Do you Sleep with your doll? Is it Weird?

Oct 27, 2016

    1. I guess that would make me a "crazy doll man!" Being "normal" is definitely overrated. :kitty1

      I also sleep with plushies. When my back is sore, hugging one helps ease my pain some, since it helps to align my shoulders properly.

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    2. When I got my first doll, it was shortly before I ended up on sick leave from highschool for two months with mono. While I had mono, I totally regressed and slept with my doll laying on my bed with me like a little kid :XD:
    3. I don't, just because they're so precious, they're pieces of art, I would fear to damage them. I'd rather sleep with a soft doll or a plushie (or my boyfriend ahah), but I wouldn't consider bringing in my bjds. I don't feel like they belong there.

      Though I understand why some do :)
    4. My large (68 cm), sturdy, and comparatively cheap (sub 100 bucks) son Jack lives on my bed. I did his faceup, made his wig, and his clothing is not irreplaceable or easily damaged. I'm not even afraid of breaking his fingers because he's got those ugly mirodoll paddles hahaha. His face (Impldoll John) was dremeled in a mod attempt by his previous owner and I resculpted the missing teeth. He's not a pretty boy at all, but its okay because I love him and he's nice to cuddle. He was a project through and through that I know I'll redo eventually, so preserving him isn't a great concern of mine. He has 0 resale value but I love him dearly.

      My more delicate and/or expensive dolls are kept close and will sometimes sit on the bed when I'm awake, but I'm afraid of rolling on them and breaking hands.
    5. How?? Has no one body slammed their dolls, smushed them, or knocked them out of bed?? Maybe I have terrible sleeping habit, but I could never sleep with my dolls on the same bed
    6. I put them on a chair beside my bed so they are near, but I'd end up crushing them if they were actually in my bed haha. I move around too much and I wouldn't want to risk breaking any of my dolls.
    7. Back when my collection was much smaller I had them sitting to the side of my bed. Even taken naps with some of them as I was laying watching a movie and dozed off while laying fiddling with their hair or holding their little hands. I don't find it weird, they're just so precious to us so I fully understand why people would do it.
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    8. I roll around so much and tug the covers all over, but I do litter the free side of my bed with plushies and cute pillows, which have to be moved if my bf or sister visit and have to share my bed! I'd be too scared to tug the covers too much and cause a doll to tumble either off the end, or down the side! But I would like to have them more visible in my room, or in the room I rent for work, so I guess in a sense I want to sleep with them near me haha.
    9. If I didn't roll around so much I probably would haha. I also have a dog that sleeps in bed with me, I'd be too afraid that not only would I roll on them, but he'd chew them up. Annnd my dogs come before my dolls, so he gets the spot next to me haha
    10. Couldn't have said it better myself, I agree with the same feels. Thankfully I'm friends with my face up artist so I was able to get updates until I got her back
    11. I have them by my bed so I can see them in the night which I like.
    12. I will sometimes hug them into my bed to lay with me for a while in the morning before I get up.:whee:I choose them quite selectively, only my top 2 favorite boys will lay with me.
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    13. I don't think it's weird but I personally don't as I will 100% break my doll. :3nodding:
    14. I have. Just not recently since my dolls are in my other room.
    15. I totally sleep with mine. I have a loft bed with high railings so no worries that a doll would fall out. I keep a specific corner of my bed for dolls. I'm also not much of a mover and I don't cuddle with them either. Why? Sometimes the mood strikes me, or maybe want a little extra comfort
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    16. I don't sleep with mine because I'm worried about breaking one of them! I do like to have them in my room with me though
    17. I would but I move too much and my dog joins me in bed sometimes. Wouldn't want anything to happen to her but I do have her by my bedside table to see her when I wake up.
    18. I don't sleep with my dolls. I would be afraid that I would hurt them or that they might poke me if I rolled on top of one.

      I do hug them and kiss them and talk with them. They definitely feel the love.
    19. I don't think I'll ever cuddle with mine in my bed. They're too fragile, and I toss and turn way too much. I actually have to keep them in a glass cabinet most of the time-- I have VERY naughty cats.:XD:
    20. id be scared to crush my doll if I slept with them in the same bed, but it would be cute to make them their own mini bed