Does size matters for dolls being couples?

Jun 13, 2011

    1. I think they need to be in the same scale. I have a DDS and I plan to couple her with a smart doll boy. She's supposed to be shorter but since they are the same scale I think I can be happy with that result.

      I tend to dislike SD/MSD couples because they just don't look like they're in the same scale to me. I've only seen one couple like that that I thought worked ok and the photographer used forced perspective on a lot of the photos to minimize the scale difference.
    2. Honestly, as long as the difference isn't too large I see no issue with them being different. Like I have seen some SD and MSD couples that are different obviously, but it just looks like one of them is taller (like you see in real couples quite often)

      I can actually see it working with a larger difference if the couple is fantasy based however. The relationship wouldn't be the same necessarily, and it doesn't have the same need to be realistic. Also can see it if your characters are simply dolls. I only find it awkward, when the difference is unrealistically large, if the characters are fashioned as humans. (I'm sure there are times this could work though)