Doll Chateau Tiny Discussion Part 2

Sep 17, 2014

    1. Welp. I'll be joining the waiting room soon xD I'm about 100 away from getting a DC Zora and part of me is like... maybe a different head? Since I love her body more than her head sculpt.

      I saw the b-body-05 can be ordered separately. Are there different companies I could hybrid her with? (I'm not keen on the other heads that are available separately xD)

      Or should I stick with Zora?
    2. Keep in mind that Zora is being discontinued so if you want that head, get it now. you can always sell it later if you find a head you like better. The neck on that body is very skinny so you'd need a small head.
    3. Right. I honestly liked her for her body xD had no idea I could get it separately!
    4. Personally ,Id just buy the doll and sell the head . That way its a little bit cheaper in the long run . when you compare full dolls to parts its more costly to do the parts separately. Plus you could use the money on the new head .
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    5. I'm curious too. I hear Blythe stuff fits ok in the chest but dresses, etc will all be too short. I also remember hearing maybe she can wear Barbie clothing. Guess we'll both know when our girls get here :P If she's got a 13cm head she probably wears a 5 inch wig. If I had to hazard a guess about eyes, I'd say 8 or 10mm depending on the style of eye. I can't imagine she takes anything larger than a 10mm. MIGHT even be able to get away with a 6mm, I'll have to see. Shoes are probably gonna be a nightmare. Based on measurements she could possibly fit in Blythe shoes. It's gonna be fun to find out at least :P
    6. Still haven't found my Jodie, but looking for him everywhere did turn up a Carol that I just couldn't resist. She was just waiting for me to click that "Buy Now" button. So I did. Bad, bad me...

      I also have my eye on a few heads - even though I am broke, and really hate having "floaters".

      Anyway, Carol pictures will follow when I'm home. I picked her up on my way to work, and she's sitting on my computer wondering what's going on. And I'm using my work computer to look for new eyes for her.

      Does anyone know what size eyes she takes??? I'm guessing 12, but I could be wrong.
    7. Congrats on getting Carol! I adore her, she was one of the first dolls I ever got.

      I think I used 10 for mine... but 12s might fit fine, especially if they have a smaller iris.
    8. Thanks! I missed her when she was first out, so I'm really happy to find her.

      I took her home on my lunch break (my volunteer job is a few streets away) and couldn't resist taking a picture.

      Here she is, impersonating a partridge, by sitting in my pear tree.

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    9. Congratulations! I have always been intrigued by Carol. She is just so interesting!
    10. I love this mold ! Your photo is really cute, Fairy Miliner ^^
    11. Hey! I just got back into the hobby after a several year hiatus. I noticed that several people have DC Carols. I don't suppose anybody knows what size shorts would fit her? Or clothes for that matter? I got her fullset and I loved it at the time, but my tastes have changed a bit and I want to get her a new outfit.

      The only other doll I have is an sd doll and my carols hips are big, but not THAT big.
    12. Oh, I loved her full set, but I'm just happy that I found her at all. I'm terrified of doing her face-up, though.

      Her hips need YoSD-size shorts, but her waist is tiny. I tried some bloomers on her that I borrowed from one of my 5SD tinies, and they fit really well around her upper legs and hips - but they were way too big at the waist. Problem is, if I make the waist elastic shorter, it won't fit over her hips.
      So I think she'll need shorts or panties in YOSD size, but with a drawstring. Or very stretchy elastic.

      Very wide Barbie skirts work on her - she's got a Barbie-size waist. Dresses won't work, though, because her upper body is a lot smaller and shorter than Barbie's.

      She's going to be as much of a challenge to my pattern-making skills as my Hillarys, I think!
    13. Just want to share a picture of my Mini Bella. I saw a head on MP and just had to get her! :D
      [​IMG]minibella by FuzzyDeluge, on Flickr
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    14. She is darling, CrazyAnna. Can I ask how tall she is with the extra ankle parts removed? I am wondering whether one of the B bodies would work for a character I have in mind, but 30cm+ would be too tall...
    15. Mini Bella is so beautiful. I mean regular Bella is gorgeous too. i'm not sure which i'd prefer tbh... hmmm... i'd have to figure out what role she'd play in my collection first hahah.

      Carol is such a great sculpt. I love mine.
    16. @fjm123
      Thank you! She is about 29 cm with the extra ankle joint removed.
    17. Still too tall, I fear... I wonder if a DC head would hybridise with a 5StarDolls Miss S body...
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    18. @CrazyAnna - she's adorable! Such a sweet face, and I love her outfit.
      @Guen Winters - I've never seen that body before, that's really cool! She's a mini Bella, too, right?
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    19. Has anyone tried taking apart one of the ants? I want to body blush mine but I'm worried about how difficult it will be to restring her since she's so small and her body is abnormal. Just getting her head back on after I put her eyes in was a doozy.