Doll Chateau - Adult Dolls - Part 2

Feb 21, 2015

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    1. Hello there! I am eyeing on DC's adult body, however it's been told that their white resin yellow fast... I wonder if it is true? :o
    2. Not especially, at least in my experience. Also, "yellows fast" compared to what? DC's other resin colors? Company X's white resin?
    3. I believe they mean other companies :/
      Personally I am thinking of getting an DC adult body in WS to match with my Volks Johanna head (WS)... Hoping their colour will match to a great extend... ><
    4. Hoping this is the right place to ask this
      Does anyone have DC Dennis?
      I'm on the look out for in person pictures of him. I really like the way he looks on the website, but some different pieces I've seen look beautiful in promo pics but then not the way I'd like in person. Can anyone help me?
    5. I don't have one but was looking around and found these: link link link

      This one is styled more feminine, but at least you'll get to see a few more angles.
    6. [​IMG]
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    7. Hello ♥
      I have a question, did someone have maybe a Fergus Head and the Snowborn Centaur or human body and can make a picture if the head will fit on the body? ^^" (yeah the neckhole must be modded XD)
      I REALLY love Fergus, but i want a centaur (in tan ^^), but the Fergus-head is sooo small :eek:
      I want to order on the Christmas-Event (i hope it comes XD) :whee:
      Edit: Nevermind...i think i go with Oswald, he is just too precious :love
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    8. @tiyama I have a WS DC Erwin, and he has yellowed just slightly after 3 1/2 years. My WS AoD and Doll Leaves dolls have yellowed much more over time.

      [​IMG]Bryony with red roses by blacsylc, on Flickr

      Here is a little pic spam of Bryony; it has been a while since I have shared something of him.
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    9. Awww thank you so much for the picture!!
      The yellowing is not obvious! :D

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    10. Hello there, I am currently shelling a character and managed to get a A-body-02 (which ist just too perfect for what I have in mind) and now I am thinking about getting a pair of jointed hands for the body. Does anyone here happen to know which hands would fit the A-body-02? (The body is in WS)

      I am sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, I am still kinda new :frownyblush:
    11. This is the right place to ask. Thank you for finding the thread and asking in the right place as opposed to starting a new thread for a single question. Is that the older body?
    12. yes, this is the older body, this one:
    13. Right place.
      Here are Doll Legend hands for their SD unless you want really long hand to go with the lanky body. Here are the two sizes I have.
      [​IMG]Doll Legend SD and 70cm jointed hands by SteamWitch, on Flickr

      Someone else may have other suggestions.
    14. thank you for the suggestion!

      these are my favored hands, especially the ones with the veins. I think they have a really nice shape. I am not sure about the size, which ones do you think look better on a doll chateau body around 70cm? The bigger ones? Do you maybe have a picture where the hands can be seen in comparison to the whole doll?:blush

      the other hands that looked very nice to me were the ones by island doll, but I don't know about their size either :nowords:
    15. If you look at Alice's Collections:

      Jointed Hands : Alice's Collections

      You'll see that the SD hands are 7cm and the larger hands are 8.3cm. You could measure the existing hands on the body and decide which size of jointed hands would look best based on their relationship to that size.
    16. I think I am going to do that. I will just wait until I have the body here with me and then I can get his measurements :)
      Do you by any chance know how long it takes for jointed hands until they arrive? Do they have the same waiting time as a whole doll?
    17. The one time I ordered hands, it came really fast because they were in-stock. And by really fast I mean, in a month. The caveat to all this being that nothing in the BJD world is replicable or consistent. So YMMV.