Doll Chateau - Adult Dolls - Part 2

Feb 21, 2015

    1. hi just wanted to ask which doll company clothes and shoes can fit the medeas body? Appreciate the help ty
    2. So I finally bit the bullet and bought a Snowborn Head from Oobie, which means I have to start thinking about SD things. (I've only had MSDs so far... SD's are scary :eek:)

      I'm thinking the A-03... It's the sleekest imo, really lanky like I wanted! But what type of pants fit on Doll Chateau SD's? I know with their 1/4 sized dolls standard MSD pants sometimes don't fit at all and I imagine their 70+ dolls are similar. :C Do you folks think I'm going to want to tailor his pants myself?
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    3. @SteamWitch Good to know, thanks! I'd better brush up on my sewing skills, lol :sweat
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    4. @Reinameron I was just looking at his profile! I really love him! :D
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    5. Wow, just W O W. He's magnificent! I love the clear horns and the collar/caplet he's wearing
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    6. Wow! Wow!Wow!Wow!Wow!Wow!Wow!Wow! So gorgeous!
    7. He is unreal! Beautiful as a dream.
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    8. THank you so much ))

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    9. Aw! I love the name Falcon! His face up and neck paint are perfect!
    10. Thank you @LittleMerwynDruid He is quite the character but I'm trying to sell that body to get one for another character - but - if it doesn't sell by the end of the year Falcon will probably get to keep it. ;)
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    11. Totally understand! If he does get to keep it he's lucky! Cause he looks great on that body! :) I hope you are able to find the other body you're looking for as well. I'm in the same boat with having a head whose looking for its body :p
    12. DC just announced that they're discontinuing a huge bunch of their sculpts in March, so you don't have long if you wanted to pick them up. (I've only found the link to this on their Facebook account so far; I'm not a big FB user so excuse me if I've messed up the link!)
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      Edit: dealer post on Instagram

      They say the dolls that are going can be seen here:
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    13. They did say on Instagram that they will be releasing new sculpts, but it still seems strange that they are retiring so many.
    14. It has to be difficult to keep so many heads open for small companies, I think it is a trend now to retire older and not as popular sculpts to make room for new ideas. So many companies are doing just that.
    15. Hi guys, I want to order Gladys head because i want to put it on boy body, can you tell me if the body also from DC but boy body will fit nice with this head? I mean the Gladys is a girl in company and the neck hole is 7cm but the smallest neck in 60cm or 66cm body is 7,5cm-8cm :> or do you know a nice hybrid maybe?
    16. I am getting DC Mephisto on the A-Body-03 (72cm). I want to know what clothes and shoes fit him so I may order those things along with him
    17. Congrats!!! Honestly, I have the a-04, I think? for one of my boys, and I either get stretchy female clothing for him, or custom-sized stuff at Ac, or I just let his clothes be kinda loose on him.