Doll Chateau Tiny Discussion Part 2

Sep 17, 2014

    1. Hello! I love this doll and sculpt, except for the feet...
      Has anyone tried to switch out their Madeline's feet for something like paws, or flat feet, or even just less stylised high heel feet?
    2. I have one too, but she's not on topic here because she has no wrist joints.
    3. whoops! good to know. thanks for the heads up!
    4. Are there any video review of b-body5/6/7? Or a box opening on humanoid baby-size dolls? Thank you)
    5. I'm considering getting my Jodie, Mattie, a friend/sister in a similar size. I don't want a Hilary, or really any of DC's current YoSD lineup, but something with a similar style to him. I'm not really a huge fan of dolls that look like babies or children so this is difficult. I'm kinda considering a Pumpkin from Doll Zone, but I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions.
    6. I was very disappointed when I realized it, but I love her anyway. Never has a character idea jumped out at me like that one did.
    7. I've been having the exact same problem. I love everything about the Madeline sculpt except the weird shoe-feet. Theoretically a DC-B sized flat foot would work but I haven't found any evidence that DC sells that part separately.
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    8. I just got my shipping notice for Landa! I will post photos when she arrives! So excited!!!!
    9. @Sarahtothea yay! I’m looking forward to seeing your Landa!
    10. What a darling!
    11. Wow, I'm such a forgetful person. :doh I just paid for the new legs for my Madeline, well after I thought I'd done it! (I'm very glad Google Inbox has snooze and reminder features... and also sometimes notices you were supposed to deal with something, forgot, and pops it back up for you.)

      I'm not sure how long it'll take to get them, but I'm also not sure how long it'll take to get my workspace back to do much more than put the replacement parts on her. At least while I'm waiting, I can probably put together a dress for her so she's not sitting naked in a cabinet, at least. I'm really glad to get the replacement leg, though (even though it would have been interesting to work around it), because now I can do what I really wanted to do and make her an avatar of my long-passed first cat, Puff!
    12. The new event doll is cute, but too bad she does not have hands or feet so she'll be off topic. So many great event dolls from companies are coming out now. I want them all. T_T
    13. I’m with you on this @LuckyXIII!
      But, it is better that most are unobtainable without participating in the event, as it saves my wallet! The event dolls are always just so unique, and I have a weakness for unique sculpts.
    14. Behold! A unicorn butt!

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    15. Hey guys I got my Landa in this week! I finally managed to take some pictures of her! She is probably the prettiest doll I've ever seen in person! I My only problem is she cannot sit or stand unaided. She's so top heavy that she can't even keep any sort of sitting position without something propped behind her in a certain way.... Although I'm still kind of a newb so maybe it's just something to do with her stringing? But still...she's so dang pretty, I can't even lolol
      Here is my album link. I wasn't able to take photos in daylight yet so please forgive the lighting and quality!


      BJD Landa
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    16. Most of their tiny dolls cannot stand or pose well on their own. Usually they will need to be wired, at least in the legs. You can find some flexible wire in the jewelry sections of craft stores. It still may be a bit hard considering the weight of her head with the ears. She is very cute though so I look forward to seeing what you do with her.
    17. Awww, she’s so cute! Her face looks so different blank, I like her even better! My DC tinies are hard to pose too. Mostly because they are so thin, the joints don’t have much to grip LuckyXIII is right, wiring does help.
    18. I've got a DC Clemans on the way and I'm too excited!
      I'm planning to hybrid him though, so once all the parts are here I'll mix and match and sort out something.
    19. So guys! ive bought a dc ant and Clemens second hand. Both brand new never played with and I don’t want to brake them or harm them in any way there so small and thin. Is there anything I should be worried about since there so small ? The ant I know is small and they’ll be my first small baby but Clemens is bigger so I don’t worry too much