Doll Chateau Tiny Discussion Part 2

Sep 17, 2014

    1. ah love the ant !!
    2. OMG THE ANT IS SO CUTEEE!!!! >////<
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    4. Glad to hear that Katherine got deemed on-topic while I was away from the hobby, since I got her specifically for her body.

      Wasn't feeling the cat stuff so got her a Zora head and put my spare Withdoll hands on her for now (need to get her some ws hands). I love her so much more now, and even my mom likes her even though she's still blank and eyeless.


      Between stress, depression, moving states, and not having a house, a lot of my dolls have been pretty neglected, but eventually she'll get done.
    5. I've been admiring a lot of DC sculpts from afar, but I guess now I'm joining the ranks of owners today, due to the very pleasant surprise of this lovely lady in a random grab bag!

      [​IMG]Mint on Card HaoQi bag loot by vicemage, on Flickr

      (I'll have to do something about that wonky eye, but they're puttied in so firmly I'm surprised one was able to slip in the first place)

      She came from a Mint on Card "Ouchie" bag, so she's missing the lower part of her right leg, but she's still gorgeous and I was absolutely thrilled to pull her out of the bag! I'm hoping maybe I can manage some replacement parts for her, but if not, I'll find something to do with her. No sense in her languishing in a box just over a couple of missing parts, after all.
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    6. Are there any owners photos of Damara in the wild? I've never seen one...
    7. Hey everyone! So I just bought the Madeline cat doll, and I was wondering if anyone knows what clothes will fit her? I’m so excited to work on her but I know the clothes will stress me out :sweat
    8. Hello, has anyone here ordered Landa? What skin color did you choose? I want to get her full set, but I’m not sure what skin color would look good (other then white). I’m thinking either tan or grey. Any opinions would be helpful. Thanks!
    9. Peg-legged pirate cat, obviously.
    10. Does anyone have an Andre or Jakov? I've got a head coming in the mail, and I'd love to know what size eyes he takes?

      Forgive me for being a newbie, I just found out these two are off topic. Sorry!
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    11. Hello! I ordered Landa in WS ^^ I thought that way I would be able to blush her any color I wanted! I'm sure the fullset blushing would look cute on either tan or grey skin color, but it might look a little more "natural" on the Tan? If that is the kind of look you are going for anyways! ^^
    12. That's what I was thinking, too, but DC is going to send me replacement parts for her (I just need to get past the con I'm hitting next weekend so I can pay for them and the shipping for them). So now she'll be an avatar of my first cat (who was an elegant white lady).
    13. Are B-body 03/04 still available...? I was so upset that Hilary and Jodie were discontinued because I wanted Jodie so badly... but the bodies are still available on the DC website and on places like acbjd??? Are they just not making the heads anymore or are the websites just taking forever to update? :sigh
    14. I see both the bodies and the heads for Hillary and Jodie available on DC website, so I think they are still selling? But I have never ordered from DC directly.

      I bought this Blythe dress on Taobao that was not meant for Zora at all and ended up re-doing the whole doll. What does one do with way too much lace, ribbon and swarovski crystals? THAT'S RIGHT, GLUE IT ALL TOGETHER.

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    15. Yeah, it's so confusing! Both are still available through DDE too, though, so I just decided to put in an order and if they turn me down... oh well. :roll: I guess there's a chance they just discontinued the fullsets...?
    16. I hope this is the case!
      Even if DC turns you down, I'd assume DDE have it available? They seem good with marking things as unavailable or out of stock.
    17. I'm so in love with everyone's dolls in this thread
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    18. Excuse me, but are you still waiting for Landa? I read on the previous page what you ordered long time ago, and I was hoping to see her home photos)

      I ordered Landa too, but just this month. I prefer she will a good friend for my Karina)
      [​IMG]Karina by Dar-Risha Est, on Flickr
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    19. Unfortunately I have not received her yet...I ordered her at the end of Feb so I don't expect to see her til July at the earliest! >< However, When I do I will post some pictures!!!!! ^^

      Bahhhh Karina such a little cutieee!

    20. Love this head on a different body! nice job