Does anyone else collect outfits before dolls?

Jun 13, 2019

    1. In a way...
      I sew pretty much everything, but I buy fabrics and other materials and supplies long time ahead. My plans are really long term, the fact I work embarasingly slowly makes them even more long term -- it could easily happen I wouldn't be able to find and buy this exact fabric etc. when I finaly have the planned doll at home. So when I see something suitable for planned dolls, I buy it as soon as possible.
    2. I used to buy clothes before dolls, just to cope with waiting time after ordering my dolly :D Often clothes didn't fit and I had to buy more!
    3. I’ve bought clothing for dolls and then not bought the doll orz . I regret doing it since it was a pretty expensive outfit. The good news is that I have other dolls that can use the clothing even if it doesn’t totally match their personality. I’m going to make sure I don’t shop preemptively again however.
    4. When planning a doll, I'll often buy clothes for them off of etsy. I like having clothes, wig, and eyes at home ready to rumble for when I receive the doll.