Doll Chateau Tiny Discussion Part 2

Sep 17, 2014

    1. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but are there any Ada owners around here that could give me a hand with sizing?

      I vaguely remember people saying that Ada can wear the shoes (and shirts, maybe?) of some fashion doll, but I don't remember which doll, and my Ada is halfway across the country so I can't drag her to a garage sale to try that theory out :( So do any of you fine folks have clothes compatibility tips in the meantime?
    2. Mine does not wear clothes so I'm afraid I can't help XD
    3. (Hopefully this is posted in the right place, I've been out of the hobby/away from DoA for awhile so please feel free to remove/point me in the right direction if need be!!)

      There's not been a whole lot about these little ones posted that I can see, so figured I'd start a discussion thread. I've been dying to see what other folks have been doing with theirs
      I'd also be interested to see if anyone's tried to restring yet, I wanna get my girl a full body blush eventually but the restringing is a bit intimidating with her :?

      Here's a photo of my girl, Élise (with my brownie and seedling) :love she's the Esa head in tan. I need to figure out her wig size so she's not bald anymore, but I think I may be keeping the blue eyes she came with, haven't yet decided if they're too big or not.

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    4. I have 2 - I was unsure if I even liked them, but when I see a picture of one I am glad for mine. I think it will be fun to sew or knit for them.
      [​IMG]ants needing pants by mare joy smith, on Flickr

      I came across one other den of angels post about them awhile back...oh, that was you as well. thanks for posting.
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    5. ahh they look great! is that eco one in grey? i hadn't thought of turning their antenna up like that lol, I'm glad you wound up liking them! i remember you mentioning you weren't sure if you were gonna bond or not
    6. Oh ! They are so cute :D
    7. @EmilytheEll - yes, they are both gray, just a fluke of the lighting when I took the picture, the unpainted one looks darker than they really are while the painted one looks lighter...
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    8. I got an unfortunate message today confirming that Jodie is completely discontinued, even though pretty much every dealer around still has his individual parts for sale as well as the Doll Chateau Website. :/ I really wish they would get their shit together. I'm extremely disappointed in them.
    9. Is there anywhere to buy these teeny tiny s hooks?
      Yesterday I was trying to put my Ada together, but she's lost some hooks.
    10. Check in hardware stores, or even a dollar store. Also places that sell things for hanging pictures. Maybe also jewelry departments.
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    11. So, I finally got around to playing a bit with my Lillian, and oh geez, I FOUND HER. I have no idea what her name is, but OMG her character is finally coming through loud and clear. She says, excuuuuuse me, I'm not done being perfect.

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    12. @LuckyXIII Thanks!!

      @Redfaery Your Lilian is so precious and yes I can see her personality coming through in that pic. Does she have a name?
      Mine just demanded some custom eyes.
    13. @shadow_takatori I'm still waffling on a name. :( I called her Princess for a while, but that just didn't quite fit.
    14. @Redfaery I'm in a similar boat with mine I decided to name her Amalthea after "The Last Unicorn" until something more personalized comes up.
    15. I just got my Zora today, she is my first ever bjd and I'm super excited, I've already taken her apart so I know how she works and I love the detail of her sculpt, the tattoos are gorgeous!
    16. I finally got my hands on Hilary!!! I bought her from the MOC clearance sale for an amazing price. :love
      Surprisingly for Doll Chateau she arrived super floppy and I had to restring her first thing but!!! She's even cuter in person! I can't wait to start making clothes for her- that's my favorite thing about DC tinies, they FORCE me to make them special clothes instead of wimping out and buying them. :lol:

      It's such a shame this sculpt is discontinued, it's so darn cute.
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    17. I feel your pain... It is so annoying to keep seeing him on every website, including Doll Chateau's own, when they told me in JANUARY that he was completely discontinued.

      In my case they took my money, confirmed a shipping date and THEN told me Jodie and Hillary were discontinued. (And then they refunded my money by making a payment, instead of a refund, so I had to pay PP charges on my refund!! Talk about adding insult to injury!!)
      Anyway, I love Doll Chateau's dolls, but I won't be ordering anything from them again any time soon.

      (I am still looking for Jodie. And I'm falling in love with Carol, too. Why, oh why can't I ever fall for something that is IN STOCK. :cool::vein)

      Congrats on getting your hands on Hillary, though!!! I love mine. Just wish she could have a Jodie for company....
    18. OOF, that sounds like an absolute nightmare to deal with. Did you order directly through the company, not a dealer? If so that makes me even more miffed with DC because it sounds like they've handled it really really badly.... I've avoided buying their dolls anywhere but secondhand because of the wait time, but I guess this sort of mismanagement just gives me one more reason.

      Unfortunately it looks like it's just going to be a long waiting game for those of us who still want Jodie. :'D Which I guess it probably would have been anyways, but still. I'm sure we'll find one secondhand eventually!
    19. Yes, I ordered directly from Doll Chateau. And when they told me he was discontinued, it took three or four mails to convince the sales person that I did NOT want to order another doll... (What really drove me up the wall was when they said "Hillary might like a companion with a different shape". Like they were talking to a five-year-old!)

      I'm just going to have to wait. I'm sure he'll turn up second-hand some day. (Let's hope two of them do, or we'll have a fight on our hands... LOL!!)
    20. is sleepy on topic for this thread?

      does anyone else have one?