Does size matters for dolls being couples?

Jun 13, 2011

    1. but isnt bjd meant to be customized... some dolls are look like a child because of their face-up, clothing, and wig... so isnt is possible even the company made a certain sculpt as a 10 year old the owner can make it 10 year more older with more customization?

      i might being too deep into things.. i just doen't like how people fire words to a certain person who have a peculiar taste, while that person can not retort back because every one is pointing it is wrong...

      sorry for my contradictory opinions... it is our freedom to like what we want, to say what we want, and be what we are but it is not gonna be a freedom no more if we are already hurting anyone...:(
    2. What you're addressing right now is intention. I said it quite briefly in my previous post, but I'll explain in detail:
      If the doll's owner is pairing up an MSD with an SD and intends for both characters to be adults, that doesn't bother me at all. I would find it annoying to photograph and am unlikely to use such a pairing myself, but I wouldn't be bothered by it.

      However, if the person paired up an MSD and an SD and INTENDED that the MSD be a child character and the SD an adult character, that would make me feel uncomfortable and I would be unlikely to comment on their photostories or even talk to them in person much if I met them at a meet. It would, as I said, squick me out.

      I wouldn't go off on them and call them disgusting or try to make them see things my way, I'd just keep my opinion to myself and try to avoid them.
    3. I think that the best coarse of action...

      why do people need to say it is disgusting, and give to others dirty looks that seems like they were the dirtiest person on the world...

      sigh... sorry that i am getting so emotional about such things... this thread is too stressful

      I just want a better world for us BJD owners... where all of us get along in our growing community
    4. It's because child molesters are the scum of the earth and in many people's opinions, the most depraved and monstrous of individuals. Pedophilic imagery and thoughts evoke the same emotions in people that child abuse does because they are so closely linked.

      Since in the instances that are being discussed, no actual child would be hurt, I wouldn't go off on someone for it, but I WOULD have a low opinion of them and be creeped out by them and avoid them.
    5. Personally I think the Faery Legend line has the best porportions to do that(this?) kind of pairing, because they really do look like miniature adults with unearthly qualities like wings. I fell in love with the idea when at a meet someone put my girl on her 70cm guy's shoulder, it just seemed perfect to me.

      Oddly enough I think I too already replied to the original thread that this thread was merged to, and I'm pretty sure it all boiled down to scaling and sculpt "maturity" as opposed to any actual size differences. So long as the sculpt looked mature enough, and the scaling looked okay- all is good.

      Though now I'm curious... What about anthros? Do the same general "rules" apply?
    6. I do make allowances for people who are underage themselves who create underage characters to put in more explicit situations. I mean, it's no myth that teenagers below the age of majority are nevertheless still individuals engaging in "adult" behaviour, and if someone who IS 15 years old creates a pairing of characters who engage in "adult" things while being say, 13-17, well... I just kind of find it understandable. Lordy know I had plenty of underage characters doing very un-underage things when I was that age, because you know, I found teenagers - people my age - more attractive and more relatable than adults at that point in time. So I wouldn't necessarily quickly label someone a pedo just because they like sexy teenagers, because they very well may be one themselves. (though I would prefer it if they did not impart their uh, "fantasies" on me because I happen to be just over 20, and it makes me feel a little gross if the characters/dolls are below age of consent) Now, if they're a much older adult putting teenagers/children in provocative situations because they think it's sexy, and not for purposes of realism (teenagers - dating - that drill), then I start going shifty eyed and will possibly judge them in a not very nice way.

      I think you're right, it's probably frequently the case that people don't realize that teenagers are adult heights - and the younger generations are getting taller and taller. I went to visit my old high school the other day, and the grade 8 students were all either the same height or taller than I was! And I'm not all that short - I'm 5'6". People don't realize that a human develops all of their height before the ages or 14-16, which is when the physical development pretty much finishes. They just kind of go "Oh, 15 years old? That's like, a child right? And about 1/6 of an adult's life span? Then they should kind of be like, about 1/2 of adult height, right?" :doh

      Just putting this out there, but if we consider a 60 cm doll to be 6 feet tall, then each cm of height difference = 1.2" difference in character height. (I'd probably say they're more like 5'8" though, because that would make the 70 cm dolls 7 feet tall, and I like to think of them as being about 6'7", therefore 1 cm = 1.1") I mean, by all means you keep on trucking and do what you do with your adult characters, but just realize that it might look really bizarre to other viewers, and not in the way you intended (but necessarily in an "eww pedo!" way either, could be just in a "Wait... that actually makes absolutely no sense" way)
    7. I have seen some pretty interesting couples that were "different sizes" Candygears Mr. Have comes to mind, and I have seen a zaoll make a lovely pair with a dz 70 cm (My apologies for names slipping my mind, your dolls are gorgeous though!) I myself have toyed with a soom supergem falling for a zaoll or minifee. There is even a 'tinkerbell' kind of thing with my soom aren and soom sard XD

      I do share the same opinions as other though, if the couples size difference is meant to portray a young child and an adult. I would keep a wary distance and just avoid posts though, I am not one to judge or make a scene. (and I hope i dont offend anyone) But that is for the negative association to child molesters/child pornography...

      Anyways! I do think mixed size couples can work and can be very interesting, as long as both people in the couple are adults/teens >>;
    8. When I was younger, I felt bad about my height. I remember my shock at seeing that some of the younger kids in my school were my height or taller than me. All I remember thinking is "Man, I'm really short.":lol:

      To be on topic, I don't have any odd couples like that - I don't even have a couple; I'm still looking at buying a girlfriend for my BBB Apollo, Stephen, but whatever doll I settle on is going to be close to his height.

      I think that the photographer has to consider their viewer when choosing to photograph odd-sized couple in an intimate way. They have to question if people outside of the hobby - who may or may not care to look into what this hobby is about - are going to see these pictures, and if they're going to get what your story is about.

      I mentioned this in another thread somewhere - and someone else mentioned it here, too - but while your doll's character really may be an 8,000 vampire who happens to be stuck looking like a kid, to an outside viewer, that just looks like a kid. No matter that this vampire be so much smarter/wiser/more mature than their counterpart - most people, I'm guessing, aren't going to take the time to either research your doll's backstory, or even believe it when you say "This is an 8,000 year old vampire...".
    9. If the owner is capable of making it look visually older, sure, whatever. If the owner is not, then, whatever their intentions may be, it will appear as though they're making a pedophilic pair. Note: appear. And then they have to be ready to face any consequences.

      Freedom of speech means that you can say what you want, but it doesn't say that people are not allowed to disagree with you, to argue with you, or even to get hostile. It also means you can go ahead and argue right back without fear of being censored. It does not protect you from persecution for your views. That's another law altogether.

      This is a discussion thread, feelings of all sorts will be aired. If you don't like them, ignore them, contest them, but it's against the idea of freedom of speech to attempt to get people to self-censor just because you don't like them.
    10. Read my statement more clearly. I never said the person I responded to is disgusting or anyone else for that matter, only that dolls can depict pedophilia because they resemble human beings which in itself is disgusting. I never called out any specific person's character. Nor did I say anything about anyone's dolls.
    11. But the thread wasn't about whether or not pedophilia was disgusting. I think we all agree that pedophilia is unpleasant. But the thread was originally simply asking if people owned mixed couples, and to share a little about them. The word "disgusting" should never have even been used in the first place. Hell, the word "pedophilia" should never have been used, as that's not what the thread was about. Flinging such words around in a topic that easily sets people off can only result in people being offended.
    12. Because it was mentioned several times by several posters and irks me a bit for some reason, not all MSD/SD pairings have the MSD at the SD's waist. Some are actually much closer in height than that.

      The top of Moswen's head (he's 46cm) reaches the top of Kijika's shoulder (he's 58cm). Moswen standing next to one of my larger SD's (61/62cm) has the top of his head come about breastbone high, but still well above waist high.
    13. On a subject OTHER than MSD-SD... I think it's funny that people tell me my girl-girl 68/58 couple 'looks weird' when I almost never see similar complaints about a m/f couple with a 68/58 dynamic. I wonder if there are any 68 girls out there loving their 58 guys?
    14. Sorry, I was the one who brought the word pedophilia into it, but I was only stating my opinion (which is that as long as the different sized couples don't depict pedophilia, I'd be fine with it). Sorry if I bruised anyone's tender feelings.

      That, my friend, is excellent. I'd love to see pics of your girl-girl 68/58 couple, they sound adorable. ;^;
      I also would love to see a girl 68 with a boy 58. I love short guys. :'D One of the most handsome guys I know is just barely above shoulder height to me, and I'm terribly tall myself (I'm like 5'6).
    15. I'll do my best to remember send you a link next time I take the two of them out for photos, I haven't since I redid one of their face-ups. ^_^
    16. I like them to be the same size~ Specially MNF couples! :D
    17. If you say things on the internet, people are going to give their opinion. Those opinions are not always going to be nice, especially if someone admits they like reading comics where little boys are in sexual relationships with adults and then says they don't want to be judged for it. Pedophilia is an accurate term to describe that. I've seen many photostories where the person doesn't even try to say their child-like MSD is an adult. I'll never forget the time I saw someone post a photostory about a teenage boy who raped his 2 (yes two) year old brother. I found this DoA photostory through her youtube video where her comments on the situation were a delighted "yay rape!" The comments section of that thread were full of how adorable they were together and were a good "couple" and such. That is NOT ok. I'll say it again, the doll hobby is WAY too permissive with everything.
    18. whoooooa I thought that photostories like that weren't allowed on DoA????
    19. It is the same in humans, I had a friend that was like 155 cm tall and her boyfriend was almost 200cm tall O_o same age... and even now I am finishing college and I went to my junior high and almost all the male students were taller than me. Every country has its way of thinking, so it's the same with different ages. In my opinion if someone wishes to have a couple with a kid and an adult, so be it. I really don't care about what people do with their dolls.

      Anyway, I just ordered a 70cm boy - 60cm girl couple... I really don't know if it will work for them...
    20. I have seen this done rather well, actually. The couple was a 40cm Narae and a 70cm Hound. Narae is a reasonably realistic and mature-faced sculpt for a 1/4 scale doll. At the beginning of each photostory, the owner would put a disclaimer reminding people that the Narae was intended to be a very short, adult woman and that the Hound was an intentionally tall, supernatural something or other. (Somebody correct me about what the guy was, if you've been around long enough to remember this couple.) For me, the disclaimer was enough to establish context and suspension of disbelief. I can't say it would work for everyone.

      I think, if both dolls have a similar level of realism in their sculpts, and the smaller doll is dressed/made up to look the correct age, you can get away with a lot. Some people are really stuck/mentally wired on the Size=Age thing, so you'll probably need to remind them every now and again.

      As for the 60cm/28cm cursed child couple - Tinies who are actually ancient or adult characters stuffed into small bodies are fairly common, so I don't think such a couple is that out there. There's a lot of potential for comedy. I haven't read all of it, but the manga "Bride of the Water God" has an adult woman married to a water god who is a child part of the time. But... I would avoid anything heavily romantic or sexual, as I think that would automatically be seen as squicky regardless of the shorter character's mental age.

      You're right... but in animation, especially anime, there is often a huge difference in height between teenaged and adult characters, depending on the style of the animation. I'm probably dating myself a bit, but take the anime YuGiOh - the main character and all of his friends are in their mid-teens. Yugi, the protagonist, is very short. All of his friends, who are probably average height, are still noticeably shorter than the characters who are meant to be adults.

      If a person watches a lot of cartoons... that sort of teenagers-are-shorter aesthetic can stick into their heads. It's not realistic, but they have seen it enough where it doesn't appear wrong either.

      TVtropes explains it pretty well - it's not just an animation thing.