Do you take your dolls out ?

Mar 12, 2017

    1. I'm totally like you, for the sun, for outside, for the conventions (school thank you..... :sigh). :XD: You've all my respect and support. :3nodding:
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    2. It is kind of funny...years ago, my fiance used to like bringing me out to parks so I could take BJD photos. Then I broke my camera and stopped bringing BJD to the parks when we went, yet we continued to go to those parks. Now my park companion is an OT Toysfield articulated rabbit doll and I use my camera phone. :XD: So no, the BJD don't get out as often anymore.
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    3. Oh, this is a so cute story. :chibi
      Finally, poor BJD, they don't go out anymore. :XD:
    4. I usually take my dolls out with me if I'm with a close friend who likes them. I trust them to help me take care of my doll. I usually pack them up in wraps, and carry them in a messenger bag. That way they're safe!
    5. It's better to be with a close friend, you feel less lonely and as you say, he/she can help you too. :3nodding:
      Packing them like this is a good way yes (when you haven't a carrier bag espacially made for them). :kitty2
    6. I do take mine out quite often, I have a doll friend that lives neaby, and we take ours out together! We usually go outside, or sit at the starbucks. It can be a little scary when people try and touch them or grab, but usually it's a pretty good experience and I'm not too stressed about it. We've been to a couple of parks too, those are always the most fun.
    7. It's too good ! The essential is that you're not stressed or something like this. :)
    8. I wish I could take them out, but they are way too heavy! The only one whom is possible for me to take out is the 1/6 baby doll.
    9. Yey, SD and more sizes are too tall and heavy, it's difficult to take them out a lot. You have to take some precautions with them, even if you need to do the same with 1/6 dolls, but in my opinion, maybe less. This is why the tiny size is to my mind handier. :3nodding:
    10. I agree, precautions with 1/6 is less and easier. Usually a mask and a bag with pillow is good enough.
    11. Absolutely !
    12. I like bringing my guys out with me~ Especially to places like craft stores or fabric stores. I've gotten a lot of nice compliments on them, though I've yet to meet someone who actually knew what they were beyond just dolls. That's okay though! The cashier at the fabric store the last time I went said Toshi was beautiful, and it made my day! :lol:I never really notice or pay attention to any funny looks, and I like showing off my guys!
    13. Oh yeah, I see. I never met people who know them (when I was with my little boy). But in my opinion it's cool to meet people who know or people who say to you "your doll is beautiful". :3nodding:
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    14. Yes, I think in the future I will consider bringing some of my smaller BJD with us again, but I worry about dropping them or something as we get more adventurous and go on longer hikes. ;)
    15. I agree with this as well.... I could brings one of my doll with me, as sometimes I've done, but if there's a second person with me with a doll as well then I'm not shy anymore. But if I'm alone, ... I'm a bit shy. Anyway I 've found some ways to bring my doll is just to sew a sort of bag with an opening but in a way I can see the doll all the time and taking the doll outside only during late afternoon or evening.
      I'm studing about to sewing a sort of pouch-bag and put in front of me the doll lol I don't want nobody touch my doll, so I would study also a sort of transparent protection... well.. is a bit weird... but I will try to make it look as natural possible... I will took a photo one day if the idea will come good!
      But humans are more important than dolls, so I try to bring dolls with me when I feel I can bring with me ^^
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    16. So cool ! I'm happy for them ! :whee:

      Like you, I don't like to be alone when I go out with my dolls.... :sweat If one day you make your pouch-bag project, I want to see it. :XD:
    17. I don't take my dolls out to places because I'm basically a hermit. I only leave my house for necessities, work (at an animal hospital), and to go to my friend's house (and she has a dog that eats everything, so no, not a chance)

      I've tried taking a few photos outside in my backyard, but thats about it.
    18. Totally! I love taking any of them with me any time I think I can do it without danger. I sometimes take one with me in my bag even when I'm not planning on taking pictures, just for it to keep me company.
      And taking photos in parks and streets is something I consider a lot of fun. I find really funny the fact that people would stare at me during the photoshoot.
      Last time me I had a little incident with a large-sized dog that should have been with a leash, but nothing bad happened (apart from some mud in the clothes of my MSD girl) and I don't let that kind of stuff frighten me anymore when it comes to enjoy my crew.
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    19. I understand ! I'm not particularly outdoors, just to go to highschool and sometimes to shop. :sweat

      Oh ok ! You're so brave ! I too shy to often take my dolls with me when I go out. . . *_*
    20. I rearly take them out. The weather is not always that good and were to take them ? If I do it's to friends who are in the hobby, the bjd shop or a doll convention (those are very rare here)