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Update [Doll Chateau] Many Dolls to be Discontinued

Jan 16, 2019

    1. [​IMG]

      Remember that all of them are eligible for Doll Chateau’s New Year Event! Take 15% off of your entire order of Doll Chateau items!

      Developments like this are hard to plan for, so we'd like to take this chance to remind everyone that we offer super long and flexible layaways that you can use to bring these dolls home before they're gone forever! :D

      Here are the perks of ordering through us:
      • Save on shipping! USA customers can enjoy domestic shipping rates and we will find the most economical shipping method for international customers, including shipping directly from the doll company!
      • Long and flexible layaway plans! In addition to offering the longest layaways available anywhere, we do everything we can to accommodate our customers' needs. If you need to further adjust your payment schedule, for instance say you'd like to set up something like paying a varying amount each period, simply get in touch and we'll see what we can do! :)
      • Your doll is being made while you pay off your layaway! Unlike other places, we submit your order with your first layaway payment so that your order enters the production queue right away. Ordering through us with layaway means that you don't have to double-wait!
      • Quick and easy communication! Our time zone probably aligns more closely with yours and we respond to messages within hours rather than days.
      • Relax while we work for you! As BJD owners ourselves, we understand how stressful the waiting game can be. We are very diligent about keeping up communications with our represented companies, and we will check the quality of your dolls when they arrive then follow-up with the BJD company to fix any problems if they arise.
      Need Layaway? Here's the how-to! Or contact us directly and we'll assist you step by step! Layaway Info & Guide

      Please note: Since these sculpts will all be going away soon, we won’t be adding them to our site. If you’d like to order them through us, please contact us and we’ll set up your order for you!
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    2. Will Elizabeth’s spider body be available still after the discontinuation? Confused what it means for the bodies of dolls like her whose bodies weren’t available separate to begin with
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    3. I have a similar question for Alberta's body. I'm hoping the molds for the heads are just worn out, or something? Appreciate you keeping us informed!
    4. Elizabeth's spider body will be discontinued.

      DC said that only Elizabeth's spider body will be discontinued, the other bodies will still be available.

      I'm not sure why they're discontinuing these sculpts, DC conveniently avoided answering when we asked. ;P
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    5. Are they discontinuing Elizabeth's head mold or is she still available in human form?
    6. I checked with a few dealers and they have the head listed as being discontinued.
    7. A shorter list might be what's NOT being discontinued. Is there a list of what will still be available after the purge?
    8. Elizabeth's head will be discontinued. :(

      DC's website has already been sorted into what's being discontinued and what isn't. http://www.doll-chateau.com

      All the to be discontinued stuff is in its own category, while all the other categories show the non-discontinuation stuff. :)
    9. Is there any news as to new sculpts to replace these ones, or is Doll Chateau just cutting down on how many dolls they produce?
    10. So does this mean that Dolores's body will be available still or is it only the basic bodies that will still be available?
    11. Doll Chateau has stated that they will be releasing new sculpts. They didn't give a reason for retiring the ones that they are, but I would guess that they're trying to make their catalogue easier to manage as they expand it with newer stuff in the future.

      Dolores' body should still be available, DC said that only Elizabeth's spider body is getting discontinued.
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    12. So the Irma body will remain available for sale with other heads?
    13. Will it be possible to order Amos' and Alberta's heads without bodies?
    14. seconding this, and wondering if due to the circumstances elizabeth's body would be for sale separately, letting people "stock up" on them? i've had spider triplets in mind for a long time, but could never really justify it at the pricetag and not needing the head, and i'm sure a few other people would like to have one to test out or sell on the aftermarket.

      additionally, just to confirm, alberta and amos' bodies will still be available?
    15. We're waiting for DC to respond to our list of questions, which includes all of the ones so far unanswered in this thread. I will report back as soon as I hear from them! :D
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    16. A lot of people are saying that the body will be discontinued but theres no answers
    17. Yes, that's correct. Only Elizabeth's spider body will be getting discontinued. Just to be safe, we asked specifically about if Irma's body will be discontinued, and DC said no. That body, along with these other ones that we asked specifically about, will not be going away, according to DC:

      K-Body-13 (Irma's body)
      K-body-04 (Alberta's body)
      K-body-10 (Amos' body)
      Christina's embossed tattoo body

      Sadly no. :(

      No, Elizabeth's body isn't available for sale separately. :( Alberta's and Amos' bodies won't be getting discontinued (see above).
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    18. Sad. I have an Ada and even at that tiny size, the extra limbs are fussy to deal with.

      Thank you for checking. :(
    19. @BJDivas awww thanks for checking. ;;
      i wonder if they’d be more open to the idea if there were enough people for a group order... i sent them an email, i really hope so ><;;
    20. We've been noticing a lot of people asking to buy certain heads and bodies from the Doll Chateau discontinuation that DC won't sell separately (i.e. Elizabeth's spider body, Amos' head, Alberta's head, etc). However, these parts can be mixed and matched as full dolls, and since we've been getting orders for just heads or bodies that can be ordered separately, we believe that we'll be able to help folks order heads and bodies that they can't normally order by themselves.

      Since the New Year Event (15% discount) is also going on, we figured that we'd extend this to all DC items that can't be ordered separately.

      If you'd like to participate, please fill out this form (read the info on that page carefully!):

      Doll Chateau Special Order Request
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