Does size matters for dolls being couples?

Jun 13, 2011

    1. Dolls most often resemble smaller scale humans. Therefore, dolls can definitely depict pedophilia, which is predatory and disgusting.

      How many of you actually DO have different sized couples or plan to?
      I plan on pairing a 59cm with a 65cm. The shorter one will be fully womanly in body and face. Humans are different heights in real life, but I'd never make the difference too great with my dolls since shorter heights in the doll world are usually accompanied by more childlike faces and bodies.

      How come you decided to go with different sizes?
      One of my dolls needs a girlfriend. I recently bought clothes for a new 59cm height Iple doll, because I fell in love with how curvaceous and feminine the body is. So, I need to eventually purchase a doll in that size when a mature face comes along that I like.
    2. I think it would be super great if we could have a nice thread to discuss mixed couples and the pros/cons of owning them without people getting all judgmental and holier-than-thou on each other. So let's nix potentially offensive comments, ok? =3 Let's leave how awful you think it is to one of the eight other "Is it right or wrong?" threads. Or livejournal. =D

      How many of you actually DO have different sized couples or plan to?
      I have one, a Delf Lu-Wen with a Mini-fee Vampire Woosoo.

      What are their stories?
      The Lu-Wen is a fairy and the Woosoo is a vampire. Not that I at all believe the characters have to be magical creatures to justify mixed sizes, it just sort of happened that way. But their relationship is actually pretty one-sided, and the fairy is somewhat mean to my poor little vampy. It's kind of sad, actually. .;_;

      How come you decided to go with different sizes?
      I just happened to like those dolls, and bought them regardless of their sizes. And the story just happened to progress the way it did, regardless of their sizes.
    3. Well, they won't be a couple, but my MSD (his character is 19 years old) is going to have a 70cm brother (25 years old or so). I don't much mind the whole 'unrealistic' thing, or that both my adult characters will be in different scales. I don't aim for super realism and I like both sculpts as grown ups *shrugs*.
    4. I have a 70cm who's little sister is an MSD, but he's supposed to be massively tall at 7' plus and she's a child. That is as close as I'll ever get.

      I did have an MSD/SD couple for a while but the scale was way too off for me. It got to the point where I couldn't look at them next to each other anymore. I have no problem seeing MSDs, especially mature minis who in no way look like kids to me, as adults, but head size and proportion will never match up for the size difference to work for me. Even if the MSD is supposed to be short, they still aren't proportionate to a short adult next to SDs....Minis are called minis for a reason...they're mini versions of the larger dolls - 1/4 scale vs 1/3 scale. I can't get past that with my dolls, so I sold my girl and upgraded her to a Zaoll, who is proportionately a very short woman next to my SD sized dolls.

      Personally I don't care what other people do with their dolls, but mixing scales like that doesn't work for me, all my MSD sized dolls are either young children, Angels who only look like children, elves (who are miniature next to adults) or in a whole different "universe" scaled to fit their size.
    5. I have a 60cm CP Lu-wen vamp / 70cm DOD Kalix pairing at the moment, and I've been (not very diligently, I must admit) looking for some partners for my zaoll. The first pairing just sort of happened unplanned, but I'm glad that it did. The characters complement each other well and they look good together, I think. In the story, the relationship really helped the 60cm character get over some difficult personal issues he had been having.

      So much this.

      Sho-chan meant for this to be a discussion thread, and these personal attacks are kind of ridiculous. Calling someone "predatory" and "disgusting", for example, is only going to cause damage and create a hostile environment. This whole pedo-accusatory conversation is pretty irrelevant in regards to the original questions. If you tried a multi-sized couple and it didn't work out because you personally got bad vibes, then yeah, that follows the discussion and is completely valid, but verbally assaulting someone because of their doll pairing should not have even come into play.

      The marriage age is still as low as 13 with parental consent in the U.S., and the age of sexual consent is even lower in other countries, so bringing in the legality of it doesn't do jack in my opinion. I'm not going to include my personal opinions regarding the subject other than since no one is being hurt here why do some people feel the need to judge and put down someone else over a *fictional* pairing?
    6. I have plans for a MSD/SD couple, but the MSD is far from being a child and I in no way agree with pedophilic concepts and portrayals. I'm aiming to get my MSD a more mature body, but his skintone makes it difficult.

      The reason for the size difference is important to his storyline, and I wanted to show that with Soren's doll form. He is a fallen angel and his physical growth was ended upon his falling (human age equivalent of 18 or so)and Soren was a small guy to begin with. Mind you, his true age is over 3000 years. His partner's physicsl aging was not stunted and he is definitely on the tall side. It's more comical than anything and once Soren gets his new body, the difference shouldn't be so much of an issue if I can find a close-to-in-scale body for his partner.

      I love the MSD's sculpt as he is perfect for my character. I'm really too attached to let him go either. If only the proportions weren't so awkward between SD and MSD.
    7. One con of owning SD/MSD couples? Getting called disgusting and pedophilic. Because people who only see the pictures without knowing the context will have the tendency to jump to that kinda conclusion. /shrug

      I guess a pro would be, uh, if you can't find two SDs or two MSDs that suit the characters and/or reflect the desired height size difference. ._. I still don't like SD/MSD pairings, partly for the creep factor, and partly for the proportion factor. I think 70/60 couples can look quite cute. 65/26 can be absolutely adorable too, because at least they are in proportion. =3=
    8. It seems like a lot of couples in the 70/60 range are considered a size difference...? To me since they're still all 1/3 scale, it's more like a short and tall adult than a huge size diff. I don't see a problem with it at all. My Dollmore Kara Klum is 58cm and my Dollshe Saint is 70cm and (while they are not a couple) their head/faces are about the same size....they look very much like a hugely tall guy next to someone who's on the short side without seeming out of scale. Especially since their hands are nearly the same size and their feet actually are the same size. I agree with leXis, I think 70/60 couples are cute!....I should see about making one XD
    9. I have an MSD/SD couple and my main reason for that is that the characters they are have the significant height difference of 9" in their story. Moswen (AoD Chi, 46cm) is supposed to be 6'-3" and Kijika (AoD Collab Adonis, 58cm) is 7'-0". To me, their doll forms are absolutely perfect height-wise to represent their characters.

      Funny enough, I also have a couple in the MSD size with a significant height difference. Tyhlian (OD Tae Vampire, 40cm) is 5'10" and Dakvir (Doll-Love God-Enjoy boy, 46cm) is 6'-4" in their story. Tyh also has a significantly smaller head than Dak, but again, they look perfect to me.

      I also have plans for a triad with a height difference between the partners. They will be OT dolls for DoA, but one will be 23cm while the other 2 are 28/30cm. Again, this is what the characters demand. My grail doll pairing (Unidoll Ark, 70cm & Impldoll Miguel The Demon Hunter, 64cm) also has a significant height difference.

      Hmmm, I think I might have a thing for height differences in my pairings.
    10. it depends on the sculpt for me. some just dont look in proportion to each other ^^ but if done well, i dont mind it at all.
    11. If you like "shotacon" and seeing little kids in sexual relationships with adults, you better be prepared to be judged for it. You can't just say "don't judge me, I can look at whatever I want" and expect people to accept it. Pedophilia is sick. Drawn representations of pedophilia is sick. Photostories about pedophilia is sick, and glorifying pedophilia and treating it as if it's somehow "cute" is ultra sick. Don't want to be judged for that? Keep your fantasies to yourself and don't spread them all over the internet.

      I replied to the original thread this was merged with about sizes, but I'll say it again: an SD with an MSD is never going to look like two adults together. Those people that are trying to make their MSD an adult or teenager next to an SD or larger are either pedo and trying to somehow justify it "oh he's not a 7 year old, he's a 999999 year old vampire that looks, dresses, talks, and acts like a 7 year old!" Or just out of touch with reality and human height and proportion. MSDs come up to the waist of SDs. There is no way an adult will come up to the waist of another adult unless one of them is a "little person" in which case the head and torso are the same proportions but the limbs are much different lengths. I'm 5'10" for someone to come up to my waist they would have to be like 3 feet tall. Do YOU know an adult that's 3 feet tall? Because I don't.

      A lot of people that have the MSD/SD couples decide that their MSD is a teenager and their SD is a young adult. That doesn't work. I'm 27 and if I were to take a stroll through my local highschool, I wouldn't be walking through a crowd that's eye-level with my belly button. They would be mostly the same height as me. People are almost done growing when they're 12-13. They grow only a few more inches after that, not 3 feet. It's SUPER rare for people to grow any significant amount after they turn 18 as well. Your average person in the real world instinctively knows all this. They see someone with someone else who is waist height on them and thing: adult and child no question. If they see something that looks like an adult in a sexual or romantic situation with something that looks like a child in comparisson they will think pedophilia. I think too many of us have gone off into dolly la-la-land where everything is acceptable.

      The doll hobby is so permissive that glorifying things like rape, pedophilia, torture, and incest is perfectly ok. Things that in the real world would make people go "ugh! What the hell is wrong with you?!" are cool and edgy and "cute," yet if you say "hey that's messed up" then there's something wrong with you? You're like this crazy evil and mean nazi. What the hell?
    12. I personally prefer same size dolls with a little height difference to seem more natural.
      My current boy is 62CM and the doll I want to get next for as his boyfriend is about 68-70CM.
      I don't really care if other people have SD and MSD [and such] paired off because that's their personal preference, not mine. I myself wouldn't have such a pairing because I don't have any characters that would suit that.
    13. I agree SO MUCH with this! if you don't want to be considered a pedophile, don't watch stories about little boys having sex, like a pedophile would! simple as that =__=

      I've always liked couples with noticeable height difference. as long as they are both grown up that is. so to me, an 60/70 or 50/60 couple is the absolute cutest thing <3
      but 20cm of difference is a bit too much for me. even if the MSD one is mature, the proportions will still look wayyyyy off and unrealistic!
    14. I agree with most of your post, but I kinda think a mature MSD could work with an SD if the MSD was supposed to be some sort of fae creature (like the short kind of elf or something).

      I wouldn't have such a pairing myself, because I think photographing it would be a massive pain in the ass, but I'd accept that explanation (as long as the MSD really did look mature and not like a child).
    15. Well, most may assume that the smaller the doll, the younger. Not always true (minifees for example), but in a lot of cases it is.

      Personally, I want the dolls to have similar proportions and be of somewhat similar size mainly because... it would just look odd to me to have like... my SSDF with a minifee(since I used them as an example) boyfriend. I'd rather my doll's partner a similar type of doll (SD, MSD, you get it). Since he is SD sized basically, I want his partner to be SD sized... So... size kind of does matter to me. But that's just me personally. To each their own, yeah?
    16. In regards to the height issue... My mother came up to my cousins waist, and she was NOT a little person. She was short, yes, but not a little person. I remember looking at her, this tiny women who was anywhere from 4'8 to 5' depending on what doctor she saw, next to my towering cousin of 6'5, and laughing at how her head barely came up past his hips. Iv seen even shorter people in my city, and people like athletes are normal to be around 6'5 to 7'. So, yes, full grown adults next to full grown adults can still have quite the height difference- remember humans come in all sizes, just like dolls. Now finding an MSD and SD to pull off the portions while looking mature? Doable, but difficult.

      I myself need a short doll to go with an SD- one character is 5'4, the other is 6'5. I'm leaning towards a Zaoll, which should look just about right with a 60cm doll.
    17. Well, there goes the nice conversation. Thanks. :|
    18. isn't what happening here is like what happening in our current society... people tend to criticize others, not knowing what the other side is... it is sad that we humans become too judgemental.... as an asian living far from my native country it is hurtful to hear that it is disgusting to have relationship with a person beyond my race just because that person have a mature face and a height that i could never achieved while i am short like a junior high kid with a face of a 13 yr old....

      we customized our own dolls based on our own taste not based on other people's. all of us have different perspective and opinions... it is not wrong to speak up for ourselves... but it is so wrong to push our own opinion to others... what would you feel when someone called your child disgusting just because of their preferences...

      wouldn't you be hurt?
    19. I wouldn't be disgusted by you pairing up with a person of a different race. O_o I just think it's squicky when people pair up adult dolls with children (when it's INTENDED to be an adult and a child, not an adult and a much shorter adult).

      I understand where you're coming from though. I have a friend who is in her late twenties, has a young child and is pregnant with a second child, but she looks very young due to her petite frame and "cute" face. She gets all sorts of weird, disapproving looks when she's out with her kid or with her kid and husband, and she's even had people berate her about being a teen mom. Sucks when people make assumptions and then get up in your business. :\

      I would also like to add that I'm not pushing my opinion on anyone else. I'm not saying that everyone has to agree with me, it's just how I feel.
    20. violetdepravity : I think you're overreacting a bit. we only complained about those who have MSD/SD sized couple with the intention of making the MSD a child, as Quetz pointed out.
      when I see a SD/MSD couple, I look at how the smaller one is styled and if still in doubt, I look for the character's bio. I'm not just gonna straight up assume the owner is a pedo. there are super short and super tall people in real life. so why not in the dollie word too?
      the difference between a small adult and a child, is the brain. the maturity is sooooooooo not at the same level and this is why I would look down on a 30 year old dating a 13 year old, but not a 30 year old with a short 27 year old *shrug*