Do you Sleep with your doll? Is it Weird?

Oct 27, 2016

    1. Nope, I prefer sleeping with warm, soft, affectionate things. ;)
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    2. I dont think its weird at all exvept i would be afraid of breaking them
    3. I have an entertainment center in my bedroom but instead of a TV I have my BJD diorama there. I don’t sleep with them in my bed (I still prefer stuffed animals) but I do enjoy a nice cuddle from them now and again. I’ll carry a doll around in my arm like a baby, sit one in my lap while I study, or give them a peck on the head when they’re looking extra cute lol.
    4. It's not weird at all! I'd love to sleep with my doll, but like many others here I'm an active sleeper and I'd be terrified of squashing her, or breaking something, or scratching the faceup. So I just settle for cuddling her in bed for a while and placing her in her chair next to my bed when I'm going to sleep. It's not ideal for me cos I could cuddle her all day long, but I can't risk damaging her:atremblin