Does size matters for dolls being couples?

Jun 13, 2011

    1. I think a lot of people forget that these are dolls, not real people. (Honestly, I find these discussions really 'funny.') To each their own. I mean, should someone hide away their dolls, their views, their likes, and their feelings just because someone may not like it? It's all about feeling good and doing what you want to do with your dolls. And reflections of someones fantasies / creativity through their dolls doesn't mean that they want to 'commit' an act that they are displaying.
      People have the option not to look at it or acknowledge it if they don't want to, and you can't get upset when some people don't like what you're doing. And you can't get upset for seeing things done that you don't like.
      (I'm not speaking about extremely explicit photographs or stories.)
    2. I perfer SD sized dolls with others in that size group. Each couple in their size group, like MSD sized with another MSD sized. Tiny with Tiny...that's just me.
    3. For me yes. Yes it does. My mild OCD won't allow it otherwise. :kitty2
    4. For couples? A little bit. Kind of.

      I'm going through this now with a pair of dolls I plan on doing at some point. My character, Sahariel, is 5'8", his boyfriend, Terrance, is 6'4" and lanky. I already have a doll picked out for Sahariel and he's 63cm! Which means, if I want the height to match, I'll have to venture around that 70cm range. But I feel, if I go too much taller for Terrance, they won't look good together. So I'll likely aim for something a little closer to the doll I have picked out for Sahariel, but I'm hoping I can find a doll for Terrance that, at the least, looks visibly like he's a bit taller, even if the heights aren't accurate.

      So I think a drastic height difference would look a bit weird, doubly so when you take into account the sculpts and such.
    5. Oh trust me, we never forget that it's not real children being portrayed in photostories or manga. If someone were posting pictures of REAL children in these situations, I wouldn't be sitting here going "that's gross and disturbing" I'd be calling the police, the FBI, Oprah(?!), anyone who could rescue that child. Just because something isn't really happening, doesn't mean that publicly trivializing or even glorifying despicable acts for some sick fantasy wont make people go D:
    6. Using this as an example, the thing about using a doll in the 60cm range, and 70cm range, is that they're still proportionate with one another. They're both still going to be 1\3 scale. Minis are a completely different scale (1\4), which makes it harder for them to look like two adults rather than an adult and a child (or a fairy, or a toy).

      Then take in the actual height difference. Say you go with an actual 60cm doll and a 70cm doll. 10cm seems like a huge difference...but if there's a mini involved, it can be 20 or more. Personally, 63 vs 70 isn't all that drastic IMO, and again, same scale. I have 70cm dolls with the same size head, hands and feet as my 60cm dolls. They don't look wrong or off or out of proportion with each other at all, they just have a nice height variation.
    7. This is what I agree with... as long as the dolls appear proportionate "to eachother" it's should be okay. I am 5 feet tall myself, I would not avoid dating a guy just because he was 16 inches taller than me (I know way too many guys in that height range O_o). So why should it not be the same for dolls (fyi I am 45 I will never grow to a more 'suitable' height match ;P ). And if a 70 mold looks like a match to a mini in matuity and proportion, why not... The only exceptions are cases like the 300 year old child/adult vampire (as in the Anne Rice stories), or like in "Bride of the Water God" where the male appears at 2 different ages physically. I plan on a 'sibling' couple (not romantic tho).
    8. A big difference in height wouldn't bother me. Right now I'm having a problem with head proportions. The problem is I got Dane because I wanted a boyfriend for Dahlia(RS Lan) and his head is huge compared to hers. I just don't know if that's going to look weird with them as a couple. They're both MSDs and everything else works together with them.
    9. if Hayden Panettiere, a real person, can marry Vladimir Klitschko.... then i don't see why two inanimate objects of vastly different proportions couldn't be bound together in imaginary matrimony if that is what you're into.
    10. Nooo!~ I thought this would be the case at first when I was buying MSD and YOSD sized dolls, but as I moved to SD the couples remained the same even though their partner was a lot smaller. Its the size of the love that matters! :D
    11. This is good to know! I've never really seen those two sizes side-by-side (I also haven't really looked, to be honest), but, y'know, it sounds like such a drastic difference for some reason, haha.
    12. My doll is only 15cm smaller than 60cm, so she could possibly work with an SD. It's hard to find a male doll taller than her, and either way, she's not a human, she's a cat. Not an anthro or a nekomimi, just a cat. So human terms of what's right and wrong don't affect her as much?
    13. I agree with it depending on maturity but I have had for a brief photoshoot my MSD and SD boys together. The MSD was a hujoo Leo and his sculpt in general looks slightly more mature than say my MSD impldoll. At least when photographed my Gang they made a somewhat convincing couple. Though I was going for a younger/older couple as it follows the storyline they are in, where Yaun(my gang) is gifted the hand of the Prince (my Leo) so it made sense.
    14. I have two couples and they're different sizes. Nero and Hoshi are both in the SD range, but Nero is 70.5 cm tall and Hoshi is 58 cm tall. My second couple (one of whom belongs to my bf) is also different sizes, Apollo is 60 cm tall and Aria is 44.5 cm tall.
    15. I believe that it has to be kind of close. But I could totally see pairing a MSD with a SD as long as they look okay with each other.^^
    16. Well I've got a trio with 2 SD boys and an MSD girl (she's a faerie)... I have this (probably shamefully sexist) need to have my couples with the boy taller than the girl... I get my panties in a twist when I feel like the boy mold isn't "tall enough" for my girl... like if my girl ends up being as-tall-as the boy if she's in high-heeled feet/shoes then I'd want a taller boy. It just looks better proportioned to me. Though I have no problem with my lesbian dolls being different heights...
    17. i dont think it maters that much as long as u dont go with a puki puki and a sd in love haha XD but its up to everyone to have what they think fits in size in a reletionship
    18. It's up to everyone to decide with their own dolls. But I wouldn't pair dolls up that aren't close in size. The biggest difference I'd be okay with is SD and 70cm. Even though the difference would potentially be pretty large, I think SD and 70cm works just fine because they're both 1/3 scale. But MSDxSD or anything similar to that makes me sorta uncomfortable, personally. The scale is too different usually, and it makes them automatically look more like a child and an adult. Though my Limwha Sujan is tall and very mature looking (so much that pairing her with my DZ Mo or my friends Doll Family boy just looks odd), I still wouldn't be able to pair her with an SD without feeling like it's awkward.
    19. Personally I like the girls to be a little shorter than the boys if its a heterosexual doll couple, I just think it looks so cute~
    20. Couples have to be roughly the same size. I do have one doll couple where the guy is about 8 inches taller, bigger and muscled but they are still roughly the same type and size of doll and it's fine. He just looks taller than she is like she's dating a guy who is bigger and who lifts. I would never pair SD with MSD or smaller dolls with an MSD. It would look too weird.