Do you Sleep with your doll? Is it Weird?

Oct 27, 2016

    1. I don't actually sleep with my doll cause I prefer cuddling with an extra long cat plushie, but my doll sits next to the sofa I sleep on, so I can look at her when I am falling asleep. This is really anxiety soothing, plus she is sitting in a roombox with lights, so it is fascinating to watch then blinking. And I used to cuddle with my doll before going to bed untill she got her makeup and blushing.
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    2. Only once or twice. When I got my first doll my bed was lofted, and I was terrified I would turn over and she'd drop off in the middle of the night. They're way too precious to me to have my unconscious self mess them up!
    3. I cant sleep with my doll if I wanted to because I sleep soo crazzyy that I would push her over the bed :D :D But it is not weird to sleep with them I mean a lot of people sleep with their stuffed dolls ...
    4. I am worried about my oils getting on my dolls when I am fully awake and (ostensibly) in control of my hands/body...I would be terrified of what would happen to them if I were unconscious. Not to mention the possible falls people mention, my pillow ends up on the floor more mornings than not.
    5. I'm in the "I move too much at night" camp to sleep with a doll, but I'm interested in like, hanging out with one. Holding it, carrying it, taking it places with me, etc. The thought of falls certainly haunts me but I'm thinking it's just the price of life. Humans break too, and we live our lives without fear, or at least that's what I'm trying to think.
    6. There was a time when my boyfriend didn't want to sleep next to me in our bed, because he had Problems with his back and needed to sleep on a harder surface. He slept on a futon so the place next to me was empty. At this time I received a doll that I loved very much and he slept there a few weeks.
      It's strange what it does psychologically. It was very hard to get used to it when I decided a human bed is not a place for a doll. It also triggered my boyfriend to come back to bed. He was actually kind of jealous (though he never said it). I feel like he doesn't like seing me getting too attached to my dolls and I feel awkward being overly touchy with them in front of him.

      Today I sometimes go to bed earlier, take the doll I feel like spending time with and lay in bed with this doll for a while, enjoying how cute he looks while he's lying there with me, stroking his head and enjoying the comfort. Before I go to sleep I bring him back to the others. They all sit together on a pretty couch. There he cuddles with his dollfriends.

      I would never dare sleeping in with my doll in my arms. I think its too dangerous (as many mentioned before). Also I think a doll needs some kind of sleeping outfit. My dolls often have very pricey oppulent costumes that would crinkle. They would be completely destroyed after a night of cuddling... xD
    7. I sleep with my doll Tomoko every once in awhile when I feel super duper lonely and having trouble coping. If I can help it though I just have my dolls by my night stand or nearby while I listen to ASMR videos. I am sort of a still sleeper so I don't have to worry about tossing and turning.
    8. If I had a less fragile doll I would probably try sleeping with it in my bed tbh. I barely move in my sleep but since my only doll right now has elf ear mods I still would not want to risk it.
    9. No, there is hardly enough room as it is. I have a dog, cat and husband and we’re all jostling for space.
    10. Hi,
      I don't think its strange at all :)
      I do keep mine close though, cupboard next to my bed.
      I probably would if I didn't have my 4 year old climbing into bed at
    11. I’m still new to the hobby. I had to travel to another city, and decided to take the doll with me. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed having her with me. I held her on my lap for most of the trip. Her wig kept slipping off, I didn’t know how to fix it at the time. I just loved handling her and cradling her in my arms.

      I like having them nearby when I sleep. Their presence is comforting.
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    12. I don't think it's weird at all - I wouldn't do it myself because I know that they would get damaged pretty quickly if I did, but I have had then just lie down next to me while I've been awake before and that was nice and comforting.
    13. I used to back in the day, but I haven’t in some time now that I have a husband. My Pipos Baha used to sleep on my extra side of the bed’s pillow when I first got her. :) I think it would be much harder now because of how much we move around while we sleep. :XD:
    14. I toss and turn quite a lot throughout the night, so the idea of having my doll in bed with me has never crossed my mind! My doll doesn't even stay near the bed at night, because I have an overactive imagination and get spooked easily when I'm half-asleep :frownyblush:
    15. I wouldn't even try because I tend to move quite a bit when I sleep so I would be too afraid to smash it or throw it out of the bed to the floor. But sometimes when I'm in my bed with the computer or wiith my phone, just resting, specially if I'm stressed or anxious, I may have one of them right by my side. Even if I'm not directly touching them, they comfort me that way ^w^
    16. I have a fairly large bed, so every once in a while my pukifee will stay over. But she'll be in a little box up against the wall where I dont accidentally knock her out of bed or something like that. I just sometime like to fix her hair or change her clothes or try some poses before bedtime in stead of being on my phone, and I don't always get up to put her away.
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    17. Anything is normal as long as it does not harm anyone. We love our dolls and they are precious to us (in all senses). So why not?
      If I lived alone and I was lonely, I would do the same for sure. But now I don't have enough space around my bed, also I don't want to accidentally damage the dolls, so they are just kept nearby.
    18. That's actually really cute! I don't think it's weird at all. It's the same a plush, in my opinion. I'd personally never do it because I'm already scared as is that I'll break one of my dolls. I'd be devastated if I woke up one morning to find my doll missing fingers. If you can avoid that, which it sounds like your doll is a far enough distance, then go for it! It's just another way to bond.
    19. I could probably do it considering I tend to sleep very dead-like, but I’d still have severe paranoia over accidentally breaking/crushing the doll. Maybe with a big soft-bodied vinyl like DD or Obitsu
    20. I'm so afraid of crushing him! But luckily, my bed is right by the window so I sometimes sit him on the sill at night. He doesn't have a sleeping head so I guess that just means he guards me while I sleep. Nothing wrong with that...
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