Does size matters for dolls being couples?

Jun 13, 2011

    1. Okay, I know the different size couples thing has been discussed before, but I want to ask in a slightly different context.

      If I'm being redundant, feel free to link to an old thread if you like. :3

      I'm not looking for reasons why its right or wrong, I think there was already a thread about all the taboos of "it might look like an adult with a child" and such. Personally, that taboo doesn't really bother me, especially in the doll world. I also don't think that has to be the immediate assumption for different size couples, either.

      I just got my MSD boy, Ches, and I'm planning on getting a Luts SDF to be his boyfriend, March. I'm not going to lie, these characters do differ in age and maturity (Ches is 14 and March is 17, but that's part of the reason why the size difference is necessary. March is significantly more mature (and taller, lol) than Ches is. In my case, its two teenagers with prominently different maturity levels and personalities. The age gap might be a little big for some people, but oh well. I like a sort of "little brother, big brother" relationship between boys. :sweat

      So, I'm curious.
      How many of you actually DO have different sized couples or plan to? What are their stories? How come you decided to go with different sizes?
      Share your stories with me :3
    2. I did, but I sold one and want to sell the other. I may reshell the characters later, in which case I will try and keep a pretty decent size difference. MSD and SD sized where technically a bit too far apart, but it was as close as I could get at the time. I have another doll who might end up with a considerably shorter doll for a girl friend, but that could be awhile in the future, and I've been known to change my mind. Like you, size differences in dolls don't bother me unless it creates an issue with characters not matching up with their bodies.
    3. I have only one right now,though they aren't yet in doll form. The reasoning being that they're completely different species,one is human and the other an anthro. =3
    4. I'm planning to pair up a Doll Chateau Pierre with an Iplehouse YID if their new YID boys appeal to me. There would be a 10 CM difference between them (which is pretty huge, but not as huge as MSD and SD), but my Pierre is going to be a demon named Valefor and therefore slightly unnaturally tall and skinny (probably almost 7 feet tall as a character) while the YID is going to be a young man who summoned Valefor by accident (probably around 17 years old and not fully grown yet). This won't happen until I pay off my credit card though. XD

      I think pairing a very adult looking doll with an extremely young looking doll would be squicky as hell, but as long as it's not pedophilia, I don't have problems with it.
    5. totally OT, but I thought it might be amusing... I remember when I was young
      Barbie was dating He-man and also guys from the A-team (same size as He-man)
      They had serious height issues...


    6. Well, I'd like to point out that since they are only dolls, its not technically pedophilia... o _o;
    7. I'm not ever planning on having a different size couple (just because it would be waaaaay too hard to photograph). The farthest I would go is maybe 10cm. Like a 60cm with a 50cm or something like that. Photography wise, 10cm is still a lot so that's probably the maximum I would handle.

      Whilst I don't have a problem with size ranges (I mean, human height differences vary a lot; its just that usually with different heights the sculpt maturity varies tremendously making it seem like pedophilia which I do indeed have a problem with) I probably won't ever get any. But I'm also very picky, I can't handle if the girl is taller than the guy. Which is really irksome seeing as I'm a 17 year old ASIAN girl that's a bit over 5'10". Ugh... well anyway, I digress...

      ***and pedophilia is a concept as well as a crime, just saying. The concept was made into a crime once people started thinking it was wrong. Which is why we have all this stuff about statutory rape and all that but again I digress... not making an argument, I just love talking in legal terms <3**
    8. Yes. I do have a MSD/SD couple. For me, the main problem was that the dolls in question are inspired by pre-existing characters and I did find almost perfect dolls for them. However, one was an SD, the other an MSD. Still searching for the perfect SD sculpt to replace the MSD, but for now that's how it is. Age wise there is almost 9 years difference between the two. Which strangely enough is sort of canon, since the characters I'm shelling are from a manga..Tokyo Babylon anyone? The MSD IS of legal age though, so no pedophilia is going on. XD.

    9. Hm. You added this after you posted in response to something I said.

      I understand its a concept, but I don't think it should be carried so negatively into fictional territory. People should have the right to explore different concepts in a fictional sense that is hurting no one, without being judged. Sorry, but I'm getting kind of tired of being called a pedo because I like shotacon. :/

      Anyway, this isnt even what my thread is about, I wanted to avoid this subject all together because people tend to be so narrow minded about it and I was just going to mind my own business. sigh.
    10. I'm still squicked by it.
    11. Not all of us are. :3
    12. and? That is sort of obvious.

      I'm with the people who say that as long as the relationship being depicted isn't paedophilic, I have no problems with different sized couples. (Proportions being off might bug me a little, but hey, not my dolls, so I don't actually care all that much.) In-story, different species may well have different proportions, and there's nothing saying that "couple" has to be either implicitly or explicitly sexual. I admit that I can't quite understand pairings that are both supposed to be human (and of normal-ish heights) where one is one scale and one is another, especially when the heights are only a few inches apart. Human heights do not normally work that way, but again, not my dolls, so whatever. If they're supposed to be adults of whatever species, fine. Probably won't interest me, but go ahead and do it.

      Yes, they're just dolls and it isn't actually hurting anyone, but I'm among the squicked-by-loli/shota. (I cannot wrap my head around thinking that's cute or sweet. Ick.) I will say, though: I have the right to be grossed out by loli/shota relationships, but not to tell anyone that they can't have whatever kind of couple they like. I'd prefer they didn't show it anywhere near me, though. That happens to be one of my few 'Do Not Want, Ever' things. (Changed this last part, because I can't honestly say that I won't at least raise an eyebrow over someone who has one of these couples.)

      I actually have a doll who was the SD half of an SD/MSD couple for a while. Mostly, it was because the characters got along really well (joint plans for world domination, anyone?). It was always supposed to be sort of weird and silly, really, and now both are paired with dolls of their own size. The size difference between them was more or less explained away by the fact that my doll's character is a seven foot plus tall elf, and the fact that the other person's doll is a completely different kind of being. There was never really anything serious going on there, and we hardly ever even photographed them together, though. It was not about "OMG these guys are so cute together", but more "these guys are creepy and disturbing/ed socio/psychopaths, look at them plotting your doom via the clever use of big cats."
    13. Obviously. My opinion is that as long as both dolls look like they're more mature and not children, I'm okay with it, but if one doll is obviously meant to be a child and the other obviously an adult, it squicks me.

      That's just my opinion. You don't have to share it.

      Edit: Also, I'm pretty sure it still IS pedophilia, because it's getting off on the idea of a child in a sexual situation, even if the child isn't real. However, I am by no means an expert on pedophilia and I REALLY don't feel like researching it.
    14. I do not have any couples at the moment, however I do want to do a rather "extreme" pairing by DoA standards- a 70cm and what is considered a tiny. I would like to point out that the tiny in question is of the Soom Faery Legend line, meaning that while she is small she has a completely adult looking mature body. And when shown next to a 70cm iple-guy for example, she is what I imagine to scale for something of her species because she is a fae creature and very clearly not human. After all I've never heard of sprites being anywhere near the size of the average human. Some fairies maybe, but she's simply not that kind.

      I think I'd like to get her a big hunky centaur but it'll be some time before that happens. Lol
    15. I was extremely tempted to pair the DC Pierre I'm planning to get with a soom fairy legend too, but my friend and I started plotting the story for my demon chara and her chara (who will get paired with him) ended up being a human instead. :P Oh well.
    16. I keep shipping Niccolo and Epifan even though they're 20cm apart. *_* Niccolo always has to sit down for Epifan... Epifan is supposed to be short for an adult which is why I picked a 50cm doll. Niccolo just ended up taller than I planned because I liked the proportions of SSDF with the head better than with the shorter bodies.

      They're not even from the same story. I just like putting the two dolls together. But as Niccolo is a gangster who needs people dead fairly often, I assume he'd get along with a vampire who doesn't mind who she works with as long as she gets to eat and somewhere safe to sleep. But since Epifan is asexual, I don't think they get past cuddles and kissies.
    17. I don't take 'couple'-type photos between my different-sized guys because of the whole scaling issue-- while I don't think of my tiny's character as being a child, because his resin body looks very child-like, I keep him very un-sexual all the time... he looks too young for it not to creep me out, to try and make him 'sexy'. But, he and my MNF boy are kind of 'heterosexual life partners', not a couple-couple, but very much a two-person unit. Occasional asexual cuddly poses sometimes occur, but they tend to look like much older/younger siblings.

      Since I plan on moving Maurice's character from floating MSD head to SD doll, but I might get his partner first, in which case there will be a period of time where there's a... really weird size difference (Maurice, as a character, has spent some time as a living severed head).

    18. If all goes well, I may end up with a "tiny" and an MSD. "Tiny" in brackets because it's teetering on the side of MSD - chibi Unoa at 35 cm in height, who is supposed to be a really petite 4'11" young woman (and who is 17 years old - so that's her adult height). It works out PERFECTLY, actually, because at that height and scale, her boyfriend should be 42 cm (which is about 5'9"), which is the exact height of a MNF-Narin hybrid I'm planning, and all of the really tall characters are in the 42-47 cm range (one of whom she also ends up dating). Of course, they will all have 6-7" sized heads, otherwise it would look reeeaallly funky.

      I was also at one time (before I realized SD's aren't for me) planning a Supia Rosy and an EID - they're technically the same "size", but had about 14 cm of difference in height (which would've portrayed a very similar scaled height relationship as the one I'm trying now). I kind of like the idea of partners having very different builds - be it a petite woman with a tall man, or a voluptuous, tall woman and a more effeminate, lithe man. (But I don't build my character relationships around it. Sometimes it happens that way, especially when your main character is under 5 feet tall, haha.)

      I truthfully however do not think that MSD/SD couples work (Unless the MSD is reeeeaaally tall, and the SD is like, an Idealian 51 or a Souldoll Vito). Squicky pedo territory aside, they just kinda um... Don't really look like they belong in the same world. You know how they took the actors who played the hobbits and digitally shrunk them down? That's what it tends to look like. MSD's, really.... Do not look like children to SD's. They usually look like young adults, completely out of scale with SD's - because of the difference in head size (which is the part of you that grows the smallest amount in your life), and the scale of the body. Of course, some MSD's can look like really young children (especially Alex Doll from Dollmore, which were specifically sculpted to look like children to SD's), but most of them just look hilariously out of scale without any camera or "never being present in the same shot" kind of optical illusions (especially standing up).
    19. I briefly had a 65/30 couple. One was a baby dragon and the other was a little girl, so, naturally, size difference. X3 They were more like one of those kindergarten 'couples' than anything else, though.

      I also have a 70/60 pair, dunno if you'd call that different size couple. I did a shoot once with them standing next to each other and creeped myself out because it looks so pedophilic, even though both characters are way over age, and are both SDs. At least I managed to make them work by getting high-heeled shoes for the 60cm doll and styling her makeup older. As a result, SD/MSD always end up looking pedo to me. It's creepy.

      And if they don't look pedo, eg with mature minis, they look out of proportion.
    20. Shailara and I are a prime example! But we each own halves of our pairs as they all belong in a co-developed story.

      We have C and Patrick - SSDF Avalanche and JDF Wintery '11 (70/56)
      That have a difference in age but it doesn't really matter at this point as they're both adults. C is simply taaaaaall.

      We have Hellel and Ramiel - DoT Code 02 and Minifee Chloe boy (60/40)
      however Ramiel is meant to look a lot younger -despite not being exactly that, being an angel; the youngest of the angel brothers, but still well over one hundred...

      We also have Bosschan and Ainsell - IoS Chaos on 70cm body and Unoa Zero Sleeping Marion (70/60)
      Which is not that huge a difference if you ask me. Marion is a fairly regular in height lady. Shou is simply tall and lean. Nothing he can do about it. xD;

      The most comic of all our differently sized couples however used to be
      Nicolai and Julliana - DikaDoll Murong and DreamingDoll Airi (70/40)
      Again, it's a matter of height. Nicolai is simply really tall while Airi is just a really short woman. xD;
      Nicolai is now paired up with Pavlova however, who is a DreamingDoll Judy thus making the difference 70/60 again