Do you take your dolls out ?

Mar 12, 2017

    1. I don't often do it, but outdoor lighting does make nice pictures, especially when it's overcast or early morning. But they usually don't go much further than my backyard. Not because I'm afraid of the light, but because I hate mussing up their wigs and I do have a little fear of dropping or scratching one. I am planning on taking one to a convention though. She needs new eyes and I want to try them in person.
    2. I only have an off-topic 30cm doll and SD-sized doll. I have brought the off-topic one out several times but haven't got the courage to bring the SD one yet. I really want to bring my SD out since I feel bad cooping him at home where the only backgrounds are my room door and the wall :sweat. The smaller doll is easier to bring and doesn't attract much attention but for the SD, I'm quite worried whether some nosy people will give rude comments or talk behind your back. Besides that I'm also afraid of the sun and damage during transport. But I hope one day I can bring him to some place where there's not much people or overseas to a doll cafe for pictures :)
    3. I would love to take them out for cons and meetups (if I ever find any near me that I'm not too intimidated by ;w; )! Taking pictures around town in different environments sounds like fun too, but I think I'd honestly be too shy to do it alone. Maybe a smaller doll would be less scary to take out because it wouldn't attract as much attention?
    4. We have local art events pretty often where I live so I've taken mine along a couple times now. The crowds are great and I've never gotten any unwanted attention for it since you see all kinds of unique stuff out there. Not to mention it's great for conversation too! ;) I'm also thinking of maybe taking one along with me to a convention next month, but I'm still on the fence on that since I'm not sure I'll be able to keep an eye on it all the time. Not to mention the crowd will be way bigger. :sweat
    5. I don't have any bjds yet, but I think I'll be scared to take them out. Earlier today, I looked at the stolen/missing dolls thread, and I am so worried about taking them outside. I may take the chance to bring them to otaku-con cause they have a bjd event there or any bjd meetups, but that's it. I won't bring them along on little trips, unless it's a road trip.
    6. My parents' house has THE MOST awesome fenced in backyard, and I will often take one or two of my dolls outside to get interesting pictures. On the other hand, I really don't take any of them out into more public places. I used to, but just don't see the need to any longer. I've taken my favorite (a Littlefee) to Japan with me both times, and sometimes I still take her to classes, though she stays in my purse on most of these excursions.
    7. I take my girls to work, maybe once a week. :)
    8. i usually bring my doll if there's a meet-up or doll events or conventions with friends. carrying a bag of 70cm heavy doll is quiet a strain on my back since i have back-pains plus it's hard to commute here in my country unless you own a car or renting a car or something.

      before i use a sort of shopping bag to carry them, but i got the Dollzone 80cm bag which carries up to two 70cm guys which is cool.
      i just wrapped them up with clean white clothe and some place the transparent face cover on their precious face. we don't wanna ruin that pretty face-up right?
    9. not often :(
      it because in my place people are not really familiar with dolls and it's kinda big and fragile to carry (in my opinion)
      But if I already have a nice carrying/storing method for my doll I think I will take it for photoshoot :3
    10. Mine go with me to meet ups and I have taken a few to conventions with me. It is fun to see peoples reactions to them. Most of my guys are 65cm+ so it's not like they are inconspicuous. Some people will stare and others come up and ask about them. I have taken pictures in the middle of the city and that gets a few odd looks but mostly people are fine. I always keep a close watch on them though as children and some adults will want to touch them but are fine when I explain they are art dolls and not to touch them. I carry them to and from things in a bjd bag to protect them and make them easier to carry.
    11. I love to bring at least one doll with me every time I go out, although I usually only bring off-topic dolls to class with me as I'm afraid a resin one will get scratched in my schoolbag. I only have two MSDs right now, but even if I'm just running errands, I take them with me in the car at least. I find they help keep me less stressed. I have taken my dolls out with me in public (outside the car) a few times. No one says anything, but I do get stares. I usually carry my dolls by hand. I have a carrier, but it's too bulky to take into places so I just carry them. I'm sure people think I'm strange. I don't really care. I enjoy having my dolls with me.
    12. two months ago i took my Francis to our great city park (Bicentenario Park, in Santiago - Chile), and my friend got this pretty pic:

      So, we planned to take him out more often :)

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    13. I do a lot of outdoor shoots with Annix because we have a covered patio, and I'm happy to bring him to meet ups. I just don't feel comfortable yet taking him with me out of the house for an extended period. I do bring him from room to room with me, he's a great tv-watching companion. And being MSD-sized, I'm excited he's portable enough for further excursions.
    14. My entire family knows and are supportive. I have taken them with me in the car (I'll hold them) on the way to places (like getting takeaway food, and going to a family members house) To keep them safe when traveling further distances I put them in their doll bag and put their face-up protectors:) (I get a little stressed:sweat)
    15. I want to... but I'm too shy. I'm still secretive about having dolls.
    16. I take my dolls out for pictures at least once a month, mostly when my girlfriend comes to visit. (she lives in a dangerous city and it's much safer to walk around with big cameras and all the doll stuff here in the countryside) . In fact we do that since we began dating, so it's one of those things that are much more meaningful because I'm doing it with my special one.

      To carry the dolls around I use a sax carrier that has anti-impact padding all around and some pockets to keep things like wigs, shoes and magic block. We always try to avoid people, but sometimes we just want to take pics in that very beautiful city park that gets crowded with children and their soccer games every single weekend. What we usually do is keep our distance from them and pay attention to our surroundings. We've never had any accident so far.

      And of course there's always some-curious-one to come and ask about it. Sometimes they're kids, but most of the time they're fully grown adults or sweet old ladys with a genuine curiosity, who often makes very clever questions. Being the talkative creature I am, I can handle these quite well.

      Other then that, I prefer keep my dolls at home. They are all SD and walk around with them can be, at the very least, a bit of a burden xD!
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    17. I only ever really take my dolls out into my back yard, lol.

      There are a few parks around town where I would consider taking them, but I don't really like the prying eye of the general public. I know I've caught the eye of my neighbor's little girl a few times when I photograph my dolls outside.

      Mostly I just don't want to deal with people staring, or asking too many questions, I'm not too worried about the elements and my dolls.
    18. I haven't been given the opportunity yet to bring my doll out into public yet, I'm still new and I've only had my first doll for 3-4 months, but I'm used to going out in lolita and other J-fashion styles so getting stared at and asked questions is nothing new to me.
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    19. I like taking my girl to work when I'm at Spare Time.
    20. I usually take my dolls outside for photos. I put him/her in a big backpack with most of the body parts bubble-wrapped. I try to only show my dolls to the people who share this hobby with me, so I avoid the places that are crowded. It is stressful because I don't want to scare or surprise anyone with my bjd, but taking pictures outside is so worthy...