Does size matters for dolls being couples?

Jun 13, 2011

    1. In addition to my SD/MSD couple, I have a new triad that is vastly different in size. The SD/MSD, BTW, are because in character, the SD is much taller than the MSD. The SD I have is also 57cm to the MSD's 46cm.

      The new triad is comprised of a DZ Edward (68cm), Leeke Khal (68cm) and Soom Auber (30cm). In this triad, the DZ is a god, the Leeke an elf/demon cross-breed and the Soom is a former fairy turned into the god's minion. Standing together, the Soom's head comes to the hips of the other dolls, but he is also a mature sculpt and there is nothing child-like about him.

      I believe the pairing works given the context of what they are but others mileage will vary.
    2. I have a DikaDoll Miao & an IH Bichun who look very very close to Rukia & Renji from Bleach - I've got them cosplaying :d The height difference is big (58 cm to 70 cm) but I'm working from a still from the anime where the difference is even bigger (manga/anime aesthetics...)
      People I know STILL comment on 'how can you put a little girl w/a grown man' when they see them ~le sigh~
    3. I think if you have a backstory to explain why or how they came together any size combination could work. :)
    4. I would rather have the dolls within the same size range. Preferably, the guy being taller. If proportions work out fine and the sculpts don't look odd together, I'd definitely want to try having other size combinations.
    5. It depends, usually I pair MSD's with MSD's and SD's with SD's but there are MSD's that are taller than usual and SD's that are shorter than usual. Some SD's are extremely tall compared to MSD's so I wouldn't pair them together but if they're a little closer in height then I might consider pairing them.
    6. This worries me a lot because I'm about to get my girl a smaller body (50cm to 46cm because I can't find any other 50cm bodies I like, and her head isn't big enough for anything bigger). Story wise, she's an elf, and most of my mythological/fantasy characters are smaller/shorter than my more human characters. But I worry people aren't going to see that and just assume I'm being a pedo. In the story, she's only a year younger than her love interest. But he's a 60cm because he's human. When they finally get together in my story, I want to be able to take cute couple pictures of them but I'm so afraid someone will get upset with me because she'll be so much shorter than him. :(
    7. they just have to look "in scale" with one another. I mean I have characters with HILARIOUS height differences which would mean a really short SD or a taller MSD to achieve hahah. I actually have a doll space pirate crew here where a few of the crew aren't even dolls, they're other toys but because they're "aliens" they didn't HAVE to fit in style-wise, the disconnect kinda helped with the alienness. I also have a tiny alongside 1/6 scale dolls but he is the same age as them (he's an anthro so age look doesn't become much of an issue there). No couples though heh.
      least not in that group.

      Still, so long as the two dolls look like they're in scale, why not have a teeny one and a tall one? Silly height differences can be great fun. I have rp characters with over a foot difference between them and their partner and it's SO FUNNY (boyfriend leaning post? hahaha)
    8. I tend to like them to be close in size and not have one be so small the one looks like a teen or child with the other.
    9. My crew ranges from 52-72 cm. The shortest is a boy, actually, and it's a running joke in the series that he's so short. The big thing for me was making sure he was still in scale with the other dolls. (He's on either a DT elf body, or a modded Zaoll)
    10. For a couple, I'm always looking for dolls, wich are gear to the other. So, If a man character is really high, I try to find a high boy for him, and if his girlfriend/boyfriend is really small in the story, I try to find a doll, which is proportionately smaller than the other one.
    11. It depends on the scale and proportions, as well as maturity. If one looks like a small child (ex. Volks MSD) and the other a mature adult (ex. Iplehouse EID), then I don't care for it, regardless of the backstory. Of course, you can do whatever you like with your dolls, but I'm really not interested in seeing it or commenting.

      I like for my couples that will be photographed together to be as accurate as they can in height difference. Even with a big height difference, it's unlikely that one adult person is going to be waist high to their partner or have a very tiny head. I'm 5'5" and my husband is around 6'2", and I still come up to his shoulder. My biggest height difference in dolls I own is 57cm and 64cm, and that's a pretty big difference!

      If I don't own both dolls and they'll never be photographed together, it matters a lot less to me. I currently have two dolls in relationships with other people's dolls that are wildly out of scale and would probably look pretty bad in person. One of them is an SD13 boy with slim mini girl, and the other is 70cm boy with Doll Chateau 1/4 girl. We role play them as couples, they're all age of consent, and due to distance, it's highly unlikely we'll ever have them in the same photos, so I don't really care in that case.
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    12. I like to have my a decent size to each other, I might do an mature MSD with a SD, but I agree with a lot of what people have already stated to keep in a similar height range. For starters it just makes taking romantic pictures a lot less difficult. But context also matters what's the story and the age.
    13. For me, I would rather have two dolls that were around the same size, just so then the would match and could photograph well together!
    14. i think its cuter if the female is shorter XD
    15. I think it depends. I think some SD/MSD couples can look cute, but I think some look strange. Like a 70cm doll paired with a 45cm doll. To me, when those sizes are paired (and similar sizes) together it makes me think they are siblings instead of in a relationship.
    16. I have seen some couples that work i.e.: Denali Wind's Alex and Jane. I tried pairing my minifee with a Souldoll Vito and when she was sitting on his lap they looked okay. However, the height difference, when they were standing was, too great for me. It really is personal preference.
    17. Haha, I think the couple in the similar size may be better...if I let a 70cm doll fall in love with a 23cm doll, it looks like commit a crime on baby or kid...
    18. With my boys I have to have a realistic height proportion. David is 70cm & Markus is 74cm so perfect heights for the boys to be together!
    19. I love size differences for couples. However I would probably feel weird if the size difference is too big because that would make one person of the couple look like a minor if we are talking of more than 15cm difference (only my opinion on this topic). However, especially for gay couples I love when the dominant one is taller.
    20. I feel like MSD and SD doesn't really work visually but if you have to do it, make the girl the msd so at least it's the girl that's the smaller one, and hey, he can carry her in his arms!