Does size matters for dolls being couples?

Jun 13, 2011

    1. For me, it kinda does. My first BJD is 64cm. I'm going to get his boyfriend at some point, and he's taller. So he would be...probably a 72cm doll.
    2. I think your difference of height is not as big as mine which will be able to pair up a lovely couple n___n
      Actually, I'm waiting for my first BJD which is a DOC Petsha but I prefer DOT guy's body shape like DOT H Ducan n___n''' I wanted to pair them up but after looking at the pictures provided by Nightmareally, I think somehow the differences is quite big >___<
      The link of the picture request is here>>>
    3. For me it sorta does... My two boys are 60 and 70cm and it's friggin hard to put them on the same picture nice :( The difference is just too much.
      It only works if one is on bare feet and one on high heels, and still the difference is quite a lot :(
      This all made me want to upgrade my 60cm boy to a 65cm; I don't mind him being smaller, but 10cm is just too much :(
    4. Actually I thought of my MSD wearing platform heels while my SD wears normal un-platform boots but when I look at the pictures, it looks quite hopeless in a way that the SD's head is so much bigger than the MSD as well as his hands...they made my MSD look small...
    5. I had a 70cm/40cm couple it was pretty cool since he could carry her she was so tiny compared to him!
    6. So far, I don't have any dolls that are a couple. But, when I look at pictures of couples, I do think that having dolls that are in scale with each other is more aesthetically pleasing for me as an observer. I did once see an SD-MSD couple and it worked very well due to the similar overall look of the dolls (the MSD looked very mature and had a smaller head, so she looked very nice with the SD). If I ever do have a couple, it will be very important to me to have them in scale with each other.
    7. Wow! That's so much more difference than what I'm planning O___O Actually, I was quite inspired by a Flickr user who owns a male, 70cm and a female, 52cm(if I'm not mistaken) and the owner paired up the 2 dolls and the way the pictures are taken, it looks like there is no differences and I totally fell in love with that idea n___6

      Yeap, I think MSD these days looks quite mature as well and some SD looks quite like a teenager n___n
    8. 52cm dolls are short SDs, not tall MSDs, and so would be more in scale with a 70cm doll in terms of proportions.
    9. It depends for me.... I actually kind of want to have my 45cm Dollmore Judith girl paired with a 60cm boy, and I don't think it'll look bad, but the Judith has an adult female figure, and the 60cm would need to have a smaller head (also not a problem). I wouldn't do this with just any pair though, my 43cm PD girl looks like a 10 year old next to my 62cm DM boy even though their characters are only two years apart. How you style the doll, and the proportions (as others have stated) is pretty much 99% of the battle to me. Without taking that into account, I would feel a bit squeamish about any pairing.
    10. I don't think it's always the easiest route to take, but I definatly think that msd/sd couples can work.
      I have a hybrid girl (bleu citron on a JID body) that only works with sd dolls. She's only 45 cm tall meaning she's a msd, but she's going to live in the world of sds, she's just short (I call her the littlest sd).
      She's going to be paired with a 52 cm sd, but if her partner's character was taller I wouldn't hesitate to pair her with a 60 cm+ doll.
      She works because she has a large head for an msd, and sd hands (I should switch her feet too, but she has a pair of boots that I love so I'm being stubborn). She just looks like an adult with short limbs. She's out of proportion for slim msds (looks like a giant headed freak), but works with child like msds as a short adult (I've had teachers as short as I was as a kid, they exsist).
      In her case pairing her with another msd would be the creepy option.
    11. I see, but the differences of height is quite the same as the one that I was planning to pair up my dolls n___n
    12. It matters to me but I'm not the one buying your dolls, lol. I think it looks oddly mismatched. For this reason, all of my dolls are going to be SD
    13. Actually no, the height difference is not even close or similar to be considered the same. 70-52cm is a 18cm difference, whilst 64cm for a DoT and 41cm for a DoC is a 23cm difference. I can assure you 5cm in terms of dolls is nearly a head's difference so a short SD and a 70cm will look way better in proportion in height and scale than a DoT with a DoC.

      My friend has both a DoC girl and a DoT boy, the top of her head comes up to his crotch, her head's way smaller and she stands on two boxes to reach his waist to hug. And that's his kid daughter not a lover.

      As for the question asked, size and proportion matters to me. I do not like SD/SMD couples because it looks off in proportion and looks like paedophilia to me. A short adult or small adult will not have a head so much smaller than a tall adult, dolls aren't just about height difference, there is also head sizes and proportion. To me it does not matter how 'old' the character is, if it looks like a child and adult on the outside, thats how I see it. I wouldn't even stay long enough to look at photos so I will never read the 'background' to explain as I honestly don't care at that point, it looks wrong to me and I choose the back button. Like many others have mentioned, there are 52cm short SDs if you want tall partners for MSDs and there are short 56cm SDs that work for short partners for the taller dolls. If someone else wants to do it, sure why not whatever floats your boat, I'm very uncomfotable with it and wouldn't do it myself and I choose not to look at the photos.
    14. When I was a kid I used to have weddings for my Pets (DogxPigeon etc >___<) and pair my large teddy bears with tiny finger puppets etc - dolls are only toys and it's not like they're having a real relationship. I think photos and stories could be cool about giants or tiny faires, like how Tinkerbell was in love with Peter. If you wanna take creepy pedo shots that imitate child abuse images though you should probably take some time out to examine yourself.

      Kirsten Dunst played an adult woman/vampire trapped in the body of a small girl in Interview with a Vampire, Anne Rice Vampires don't have much physical sexual capacity though.
    15. For me it doesn't really matter. I was contemplating an MSD with an SD because I liked the body shape of the MSD, but I'm iffy on the face.

      As far as being careful what you put on the net, this is why people should keep their personal life separate from their business life. Have a separate business email and personal email, and don't link them together. If you have a facebook, or mypsace page, don't make it searchable, or if you do, have it locked so that only friends and family can see what you post. (Not sure if you can do that with myspace, I know you can with facebook.) It's a little hard for your boss or potential boss to see your "questionable" content if you don't "show" them, by pretty much blocking them out.
    16. Height isn't the issue with me, it's size and scale. Forget height for a moment. Yes, I get that there are tall humans (I am one) and short humans. That's not what matters in the end. As was pointed out earlier a 50cm doll, or a short SD sized doll is going to be more in scale with larger dolls than a tall MSD sized doll. An example that I can think of off hand are Zaolls and Soom Rosette (sp? right name?) dolls. The Rosette girls might be as tall as or even taller than a Zaoll (I have no idea, I've never seen one in person only photos) but they're still proportionately smaller. The heads are tiny, their features are tiny. A Zaoll is in scale with SD dolls, their features are large and their bodies are more like short adults.

      For me, I can't do the MSD size/SD size pair. I come by this honestly, I tried to do it twice. Once with a Dollzone mini and then with a MNF Ryeon/AOD hybrid (I tried to make her taller with this body over the MNF one). It didn't matter how adult or mature the girl looked, her head was so small next to my larger SD boys she looked ridiculous. It was like my dolls had a doll. It got to the point where I couldn't even have her next to my other dolls anymore, so I sold her. She didn't look like a short adult, she looked like a miniature, perfectly in scale but too small to be "real". I reshelled her as a Zaoll and it's just what I wanted, she fits in with my large dolls, not as a tiny miniature person but a very short adult woman.

      I can kind of make an exception if there's a non-human thing going on...if the tiny human-looking creature is some kind of elf/fae/demon/other non-human and it makes more sense for them to be so small, I can ignore the difference. There's all kinds of fiction out there and different rules everywhere; I have two mature minis who are just proportionately smaller elves. But they're not involved with my larger dolls.

      That said, of course everyone is free to do what they want. It's not my money, time or dolls so I have absolutely no say over other peoples collections. IMO 45cm and 60cm is too much a scale difference and I personally won't do it. Again. Lol.
    17. What an interesting subject!
      For me, I have no real problem with msd and sd interacting together. I have 3 adult msds and 3 adult sd dolls, and 1 child msd. The only problem I face is that the childish msd rarely interact with my adult msd, since they are different scale to them.

      For now, I only have couples within my dolls own length , but one of my msd is together with my friends sd17. It's a big difference, but I think it will work just fine when we get them together. You can always use false perspective and angles to get a better picture.

      Usually I have my dolls in two groups the msds and the sds. And separately, they work just fine, but together it get a little tricky make them work, but it is makable! :D
    18. Ahh, I got into this conundrum right at the very second. I fell in love with an MSD size doll that was decided based on one of my story characters. After I got her however, trying to shell the rest of my story becomes much harder. She has a girlfriend around 5~6 years older but any SD sized doll I find seems to be twice her size: Height and girth wise.

      IMO this doesn't make it paedophiliac in any way to me personally, because I think she looks like a miniature toy next to SD dolls, not even like a little kid because the proportion is just all wrong. And she's pretty much shadowed because the SD-sized doll just commands so much attention :..(

      So unfortunately I just cannot bring myself to shell other characters yet because to me it would just look very off. I prefer couples to be at least of the same proportion regardless of height. e.g. A Mecha Angel is extremely tall but is still proportional in torso width, head girth and hands/feet size to a 60cm girl/boy.
    19. I don't have any defined couples but I'd probably only make a couple if they were a similar enough size to each other that I could easily photograph them together.
    20. Personally I find it difficult to see an MSD as any older than 12 or 13, so pairing them with an SD who is atleast 17, if not older just does not work in my opinion. Yes, you can have short adults and tall adults, but MSD's are generally meant to be younger and so their faces, bodies etc do not lend to adults. I think the shorter SD's, say 57cm or so work okay with the taller SD's as the proportions work.