Do you take your dolls out ?

Mar 12, 2017

    1. I sometimes take my dolls outside for a photo-shot. I am always nervous about it, but can't resist, since they mostly are Fairies and Princesses, and kind of belongs outside in the scenery with nature, flowers and colors. I carefully pack them into a bag, and try my best to pose them in such a way, that I can run to my camera and take a few shots before hasting back and secure them :)
    2. I don't take them out but I would like to go to a pretty place like the botanic garden to take photos on the future. Maybe an event or pass time with someone else on the hobby but I can't see myself just taking them with me to walk around.

      I don't have a car and taking them by bus make me worried. Mostly my fear is being robbed, while this could happen in a car it is risker in a bus or walking around, that is also one of the reasons I would never take them out by myself. Is just safer to go with someone else on daily basis, with dolls even more so.
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    3. I took my dollies two times; one because a Texas girl came to my city and we hanged together, and other because my Hungary friend came as well. First time I thought it would be so hard for me to take them outside (and I was affraid), but actually people didn't care and I got confident. Second time I was just so happy to take my girl outside and make photos! There's nothing best than photos outside <3
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    4. I've taken my Dikadoll Elf Sleeping Rena to an event, box and all, once! There were a couple of places where we could take a pic of our dolls for free buuuut... I ended up getting my most satisfying pictures outside! Next time I'm just bringing my Doll Chateau Ada with me since she's so tiny and portable :D
    5. I imagine yeah.... It's the same here, the weather is different from the one day to the next.
    6. In the rare moments where I take out my dolls, like you, I run to ma camera and take photos quickly. :sweat

      In my case, I take them and attach nicely and safely in their "bag" (where I received them) and I put them in a box, and after, in a bag (yeah, a lot of steps but it worth it). :3nodding:

      Oh ok ! The first time is a "funny" experience (but stressful in my case). At the end, either you are satisfied and are ready to try the experience, or on the contrary, you are still dubious ... :yawn

      As I said from the beginning, Tiniest are really carved for that ! :XD:
    7. My worry don't come how to transport them, any bag will do as long they have a face mask, or even people stealing because they want the BJD, I think this would be rare around here. But if they rob you they will take the bag without looking what is inside, it's possible it could be found when they get ridden of the bag but it could get damaged on the process or just lost since they wouldn't know the value it have.
    8. I dont usually like too since i fear that they will get damaged, but at the same time i did buy carry cases for them for a reason so it would defeat the point if i diden't take them out v.v I'll muster the strength to take them out eventually xD
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    9. I understand yes... But in reality, I don't often take my dolls outside. It's indeed one of the reasons that makes me doubtful about the idea to take my dolls with me outside... ^___^"

      "May the Force be with you !" :XD: To my mind, if you watch them, everything should go well. :thumbup
    10. I've worked at three different libraries over the past two years (boss has played chess with me, putting me wherever she thinks best), and I've only taken my smallest doll on several occasions. At the first library I'd set her up on a shelf behind the desk and answer any questions that came. I only did this twice in the year that I worked there, because I couldn't see the front shelf all the time and nothing could stop someone else from nicking the doll.

      At my second library no one ever came. I mean it...NO ONE EVER CAME!!! Thus I could leave Chloe on the desk while I worked in the shelves. The one person who did come in regularly wasn't the brightest bulb in the box and thus never asked any questions.

      Third library is extremely busy, and some of the people who come in are the type who will steal anything that's not tied down. So my dolls don't come. I satisfy myself with graveyard pics.
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    11. I haven't got any dolls at the moment but once I get the ones I plan on getting, I will take them out for photos and what not. I live next to a park with creeks and beautiful scenery so I'll probably take them there. Possibly other places too depending on in I can find nice locations for photos. I even purchased a canon camera so I can take nice photos of them and record youtube videos! (BJDflower if you wanna check out my introduction video ;) )
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    12. Nah, I live in a big city so there aren't many places to take them out and take pictures where they wouldn't get really dirty. I'm visiting my parents in the country soon so maybe I'll take my girl there for some outdoor pics.
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    13. Vince has been out to Japantown in San Francisco for photoshoots. Honestly he didn't attract too much attention, most people were focused either on their own shopping/touristy stuff, and the city is known for eccentrics anyway. One woman photographing an odd doll isn't going to be the most stare-worthy thing you see all day.

      Aside from that, he's only been out to doll meets, since I lived in an area where there really wasn't anywhere special to take a doll-- going on a day trip to a city with actual points of interest or going to see other doll people were the only two reasons to bother. But, now that I've moved, I'm looking forward to taking him to at least the nearby carousel for a photoshoot, maybe some other interesting spots. I don't do a lot of outdoor photography, though, which puts some limits in place. If I got my hands on another can of UV Coat MSC, then I'd love to take him out to a really nice public garden in the area, but we'd both need some sun protection.

      I like having a second person with me, but other than that, in my limited experience taking a doll out, or being the second person for someone else taking a doll out, it's gone pretty smoothly.
    14. I have taken mine out for pictures. One even went to a friend's clothing store for a photo shoot. While I got a couple of strange looks, nobody said anything negative. The town knows me well, though, as I work at the only gas station in town, and often wear strange hats. The regulars looked at me with a bit of interest, amused, while it was the tourists who gave me odd looks. I do not mind, though. I enjoy taking them out with me when I can, and will do so more as the weather gets nicer.
    15. I take my dolls out all the time with me. If I'm bringing my laptop I'll take my doll with me when I go to Dunkin Donuts so I can update her deviant art or look for clothes for her to see if they would look good on her. People stop and stare at me and kids will ask me about her. One little boy was so interested in her he asked if he could hold her and I said yes. he was so gentle lol... I have a case for her that I put her in with a blanket to completely rap her in. Anyone who asks me about her I tell them. Shes a ball jointed doll and I use her for photography. I also explain that shes not a toy and shes a work of art. That usually makes people go away or ask more questions. I don't let peoples negativity bother me. I'm not worried about her breaking and she never leaves my site. :) Plus kids asking about her is cute.
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    16. i don't take them out for regular daily activities, but i do take them out if i think i might be able to take photos. i always take a few along for holidays so i can take pictures of them wherever i am. and i have taken smaller ones with me when my son is hospitalized and taken a lot of fun pictures in his hospital rooms over the years.

      my husband bought me a cool photography backpack that has nice moveable padded sections in it for my camera, lenses, and several dolls (depending on the size) i also have some soft sided flute cases that are perfect for an msd sized doll (wrapped in a piece of polar fleece to protect the face) or two or more smaller dolls end to end, and i have used padded rectangular lunch kits or hard sunglasses cases for smaller dolls. (again wrapped in a square of polar fleece for extra protection and to keep any color from the case from rubbing off)

      when i first started doing photography in public places i would wait till there was no one anywhere in sight before i would set up. now i still tend to avoid crowds but more because i don't want them to get accidentally knocked over or ruin the realism of the shot by having people too close so the scale is wrong. but i no longer worry about other people seeing me. since i seldom take pictures close to home, i'll likely never see the person again, so who cares if some stranger thinks i'm odd? my friends know i am!:lol:

      like jennyaxe i usually just explain to the curious that she is a photography model, and that satisfies most of them. some people want to know more and where they can get one, and i am happy to answer. who knows if some of them might not become collectors someday...

      i don't usually worry about theft since we are more likely to go to out of the way places for holidays/photoshoots. but i am more likely to bring my (somewhat) replaceable dolls rather than le's if i am going outside the yard or somewhere i can see them every minute
    17. hahaha I'm constantly taking my dolls out. I take them everywhere I can. The little guys have been to work with me on many occasions, and I often take a doll outside for photos in the yard, at the park, at the beach, or wherever.
    18. I have taken my Miss Kitty outside for photos, and I plan to do the same with my other dolls once I have deemed them complete. I have not taken any of my dolls out on outings though. But I would like to, if I ever learn of doll meets in or near my area.
    19. Sometimes I go outside and I usually take pictures in the cafe!
      A cafe can be a generic cafe or a cafe for dolls.
      Either of them I do not care because I'm not alone~
    20. I use to a lot but that because I had a friend to go with and felt a little less awkward. Now the only reason I take my dolls out is if there's a doll meet up.