Do you still have your first doll?

Oct 25, 2019

    1. I do, almost 12 years down the line my DOD Homme Ducan is still with me, here's for 12 more!
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    2. I do! He'll be 12 next year.
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    3. Dollzone Megi was my first. I could never get rid of him.
    4. My Fairyland Littlefee Shiwoo boy was my first. He was in stock so arrived very fast from Germany. He was the most spoiled of my dolls for a long time till my Minifee arrived.
      He was so cute and lovely even without a wig. It took me ages before getting him one as I was struggling with the sizing.
      He was meant to be a girl originally, so I bought a Littlefee girl to swap bodies. To cut a long story short, when the girl arrived several months later because she wasn't in stock (steeeeep learning curve there), the skin colour was too different for my taste. Not that I haven't put him in long wigs etc. but somehow he chose to keep his original body.
      I remember having a lot of difficulties choosing between the various Littlefee sculpts. I had a lot of trouble seeing the difference between Leah and Bisou for instance. I had to search for owners' pictures to really appreciate how different the sculpts were.
      I nearly didn't buy him. My first choice was a Littlefee Chiwoo boy though I wanted him in tan, something that wasn't available at the time. Then I came across these lovely photos of Shiwoo in a medieval/sorcerer settings if I recall well and the rest is history.
      And yes, I still have him, it had been a lovely first transaction. He still has his original face up and cheers me up every time I take a picture of him.
    5. Yes, I'm not sure if I really like any of my other dolls more than my first bjd. I bought him in 2014. I tried to buy a different doll from an individual on eBay in 2010 but they tried to scam me. I was put off for a long time, but regularly admired a doll offered by an official dealer on eBay for years. Jeremy is a Popodoll Chen, he's 68cm because I didn't want one that seemed like a toy. I never had anything nice before that was just for me. I think after so many years of working hard and putting myself last consistently, I deserved him. He will probably be part of my estate sale someday.
    6. My first doll was my Boy&Girl Sky and I could never get rid of him. And even if I did want to, there's no point trying because he's an 11yr old "white skin" doll... more like banana skin doll at this point :lol:
    7. I still have my first doll at home with me :) her company released a new body so she did get a body upgrade but her head is still the original. I remember looking for months and months at several dozen companies but she was the one I saw and was like "Yes she's the one". I tastes have changed quite a bit since then but I still love her and don't think I'd ever sell her. Throwback to the first doll photoshoot I ever did xD Her style changed a lot, she is currently wearing the black wig and floral shirt.[​IMG][​IMG]
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    8. I still have my first doll and I’m glad I do! She’s a Dollzone Shoyo I got back in 2011 and she’s adorable. She has a unique “dollness” to her that most newer dolls don’t have anymore. So sure she can’t pose well with her single joints and she’s a little yellowed (it’s not too bad) but she’s with me forever!
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    9. My first doll is no longer with me. I sold her years ago in the Marketplace & have no idea where she is now. She was an Elfdoll Lydia which I got when she was first issued. Eventually I enhanced her face-up & fell in love all over again. But I was headed in a more controlled direction & she wasn't quite right so she left home.
    10. Always! For almost a decade, he was my only doll. I'd be more likely to part with any of my many collections than with him. Just looking at him still makes me happy!
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    11. Yes, my first girl is still with me. And I still consider her incredibly beautiful, even if I periodically put up for sale, believing that she does not fit into the collection anymore. But she has her own opinion on this matter :XD:
    12. My first doll was a soom Heliot that I bought with my first job out of high school in 2008, but hes not with me any more. I just adored the fantasy lines from soom and went all in on purchasing many, but back then i was living at home and due to the cost of the dolls I felt I needed to hide them from my family (shame for spending so much when we weren't well off). Since he was SD sized he never got a lot of love and attention, and eventually I needed the cash and had to come to terms that SD is too big for me anyways. I have a Soom Hati and a Pipos robin from around 2009 but I teeter on letting them go too, but more so because they remind me of rough times I had in relationships/life over the years.
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    13. My first doll is Lysander. I bought him in 2017 so it’s not so long ago at all. And I won’t ever let him go either. :) I think I’ll be buying my last doll this year. Life plans and all. So I’m hoping to stick with a crew of six. :)
    14. My first is still with me a little over 10 years later. He was my only for a long time and I honestly can't imagine parting with him.
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    15. It's quite old, but I still keep my first child, still my favorite and usually played by me at this time... :)
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    16. I still have my first BJD. A Soom Gem Kyrie. She is still all original and has aged very well.
      I think it was 2006.
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    17. Yes, She is a resinsoul Yao in grey! I feel somewhat bad as she is neglected and so very old but I still have her on the bottom shelf.
    18. I do! She is either 11 or 12 now. She's an Everpurple Ryun - she's not even made anymore, so even though she's not very coveted/sought after I really adore her and I'm glad to have such a rare and old doll. :)
    19. My first doll is from doll zone, he is 2 years old now. Since I live in an area which have great delivery/mailing system, it is easy to buy and sell online; whenever I lose interest of the doll I just sell him/her. But it would be different for Robin, I believe I will keep him even if I quit the hobby.
    20. I can’t imagine getting rid of Murmur. She’s quite precious to me! My other dolls I still love, but there’s something special about her... :)