Does size matters for dolls being couples?

Jun 13, 2011

    1. The two dolls I have so far is a couple. I was lucky that the height difference between them is about the same as their original characters (got my first two dolls as gifts). I would feel that it was weird if the height difference was any bigger since their height is relevant to their characters. But it would also feel strange if one had been more mature than the other. If this had been the case I would probably look for another doll I felt is more right for the character.
    2. For me, it depends on the character. The size must fit the character so any size matching is okay. But I don't like to have a pairing of SD/Yo-SD or any smaller sized dolls. It's too much of of a size difference and will result to being mistaken as a parent and a child. Or the worse case scenario, pedophilia unless the owner is trying to imply it. Though it would be okay if the Yo-SD or the smaller sized doll has an "MSD or SD form". It's like the little one can turn into a small child but is actually older or just cursed to look like a small kid. :3 Anyway, it's your doll and your decision.
    3. I'm coupling my soulkid with my sd mark, just because I like that sort of "wait for me to grow up" type ~ haha
    4. I guess it is all about personal preference. In real life you see all sorts of people being together. It is about the chemistry. I suppose it is the same for a BJD owner... just figuring out what type of chemistry you want or what not. Personally I like it when one doll is slightly taller than the other one.

      Like I was debating getting an IpleHouse EID but he would be 70cm and my girl is 62.5cm. I saw some pictures on Flickr of those two sizes together and although it doesn't look totally out of place, she still looked petite next to him. So instead I'm going to get the 65cm SID. Still taller than my girl but not too much.
    5. Matters to me, kinda. As long as the smaller one actually looks like an adult next to the bigger one, I think it's okay, but it's hardly portrayed that way. I think I've seen one-two couples that pulled it off to the extent that it doesn't look off to me, and yet they still come off more as older brother/younger sister, rather than a tall guy/short girl. The thing with mature MSD's is that their whole body is scaled down, and they look like little kids next to SD's, IMO. with taller and shorter humans, head, torso, hips and shoulders are still somewhat close in scale, however, with mature MSD's everything is scaled down, they just look like smaller mature dolls, like a whole different doll, rather than short same type of doll. like having a barbie next to an msd or something. But if one can pull it off, good for them!
      I have seen only a few that look pedo-ish, most just seem really disproportionate to me, like they just don't belong.
    6. Personally, yes. If it's in a roleplay, or if the pictures are edited, maybe, but for my dolls personally, I need them to be roughly the same. I think. I currently have a 61cm Abio Angel Ling that I wanted to be in a relationship with my 65cm Iplehouse SID Lee. Because of his structure more than height though, my Abio Angel looks like a different species beside the other D: Very tragic. I had then considered pairing him with an even smaller doll, but a female that I have yet to get, but I can only imagine the comparison being even worse upon her actual arrival, haha. He'll have to be a loner poor chap. At least until I get used to it..
    7. I think size is of utmost importance! My couple is supposed to have a smaller, feminine, petite man with a taller, muscular type of guy. When I found my smaller doll it was my first time buying, and I didn't know how tall 71cm was! I had a horrible time finding his boyfriend, who's supposed to be the taller, manlier of the two. The first doll I found I thought would be perfect, but he ended up being 65cm. To me that didn't sound so bad, but then my wife measured it out for me and I knew I just couldn't buy that doll to be him. We went on a search frenzy to find the right doll, and finally we did! But the height difference completely changed which doll I bought, so to me that is super important. (At least for this pairing, since I'd had them worked out as role play characters for years before finding dolls of them.) And generally with my boy/boy couples I like to stick with the stereotypical yaoi seme & uke pairing style. (No need to tell me that's 'unrealistic,' I'm gay myself and have gay friends of all different sizes and love styles.)

      I don't have a girl pairing (yet) but I think I'd like them to be about the same height, or one a little taller. I'm looking at another boy/boy pairing right now and those two weren't already in my head, so I'll be much more lenient on which one's taller. I don't really care. They're beautiful boys and they belong together no matter what.
    8. I'm biased... My MSD boy's boyfriend is an SD, but that's just how it turn out. The characters and stories were already set before we go the dolls.
      But generally I don't like different sized couples, especially a SD man and an MSD girl. Ewww...just...ew. Same sex different size couples don't bother me as much simply because I don't like straight couples period. ((And I think cute little MSD boys with SD men is just adorable. Nothing really romatic, just cuteness. Cuteness is cute. :3))
      General rule, keep it in the same size category. ((I'm kinda going all over the place here... >.>' I think I'm gonna stop trying now.))
    9. I'm like you, not really interested in straight couples. If by some weird, random chance I end up with one, I'm going to go with the good old fashioned boy taller than girl scenario. But every time I think of a boy and a girl their relationship forms as just siblings to me so that'll probably never happen.
    10. I'm certain this question has been asked and answered before

      But, to recap my answer the last time I answered this question... XD

      I always giggle a bit at threads like this. Right now I only have minis, but I have plans for some SD's. My dolls are set up with my MSD's as my basic size, 5'2'' - 5'6''. These are adult characters, mostly shorter males. However the characters they portray are, at the moment, made of a fallen angel, a star elf, an ice elemental and a daemon/vampire half-breed.

      I have daemons that I plan to make, and a few very tall elementals, that will be my SD guys, because they are all 6'2'' to 7'2'' in the case of one particularly large daemon. Some of them will have relationships with the MSD's, a couple of them are married.

      This doesn't bother me a whole lot since, I've stood next to people who are 6'2'' or bigger, and being 5'6'' myself I find that I am REALLY REALLY SHORT beside these people. So that works for me. I can see where some people might be bothered by the 'proportions' or something, but in studying my really tall friends and my really short self I have decided that I don't care. They usually have bigger bodies and bigger everything else's too. Including heads. Its simply that they are bigger, so everything is larger. I'm short-ish, so all mine is smaller. My friend is really nearly twice my height, I barely reach his chest when I stand beside him.

      So 45/60 couples don't bother me, but if people don't like it... That's why they make tags, ne?
    11. I wouldn't want dolls of different scales to be partners. I actually greatly dislike buying dolls in different scales at all (all my 'human' dolls come from one company, and all my 'demon' dolls from one company). For me, the reason I don't like inter-scale relationship dolls has nothing to do with height, but everything to do with scale. 45cm dolls, to me, don't look like 'short adults' next to 65cm dolls - they just look like out-of-proportion adults. It would be like if a movie had a bunch of regular-sized people, and then used CGI to shrink one down by a foot or so - that person wouldn't just look short, they'd look out-of-proportion and weird.

      I can completely understand that other people have different responses to stuff like this though - I'm not surprised at all that not everyone shares my OCD about scale :XD:
    12. I think SDs are too tall for a msd. they would seem father and daughter:sweat
      I would buy another msd but of a different size (42 with 46 for example)
    13. Yup, it matters a lot. It really isn't tall guy marry short girl because you can't really find shorties in the BJD world. MSD adult and SD adult together will look really really weird, like you married a miniature instead of someone short (like me). Maximum 5 cm difference for me to keep a natural look. Of cos stylr matters to me as well. Won't pair up a very anime-ish doll with a realistic one, it will look queer. Doll couples, in my opinion, have to be able to pass off as a couple without introduction.
    14. I prefer BJD couples to be of the same size. Although, depending on dolls character, I might approve of SD-boy with MSD-girl.
    15. I think as long as the SD is a boy and he doesn't exceed 60cm and the girl is an MSD, it looks alright.
    16. Yh i think when i make doll couples in the future i would like them to be the same size, preferably a couple centimeters difference between the two :D
    17. I find it disturbing for some owners to pair op a 70cm boy with a small 43cm MSD girl...
      All that goes through my head is paedophilia. Same with a large SD(60+) and small MSD
      no matter how adult like the MSD might look it still looks off to me ._.
      Then rather find a small SD on some 50cm+ to pair with an MSD if it should be.
    18. I think they should be about the same size or look around the same age. Like if you had a SD/ MSD pair it might look like an adult with a child/teenager.
    19. To me it does yes. I would only pair and MSD up with and MSD unless there was some kind of weird story involved. I.E one character got reverted back into a kid somehow and now they have to figure out how to turn them back. But other then that they need to be in the same height range. That and the boy needs to be taller then the girl. That's just how it works in my head or that the fact in my own relationship my boyfriend towers over me. I'm barely five feet and he's six feet. @[email protected]
    20. Personally, it's one of those "it depends." situations. Usually having the dolls be close to the same size is "normal" because of how people see MSD vs. SD. However, Tsuki, who is MSD has only had an affinity for SD guys, so I've written an SD *giant* into her background story.