Does size matters for dolls being couples?

Jun 13, 2011

    1. I don't have SD & MSD couple, but I think it's okay. =)
      It's you & your dolls, so it's up to you with the way you create their story & universe.
    2. Since the person didn't "show" the rape, maybe no one cared, I don't know. It was a few years ago. There's a reason I don't look at the photostories subforum anymore.
    3. I don´t care about the size, as long, as the dolls looks good together. My MSD Anri has a special relationship with an SD from my friend.
    4. The size matters only slightly. Most people think of couples being boy=taller girl=shorter than boy. So if someone would want it to be seen like the public eye that's what they would go for. I'm all for 'different' BJD couples :)
    5. For someone who tries to be as open-minded and tolerant as possible about everything including dolls, I've always been really picky about the relative scale of my doll couples. I want them to match as closely as possible so it looks like the two dolls "belong" together.

      But what other people do is up to them, of course.
    6. Generally speaking, I convert all doll heights in cm over to "realistic" heights and then compare them/keep them in "scale" that way. A ~15cm difference, when converted, is noticeable (like, a 5'2" person and a 6'5" person!) but not totally unnatural. Sculpt maturity, as previously mentioned, is more important to me than height overall.
    7. It's a very interesting question...
      I think that it's depending on the difference of height. If it's too big, for example between a 70cm and a 42cm, it doesn't seem natural at all. But if it is not, i think that it should be ok.
    8. It kinda weirds me out if there is a major size difference, but again, it's all down to personal preference really. Most of my dolls will probably be MSDs, partly because the fact is that they will be more believable as couples, well to me anyway, there are other reasons thrown in there too, but yeah.
    9. For me, SD is an adult, and MSD is usually a child. So I avoid ''paring'' those to each other.
      What comes to dolls, I feel that couples from the same size range fit to each other the best. But still I'm kinda open-minded, SD-MSD can work sometimes, but not often.
      And that's of course only my opinion.
    10. It's when it starts looking like a pedophile and a child that it crosses in to the 'it matters' area.
    11. I am planning on some couple depictions where the man is described as a giant of 6 foot 4 inches. and the female charactes are typicaly refered to as 'mere slip of a girl'... my characters are regencey(ish) era so also they may be a 16-20 year old girl with 20 to just shy of 40 for some of the men... normal ages for the time (the age gap thing was often large with established men taking 'young wives'). So as long as the molds don't seem 'childish' the height difference could work to ilustrate certain things. It all boils down to 'do they fit together'. At least I think so... the comment about manga character portrayal almost demand large height diffs O_o.
    12. If you (general 'You') plan on doing a "mixed-size" couple where the difference between the dolls is enough to put the pair in completely different scale catagories, I think there's really one important question you have to ask yourself...

      Would the average viewer (Who, keep in mind, is not likely to know ANYTHING about your specific characters-), look at the two of them and think "That seems inappropriate"?

      If the answer is yes, that doesn't necessarily mean you can't do it... You're the only one who can determine what's right for your own collection, after all... But it does mean that a large, diverse public forum like DoA probably isn't the best venue for posting your "happy-couple-times" pictures. Sticking to a private site, your LJ or a smaller community for that kind of thing could prevent a lot of problems, raised eyebrows and misunderstandings.
    13. Anne Rice's "Interview With a Vampire" or "The Vampire Lestat"... I think it's the first one but I am not sure... The movies are based on her books.

    14. I think it depends on the maturity of the sculpt, it's probably going to look a bit "off" if you pair a realistically mature sculpt with a younger more stylised one (say, an Iplehouse EID with a Fairyland MNF), if they seem the same in maturity, and the only real difference is the size, then I can see when that would become appropriate.

      Personally, I prefer to pair my dolls (even if they are only in my head at present) in size categories SD with SD, MSD with MSD, etc. Simply because, to me at least, it's more aesthetically pleasing.
    15. I'm not bothered by SD/MSD couples so long as they are portrayed as being in the same age group.
    16. I think it's really about how you see the dolls. My Chrom, an SD13, was perfect for a character of mine, who's girlfriend is a Luts Pine (MSD). Not the best resin couple!! Especially since they two are part of a story where the other shelled characters are MSDs as well. Because, however, they were both so perfect for the characters, they both came home. Pine is the 'normal' version of her character, while Chrom is 'big!Lance'. They sit together, but I don't see myself taking full body pictures of the two, even if Chrom "should" be much taller and more filled out, looking older than his years, and Pine being tiny, sheltered and baby faced in comparison. I have pictures of them as couples, which are fine, but if you throw the others in, he just looks a little silly. Chrom'll always be the 'big' version of his character.
    17. Further to this thread, I now how 3 pairings that have a very noticeable difference in height. Moswen (46cm) & Kijika (58cm), Haniel (44cm) & Darius (28cm) and Khale (68cm), Fei-Lau (68cm) & Sleet (30cm).

      In-story, Moswen is 6'-3" and Kijika is 6'-9". Haniel is most often a 6 year old looking child, but he can change his physical form (he's mostly demon) to look like a 16 year old. One of his lovers is Darius, who is a 313 year old 1/2 demon, 1/2 cockatrice. Khale is 6'-0", Fei-Lau is 6'-1" and Sleet is 2'-10" (although he claims to be 3'-0"). Funny enough, none of these pairings are human and don't look fully human either with horns, wings, tails, fangs, birdy feet, etc. Not saying that has to be the way to excuse the large height difference but there seems more leeway when the dolls/characters are obviously not human.
    18. I don't have a mixed size couple, but I think it's fine to post them on DoA. Sure, it may mean constantly noting that the characters are both adults, but I don't see why anybody should be scared of posting their pictures. Unless of course one of the dolls wasn't an adult. Then the owner shouldn't be in any kind of public anyway, they should be behind bars.
    19. I've been trying to find a good sculpt as a boyfriend for my msd, who is meant to be a young adult. Even Vitos look strange because, for me, the proportions are too off. Especially knowing MSD's reputation for being children, it becomes more important for me to pair her with a similarly-sized sculpt to avoid this as much as possible. I want a group of adult dolls but just didn't want SD size.

      However, I want to point out to all those who are saying that condemning pedophilia (or things glorifying it) is hurting their feelings/ making them uncomfortable, just know that talk about how cute Shotacon is and how graphic imagery isn't really pedophilia because the acts are being portrayed by human looking dolls and not actual humans is making me (and apparently others) VERY uncomfortable. In fact I disagree that it isn't. While it may not be child molestation, it is in the pedo-realm. I really want to see a polite discussion too, but it's hard with so many hot-button posts.

      Of course as long as it's not hurting actual children you have the freedom to do whatever with your dolls. Just please don't get upset when we don't all smile about it.