Doll Chateau - Adult Dolls - Part 2

Feb 21, 2015

    1. I'm not sure how much the size of DC heads varies, but:

      I'm putting an Evangeline on an A04, a hybrid I've seen before, and I saw someone else with an A03 with the same head. I was looking to hybrid Evangeline with a male body and decided on the A04 after a friend showed me this one:

      If you go into the doll chateau Evangeline tag and scroll some, you can find more of him. Scrolling through her Instagram also works, but it's pretty far back there so it depends on your patience.

      This person has an Evangeline on what I'm guessing is the youth body, though I'd advise asking them about it to be sure:

      The A03 I believe I saw on mismantis on Instagram's feed, but it's pretty far back there and lacking the neck joint - also a bust shot.

      The A04/03 do require modding of the head's neck iirc, but that might be different with a head meant for the Y03.

      I'll be able to provide whatever pictures people want of my hybrid whenever I get the body in as a public service (before I cover his 80s punk self in tattoos). Hopefully by then I'll feel less sick than I have the last month, but my layaway will be finished in April and the body should be done by then.
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    2. I am getting a DC Mephisto and I have no clue what wigs, shoes, or clothes that could fit! can someone help me out?
    3. DC doesn't say what his head size is on their website so you'll need to find that to know what wigs to get.

      His feet are 9cm so a shoe with a 10cm inside length should be a good fit. That's not hard to find. If you want something casual ACBJD has their SM line:
      70cm - 75cm : Alice's Collections
      Very similar shoes with the same dimensions can be found lots of other places including eBay and Taobao. If you want something less casual one good place to check is Dollmore. They have quite a few around 10cm:

      For clothing you'd probably be OK with most stuff advertised for 70cm or SD17 sized dolls, those are common terms you'll see. The DC bodies are skinny so most clothes shouldn't be too tight. You'll mostly have to worry about the sleeves or legs being too short but everything I've ordered has been oversized so you should probably be OK. However I don't have a DC BJD so hopefully someone who does can give you some more specific recommendations.

      Enjoy shopping!
    4. Standard SD17/70cm/"Uncle" sized clothes just don't fit the A03 or A04 bodies very well. Sleeves and pants tend to be too short... waists are too loose... shoulders are too tight... I have yet to find *anything* that fits my guys without alterations.

      Given that, I just make things for them. There's a learning curve involved with patterning and sewing, but when your doll has proportions like the DC guys, it's worth the investment of time.
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    5. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. I'm ordering Sexta for the second time before he is discontinued and I'm trying to decide if I should order the embossed chest piece as a second option. Does anyone know if the extra neck piece is wider for the embossed chest or the same as the standard chest?
    6. I'd hazard to guess they are the same since my Snowborn fits just right on the neck the embossed chest uses.
      [​IMG]falcon and rog by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    7. Wigs and shoes I can't speak on, unfortunately.

      About clothes - I haven't done it yet because I always wait until I have a doll physically around given I don't trust company measurements, but I've seen people say that Alice's Collections will do custom sizing including for DCs. The AC reviews will probably be able to give you more info here, or you could email them directly.

      I've seen a few places do custom sizing on aliexpress as well, so I'd look and ask around.
    8. @SteamWitch Thank you for sharing your gorgeous Snowborn. I've decided to order both chest pieces :)
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    9. Thank you, that body just gives anyone who gets it a big ego but I think Falcon can handle it. Though it seems no one wants to wear shirts, I wonder why...:whee:
    10. I would love to have Big DC boy but i hesitate between the A-body-04 and the A-body-03. Are the are articulated toe anoying to deal with? :o
    11. It annoys me when they look broken. But otherwise, when in a shoe (this body requires large shoes) it doesn't matters :)
    12. I peek into the thread and there's so much Snowborn! They all look absolutely gorgeous too. :aheartbea I'm really excited to say I finally ordered a Snowborn of my own on layaway through denverdoll thanks to the event ... I feel like I've waited forever for a DC discount event! I'm so excited ~
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    13. @Melinda8 Thank you a lot for the informations!:thumbup
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    14. Hello,
      I'm coming here because I need some help !
      I'm going to buy a Kevin head before it's going discontinued, but I don't really like DC bodies because of the double joints on wrists.
      BUT, when I'm looking the proportions of the doll, I can see that the circonference of the neck is 7,5cm.
      It's a very thin neck in comparison of other companies... So, Do you have any ideas; with what I can hybride this head please ?

      By the way I planning to buy the head in White Skin, If it's can help ... Or not ... :')
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    15. I had Snowborn on an AoD SD body it looked great.
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    16. thank you
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    17. I'm in the same boat. I bought a Sexta head in white before it was discontinued, but couldn't afford the body to go with it. Now I wonder if there are other compatible bodies I could put it with?