Does size matters for dolls being couples?

Jun 13, 2011

    1. I find that SDs and mature minis tend to have different proportions, like putting a barbie next to a minifee? It's not just a matter of height, but of the entire proportion? I'm not sure precisely how to describe it. OTL

      That said, I have paired a Yo-sized tiny with a 65cm big doll... sort of. They were supposed to be six years old and one year old (yes, 1. He was a big baby.) respectively, so it was more like a kindergarten romance. XD
    2. I think sometimes it just clicks- the entire reason I fell in love with Narae's is StephG... her dolls, even though they are two different sizes are photographed and styled very well.

      There's a happy medium for everything- a mature mini with an SD isn't unreasonable in my book.
    3. I see how it matters to some/most people, but I actually like size differences and I'm planning on a SD/MSD couple.
      (That being said, she's a mature miny and not a child.) They probably won't be believable as a human x human couple, but that's easily solvable with making him some sort of fantasy being that's just taller than normal humans.

      What I want to say is, just because there's a size difference, it doesn't mean it has to look pedo. You could make it look that way, but if you just try to avoid that it shouldn't be a problem.
      Personal preference though.
    4. I Have a MSD MSD couple, a MSD SD couple and a JDF SD couple. And my goal is to have a JDF SSDF couple. So nope, doesn't matter to me. I just go by the story in my head and what doll would best suit that character.
    5. Depends on the dolls and characters. Currently I have one odd couple, my 1/4 DZ boy and 60cm Obitsu. I think because they are both stylized looking sculpts it works for the most part. Lately it had become kind of a pain to pose them together especially with all their children. So it looks like my Obitsu will be getting a slightly shorter body (Yay for 50cm body!)
    6. I think it matters to some degree. If you have two dolls who are 60cm and 70cm respectively it's not such a big deal, but a 70cm beside a 45cm starts to get pretty creepy.
    7. I don't mind doll height difference, especially since, in reality, humans are all different heights and shouldn't have to only be with someone who is sizeably comparable. After all, I know a real-life couple where the woman is 2/3 her boyfriend's height because he's so tall and she is just slightly under 5'0". So, in my opinion, doll couples of different heights doesn't phase me. It only matters how they are presented. I have seen a fantastic MSD/SD couple and I have seen one that really bothered me. In the end, I think it's more than size you need to consider to pull off such a couple.
    8. I think it matters.
      For instance, I'm not going to pair a 40cm doll with a 70cm. The 40cm is probably going to look like a child, and the 70cms that I like look like full grown men in their prime. It's a bit weird...pedophilia anyone?
      But if the 40cm doesn't look like a cute little child then sure, why not. Let's stick them together!

      I would stick a tiny with an msd. It would be like puppy love :)
    9. It matters to me considerably. Some say that as long as both sculpts are mature enough it doesn't matter, but for me, if there is a significant height difference between the two dolls the shorter doll invariably comes across as a 'child' and no amount of backstory is going to change that for me.

      I think that proportion is very important. There are a huge range of heights for dolls now, and a few sculpts are available in a range of sizes (Lishe is available as a Delf, MiniFee and LittleFee...her head can work on Feeple 70 and 65 bodies too, as well as a number of bodies from other companies), so if you do adore a certain sculpt but need it to work in a certain scale, that is possible.

      With the range of heights of dolls classed as 'SD-size' right now, there are possibilities for tall dolls with shorter partners, but they will still be in the same scale. Souldoll Double girls are clearly mature females, but they're on the shorter side of the size range, so they would be easily be a petite companion for a taller doll, but not mistaken for a child. Unoa Chibis are smaller than the majority of dolls classed as 'MSD-size', but Unoa Chibi Lilin has a very mature figure. She'd look great as a petite companion for another MSD.

      Finding shorter male dolls isn't impossible either, I just find it jarring when a 50+cm doll is paired with a 40cm+ doll. The scale is off, and it doesn't quite look right to me.
    10. I know that kind of worry-- I have a pair of dolls (well, I will have them-- the box is in the closet right now and I'm pretending not to know it's there already) who will become a couple eventually, but one of them is a little person. To get the heights right, it meant getting a MNF and a LTF, but I know no matter how many times I say 'he's an adult!', there will be people who only think 'that's a little kid!'. (he's totally the more mature one, too!)

      So I probably won't do any overtly romantic photo stories-- I hadn't planned on doing any sexual ones anyway, so that doesn't crimp my style so much. But yeah, after a certain point with them, it would be hard to tell their story without them looking couply... But I guess at least people familiar with the characters wouldn't get freaked out by it.

    11. It matters to me, as I want my dolls to look good together in photographs and display well together. My DT girls are both 'mini' heads, but anyone with DT dolls will know their heads are huge, and 'minis' are comparable in size to most SDs. One is on the 53cm Elf body and the other on an SD CH body, so IMO, they are SD dolls, not MSD at all. Both are/will be coupled with SD boys. Their style and proportions match and they have face-ups of young women, not children.

      To me, MSD/SD pairings generally just look off, either an adult and a child, or an unnaturally small adult with a giant adult :XD: Even MSDs as a child next to an SD sometimes doesn't mesh for me, something about the proportions just never quite works...
    12. It matters to me. In general terms, the height differences among the members of my resin crew just have to match the expected ones among the characters. This applies in height and proportions and they are a couple or not. About couples, I am used to take SD size BJD as adult characters and MSD size BJD as children starting their teens. The proportions of both sizes make me see it that way so SD-MSD couples are not my style at all. I never think about pairing when it is about MSD size. In the case of SD the difference between one and the other differs from larger to smaller depending on the expected for each couple.
    13. The thing is, "little people," short people, and tall people typically all have almost the same size head and torso. It's their arms and legs that are longer or shorter. With nearly every sculpt that is supposed to be an adult but is shorter than an SD, the entire body is scaled down--small head, small torso, small hands, etc. So, even if the MSD looks like an adult, he or she won't look like a "short SD." The couple will just look out of scale.

      And most of the shorter-than-SD dolls who have bigger heads & torsos are sculpted to look like children. So it would look really creepy to me to see them paired with an adult, even if there is some back-story explanation as to why an adult would be sexually attracted to someone who looks like a child.
    14. I have an SD with an MSD couple. She used to look very little kid like, but then I redid her face up and she looks more mature now though, but her body is still kind of small. I'm contemplating making her a hybrid by finding a more mature body for her, though.
    15. I tried it once, because I really liked a certain sculpt for a character, but every time I put them next to each other it looked like pedophilia and I just couldn't handle that. So I changed sculpts to a larger doll.
    16. Yeah, that's a good point, and a big part of why I'm avoiding doing photo stories with overt romantic element in couples with a size difference. I mean, there's a certain degree of stylization where age lines kind of blur, but they don't blur that much. No matter how 'adult' a character does or doesn't look in my mind's eye, when you're sharing pictures, you have to be aware of whether or not they look like a child in the resin. And a lot of the time, they do.

    17. To me it depends on the sculpts and how they look together. At a local doll meet, someone brought a huge 70cm Iple guy and I had with me my tiny soom fairy. We had my little fairy sitting on his shoulder and it was absolutely adorable. Personally, I would do such a pairing- but then again it was a mature fantasy creature with mature human and that is probably what makes it less squicky.

      I'm not sure I would do a 60+cm with a child-like tiny (or msd) that wasn't clearly not human. It's easier to bend the "rules" for fantasy sculpts as how they age could be very different to humans and one couldn't really tell how old they are. For strictly human/human relations though.... It really would depend on how the dolls look together. If one appears too much like a child and is of a smaller height compared to its partner, I probably wouldn't do it. But if they were both mature sculpts (or both childlike sculpts) that look decent next to each other, go for it.

      After that meet, I am now really tempted to get a 70cm guy for my fairy now. :lol:
    18. I don't think this can be emphasized enough in this day and age when posting on the internet. If people can be arrested for having questionable underage looking art/photos/manga - do you really want the possibility of being mistaken for someone who likes or makes pedo for showing off on the internet? Do you want future employers (hopefully you are not going for a teaching position!) to dig up your mini/large doll story and have to explain the "child" is really a 600 year old vampire? They won't care. They will think of it as a thinly veiled ruse to make kinky child images.

      Now let's say you are aware of all of this, your intentions are indeed pure and you have decided you don't care what brush other people paint you with - well then there is nothing stopping you. I just think people should be carefully considering their internet postings in this day and age.

      In my group all of the characters are large dolls. The children are 58cm, short adults start at 60cm and then range to 80cm. I am very careful about which dolls I shoot together and how I portray them. I don't trust the internet and I don't assume the law is there to protect me. And as a note - there are no pairings like this in my group! I am even careful with my large dolls who portray adult characters because a doll is very youthful looking with their proportions and lack of body hair... and the fact that they are called SD13 and SD17.
    19. I personally don't like any doll couples of different size ranges. (and I don't mean 55cm with 60cm or 60cm with 70cm) When I see something like a SD and MSD together as a couple I either think it's gross and pedo (if the MSD looks young) or silly, unfitting, and disproportionate (if the MSD is mature looking). An MSD compared to an MSD is like a 6 year old child next to an adult in height. I wouldn't even believe an MSD as a young teenager next to an SD. I'm pretty tall and I've never met an adult that only came up to my waist. (not counting actual little people but then the proportions are different) Heck, even my brother who is 6'9" hasn't come across an adult who is that short compared to him.
    20. Size differences don't bother me in other people's dolls, but for my own, I want closer proportions. I have two JID dolls that are a pair (a Jerome and an Amy), and I like that they are close in height, while still having the male doll slightly taller. They are both more mature-looking dolls, despite their smaller size. For my larger DollZone 70cm boy, I would like to get a Dollmore Model Lasia as a companion. She would be around 65cm, so would look a few inches shorter if translated IRL. That's my favorite size difference for my ideal boyfriend, I suppose. Close together, but with the guy just a little taller. (Makes him easier to reach!) I agree with those who have said that matching the maturity/realism of the dolls' sculpts also seems to make a big difference.