Doll Chateau Tiny Discussion Part 2

Sep 17, 2014

    1. I gave my girl a faceup and borrowed a wig from another of my dolls. I think she looks so darn cute >///< [​IMG]
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    2. So I just ordered this lovely lady:

      Height (including head) 31cm
      Head size: 13cm
      Neck size: 3.5cm
      Shoulder width: 4cm
      Arm length:13cm
      Chest size:9.5cm
      Hip size:12.3cm
      Leg length: 17cm
      Leg width: 7.5cm
      Feet length: 3.3cm
      Feet width:1.5cm

      If I'm not mistaken she's coming on the B-Body-07
      And she's the Mini Bella model. I'm getting her unpainted so that I can do my own face-up.
      Does anyone know what size wig, eyes an clothes will fit her?
    3. The new scorpion dolls are so cute.
    4. Charon is so cute, I can't stop looking. But as a responsible adult (and someone trying not to wreck my plans) I have to pass and admire other people's pictures.
    5. I have to say i've taken a real shine to Pluto, she's has a very interesting design, But i'm on the fence about it as my landlady is taking about selling the house and given that rent prices have continued to skyrocket then i'm likely to be paying more rent for a much smaller place :sorry Ahh limited dolls are so stressful!
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    6. i saw charon and pluto and immediately showed a friend- naturally, we both gravitated towards one, me charon, her pluto. ah, if only i could buy both, one for each of us... but i'm already buying a few other dolls and waiting on the arrival of some more, so! just charon for me, it looks like. and what a cutie; i wish DC had some option for a flat chest, but c'est la vie! i'll be buying a more human body for her as well, just so i can take her around and not have to stress about the scorpion bits.

      (plus, she's not really part of the hobby- not that that should stop people from getting dolls, of course, but i think she'd be too afraid to mess with it for fear of ruining it, and she doesn't really have curtains, we'd both be too concerned about it yellowing quickly.)
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    7. I love both Pluto and Charon too, but can only sensibly afford one, on layaway. Plus I already have a layaway for another doll so

      Yay ordered Pluto!
    8. Yay, congrats! I've caved and also bought Pluto (in white skin). I wonder what the wait times will be like on these? :)
    9. I've been lurking this thread ever since I found Larry, my number one dream wish find, Yep I know it's off topic, sad. I just added to my DC collection with Ada that I found at DDE, can't wait for her to arrive. Now I'm kind of thinking about Luna, but don't like her heeled feet/shoes. Can anyone tell me if normal feet are available for her?
    10. @greenfaerie I have a Fiona which has the same shoe feet as Luna. I’m pretty sure you can ask the dealer where you will be ordering Luna through if they can substitute regular feet from another similar sized doll, or most likely, buy a pair of regular feet for a small fee (maybe $20?). I’ve thought about buying some regular feet for my girl, but don’t want to wait 4-6 months, so I haven’t. But if you are waiting anyway, it won’t be an issue. I was torn between Luna and Fiona, but at the last minute went with Fiona. I haven’t seen anyone else with her. I love the dreamy look of her eyes. The only reason I didn’t get a Luna is I don’t like the ragged notch in her ear.Just a small issue.
    11. Thanks for that suggestion! I think I will see if I can order the regular feet and then also have the shoe feet because it’s always possible that I might end up liking them. I kind of like the notch in her ear because she”s going to be a raggedy sad android bunny girl. I haven’t really paid much attention to Fiona, but I will have a look at her.
    12. @greenfaerie I have a DC Luna and I will say that my biggest complaint about her are those heeled feet! They are lovely to look at, but I can't get her to stand to save my life. When I purchased her from Alice's Collections I almost asked if I could order a pair of flat feet for her, but didn't and I super regret it. If you do get some flat feet for your girl, I would love to hear your thoughts on if they make her any easier to work with.
    13. Yes, I'll do that. I'm looking to buy her from Alice's Collection and am going to message them about the human feet. Trying to decide which color I like the best. Leaning towards grey because that will best fit the look I want for her.

      Alice's collection replied to my message regarding feet., they can get them from DC with the price being $20, Yay. Going to order my Luna today, and she will be grey skin with the DC faceup and blushing because that look is perfect for what I want. Her name is going to be Cinders and I'm going to start sewing clothes for her now. Raggedy, and stained dresses that are either a little too small or too big because they are all second hand.
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    14. @greenfaerie congratulations! Cinders is a wonderful name for a grey raggedy rabbit. I’m glad you can get the extra feet.
    15. Thank you very much! I did check out Fiona and she is very mysterious looking.
    16. @greenfaerie yay! Congrats on your Luna and flat feet! I can't wait to see what you do with her, Cinder sounds like a lovely name for the concept you've dreamed up.
    17. Thank you! I can't wait to get her!
    18. Hey everyone, I wanted to get a Wanda for my mom who is very new to BJDs. Is she easy to pose? Is she super fragile? I haven't found much on her online.

      I would be ordering her with the B-Body-07. (the plain baby body.) Thanks!
    19. Here's my Ada, Lyra on Christmas day. I just cannot stand how cute her little feet are!
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    20. I still love these bodys just absolutely beautiful. But I wonder what the posing is like? That and if anyways done a hybrid with one yet and how does it look. Or which hybrids would be amazing?

      Yeah I think i got mine around that time too. I got the pns with small bust and just ordered all the extra Madeline parts for her. She is amazing and her bodys incredible .
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