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Does anyone own a 5stardoll Miss S?

Feb 12, 2017

    1. I found this adorable little cutie while snooping for some cheap but lovely BJD's. I have owned a tiny before but didn't like it due to its unmature body. However, Miss S has a beautiful mature body for being 23 cm and I'm just captivated. If anyone owns one of these miniature dolls please do message me so I can get a feel for the doll. Thanks!

      Miss S - Ball Jointed Doll ♔ 5STARDOLL
    2. I don't think anyone owns her just yet. She just came out couple weeks ago and is up for pre-order. She's really new.
      I am seriously considering getting her soon since I love 5Stardoll and do own several of their SD dolls and one (soon to be two) MSD doll.
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    3. Oh man is she that new? I was just snooping around I even contacted the 5stardoll and they said they don't have any more pictures so it's so hard to figure out what custom faceup I would like for her..She's just so cute though so I am really considering getting her since it's so rare to find a mature yosd body.
    4. Oh my. Thats cute doll. Its pity they dont have more photos
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    5. I will be getting one soon as I got her in the special offer. I'll post some pics when she arrives!
    6. Thank you so much!
    7. It took absolutely ages for her to arrive!

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      The eyes are pink, and were sent with her. I might change them. Her wig is made of soybean and banana fibres! Finding clothes for her was really difficult because she's so tiny. I found monster high clothes fit her and got her some shorts and a t shirt. The boots are huge, though - I had to wrap her feet in tissue to get them to stay on. I'll look for some smaller ones, or maybe make some sandals.

      I haven't had time to give her a face up yet, but I will do. She is absolutely tiny. I didn't think I'd like her much, but I do! She poses quite well, and she stands too! ^_^
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    8. @Spuggey how long did it take for her to arrive? I am planning to get her next month along with couple bodies I needed for my floating heads.
    9. Can someone please post pics of her elbow joints bent?
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    10. I just ordered Miss S and MSD girl body today from 5stardoll... hope I'll get them soon and not a long wait!
    11. I waited for my Miss S for nearly 3 months, but it was worth it ! I've posted an arrival thread in the 'Box opening' gallery if someone is interested. I've shared some of my thoughts about this doll, too. Her name is Robyn. I ordered her in normal skin and with a company make-up which is very nicely done. I also got a nice, blonde, fiber wig as gift. She came with 8mm eyes which are way too big for her, what a pity, because they are glass eyes of very good quality, and I don't even have a doll who can use those pretty eyes, eh... I guessed that the best eye size for Miss S is 6mm with a 4mm iris. I'm going to order some of such eyes so that I can try them in reality. From what I tried, my Miss S CAN'T use Monster High clothes, because she is too short and too fat comparing to Monster High dolls (I've posted a comparison photo in the arrival thread), she is also shorter and slimmer than Barbie dolls, but she still can use some of Barbie clothes, that's good. She can also use some of Lati Yellow shoes.
      @Spuggey I'm very surprised that Monster High clothes fit Your Miss S... Maybe You got a kind of 'prototype' of Miss S ? Or maybe You have Monster High BOY clothes on Your mind ? MH Boys are much more 'fatter' than girls so their clothes might fit Miss S. I don't have any of MH boys so that I can't take their clothes and try them on my Miss S. And I see that Your Miss S got eyes in a proper size on contrary to my poor girl... And this 'banana fibers' wig looks strange... I got a normal, fiber wig from 5Stardoll... Strange, very strange...
      @Dakashy On the last photo from the arrival thread, my Robyn has bent elbows, but from the front view it may not be well seen how her elbows bend. I'll be making some more photos of my Robyn soon, and then I'll take some more photos of her elbows bent, too :) This doll's mobility range is not wide, as she is single-jointed and her joints are quite shallow. She can't touch her face while elbow is bent to maximum. Her knees can bend freely to about 90 degrees and her elbows can bend freely to about 110-120 degrees.
      #11 Idemo, Dec 2, 2017
      Last edited: Dec 3, 2017
    12. @Idemo congrats for getting your miss s! Mine came blank and with no eyes. I did get nice blond wig too.
      However, my dog took a chomp on my miss s before I could give her a face-up and a dress. I am still waiting to hear back from 5stardoll on head replacement. They're not responding right away as they usually do.
    13. No eyes ? That's not good. She should get some eyes... Maybe the company forgot to put some inside the doll's head ?
      I hope that company will consider Your request and that they will allow You to buy new Miss S head as a replacement of the one destroyed by Your naughty dog. *Keeping my fingers crossed*
    14. Can anyone tell me her neck size? The website has it as 10cm, which is very obviously wrong! I am wondering whether the body would hybridise with a more elfin head.
    15. I would like to bump this thread since I'm trying to learn more about mature 1/6's :)