Do you take your dolls out ?

Mar 12, 2017

    1. People who can show off their dolls are very brave. Aside from posing a little in my backyard, I immediately try to hide them if I spot a neighbor who might be peeking lol.
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    2. I take them out on my own property for photography or sometimes I take the smaller ones to a friend's house who has smaller off topic dolls and have mini (haha) playdates. But I'm way too paranoid to take them anywhere really public. They fall constantly and I would be so sad if one fell and broke something on pavement or some other hard surface, but also just the idea of a stranger commenting on them gets my anxiety going.
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    3. I'm a little worried about sunlight too. :C So i understand. Resin yellowing is a little worrysome. Millie hasn't been out much, but I just found a meet up near me and she'll be coming with me. I hope you can find a friend and meet up soon. :D

      Same I'm a little worried about pavement and falling too. :nowords: :/ But I'll be getting some kind of bag to keep my dolls in, and sewing up some cushion pillows that I'll make into a small padded container too for them to be in. :XD: I am planning on creating a comic to sell with my BJD characters story, so having the actual dolls at my convention booth is an important thing for me. But the transport is a pinch. Also figuring out how to secure them, so people don't walk off with my two girls! :o

      I'm sure you'll get braver. Don't be ashamed! I was too, and my friends think I'm a tad bit weird. Hehe. But I don't care much anymore about what people think because i've always walked to the tune of my own drummer. A good way to explain them to nosey neighbors, is to say they are artisan dolls, and that they are special to you. If you craft for them, explain that as well and say it's pushed you to become a more insightful person. Good luck with becoming brave and believing in yourself. <3
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    4. Thank you, maybe in the future, I do make some simple clothes for them and that's the part I LOVE the most. One of these days my mom is bound to find out when she visits me and I didn't put them away, I'll be brave then... and tell her they're my precious collectibles.
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    5. hehe. there are great tutorials on here too. I've had experience in sewing so I will be crafting for my girls and eventual boys. XD I wish I could show you my insta but I can't advertise on here. :/
    7. I take my dolls out because they help me calm down when I am in public. :) But of course then you get some stories to tell of really difficult dolls, *stares at one of my* who loooove to cause trouble in public.
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    8. I don’t take my dolls out. I invested way too much money in them to risk them in the wilds of the outdoors. This would change if I ever got like super serious about photography and wanted a shift from indoor set ups to outdoor ones but that’s not the case.
      Taking one or two out to doll meets is fine but I’ve no desire at the moment to pose one of my girls on or near a tree or anywhere like that.
    9. Ive taken my dolls out for photos but I did it when I only had my SD boy and I was overcome with the fear of being judged, though i still took him out and took some nice photos in the end :>
    10. I bring at least one to work-- usually the one who gets to guinea-pig whatever craft experiment I'm currently working on, or the one closest to my mental state.

      I like to pet a doll in my lap when I drive; it helps keep compulsory habits like picking and nail biting at bay if I can run my fingers through their hair or fidget a joint or something.

      I carry one into the store when I fall prey to retail therapy but I can't afford to spend anything, so I can take pictures instead, and literally they block me from picking up purchases. Or when I don't quite have spoons for shopping but I need groceries. They sit in my cart.

      I once walked into a thrift store with Carrie in my arms and the last of lunch in my hand and mouth, and the person behind me commented "You got your dollie and your cookie; you're all set!". (It was naan bread, and I was stuffing my face bc food wasn't allowed in store, but basically they were right. :) )
    11. I love the idea of taking a doll out and about, but to be honest I don't think I'd ever do it. I'm super anxious and wouldn't be able to enjoy myself because I'd be too paranoid I might ruin their face up, or chip or break something. I also tend to be kind of forgetful when I put things down. My friends sometimes have to remind me to pick up stuff before we leave, so I'd be constantly terrified I might lose my doll.

      Hats off to the people who do take theirs out, though! I always thought it looked like fun to take dolls or stores or restaurants.