Not at all! Like some of the answers before me, I've slept with stuffed animals for years. Plus, if anyone on here wants to judge you for being a crazy doll lady then what the heck are THEY doing on this site, too? Right? Honestly, I can't wait to get my first doll when she's available again in December and figure out where she will sleep in my life :3nodding:

      Who wants to be normal anyway? It's overrated.
      Keep being, weird ;)<3
      It's fun here! Lol
    20. I don't but I have a small space on my night stand for my puki to sleep in near me. What ever makes you happy. Considering how much we spend on these dolls we can do whatever makes us happy lol.