Doll Chateau Tiny Discussion Part 2

Sep 17, 2014

    1. I did a comparison of DollChateau B-07 body, MH, Barbie and Blythe. Maybe it will be usefull. It's difficult to choose fitting clothes for this body.


      I also took photos in the same dress.

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    2. DC has new limited zodiac dolls, and Laraine is calling my name, ugh....not good.
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    3. Aren't they beautiful? They really remind me of those older DZ sculpts.
    4. @krill Yes! I love Laraine's little teeth.
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    5. I'm smitten with Laraine, too - and yes, those teensy teeth! I really didn't want to buy any more dolls right now, but she's wonderful...and I'm a I've managed to convince myself that it's somehow a moral imperative. :sweat
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    6. Lol I'm also a Pisces, and pretty much trying to rationalize it for the same reason.
    7. Well there you go - it's flawless reasoning! Not that I would ever dream of enabling, but in this one particular instance, she's an absolutely essential purchase! :lol:
    8. Hello!
      I'm a new member and i'm currently in the never ending void of research to find my first doll. :D
      Obviously I have a few in mind, but to help me decide, I was hoping you could tell me if the Doll Chateau Mini bella that is only 31cm tall would fit into Monster High clothes?

      Thank you!

      Ps. I will probably be posting many more questions! <3

      Thank you so much! This answered my question.
    9. So I think this is where its suppose to go. Anyone else looking at Julianne the new halloween limited doll? I am so amazed they managed to make such an expressive face thats without an actual mouth so the possibilities are huge! I would love to know what others think of her and the direction DC seem to be going with their dolls. This one is def threw me off completely with them lol! I'm Highly considering getting her in grey skin lol
    10. I'm strongly considering her. She would be my first DC doll. I don't know anything about this company but they've been around long enough I assume there will be no issues ordering her? How long is their turnaround normally?
    11. I have a few of the Doll chateau/Doll zone dolls (sister companies) and their quality is really nice. Just know White skin will yellow so easily lol. all my dolls that been white skinned and hidden away from the light are yellow now. I have no experience with their colored resin like grey but I suspect it might hold up better then white in terms of aging but its only just a guess.

      I been told their turn around for a nude doll is 5 months or so. a fullset is even longer. I plan on getting mine in nude and in grey skin once i collected the funds for the little one. I'm kind of tired of white skin in general so it will be a pleasant change
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    12. I agree with @Pooki the way they did her head is very open to customization. I'm not a fan of the semi-skeletal bodies, and her eye size wouldn't work with my group. I'm considering tiny Bella, though.
    13. Thank you for your opinion on the whiteskin. I think I will be going with the gray, it's pretty unusual a color still to see. A bit of a long wait, so that is upsetting, but not enough to keep me from ordering her. I am thinking fullset, definitely bummed about so long of a wait though.

      DC has always had really interesting designs, and Julianne - she's so full of character. I had been keeping an eye on DC's items as they were so artistically unique, but none had stood out to me quite yet, until Julianne.
    14. Not a problem! Once upon a time they had even longer waits so 5 months or so is a blessing. Totally worth it I will say. I really do love the direction they are heading in finally. I think we will be seeing more even better dolls in the near future so brace that wallet or it might grow legs lol.

      Thats another thing about Julianne. She stands out so much compared to all their dolls that they had. Its so unusual even for them to have such an expressive doll. Typically the sculpts have sorrow faces is what I like to call them. Hers is not a sorrow face. I am looking at another of their dolls too and trying to debate if its possible to do a combine order for both x.x It'd save some time and effort but it might not be possible right now.
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    15. Yes, they have had very somber looking sculpts before her. I wonder if they are testing out the market somewhat with her sculpt. Very exciting to see what they are going to come up with in the future!
    16. I ordered a fullset Julianne-A in grey resin on a 5-month layaway (funds are tight and the USD-CAD exchange rate sucks so I had to go for a long layaway on this one). It has been a while since I've fallen so instantly in love with a doll! She is going to be a member of my spaceship crew who are all fantasy dolls in 1/6 or smaller. I am really hoping she'll look good next to my Enaibi Briseis! I know there will be a bit of a height difference but I'm hoping the proportions will be OK at least, them both being slim tinies.

      I am kind of sad you can't order an extra head for Julianne since I'd love to have at least one more head with an additional expression for her! Alas...

      I'll admit I am super nervous ordering a fullset doll from Doll Chateau since I have ordered new dolls from Dollzone (sister company of Doll Chateau) 3 times and all three times there has been something horribly wrong with my order. My last Dollzone order was for a discontinued doll and they shipped me a doll in the completely wrong resin colour and refused to correct the mistake by sending me a doll in the resin colour I actually ordered (luckily the dealer let me return the doll). I am just really, REALLY hoping I will get my Julianne-A with the right faceup in the right resin colour with nothing missing or damaged...
    17. I've been waffling about on Julianne; she's not something I specifically have any plans for, but at the same time I can't quite get her out of my head... I'm considering asking BJDivas about a layaway for her before the end of her ordering period, just so I can slip them a little cash every month and get her paid off close to the time she'd be done anyway. I just dropped a larger order with them recently and wasn't budgeting for more dolls in the near future... (And I just dropped a lot of cash at a new sci-fi con I unexpectedly ended up at last weekend, whoopsie.)

      Regardless of what I end up doing for myself, though, I'm super glad that people are ordering her, because then even if I don't get one I get to vicariously enjoy yours. :D
    18. Agreed! I been debating it so hard. i have another layaway with them too but i don't know if i really want to miss out on her since she looks so fun. I'm sure they understand the limited feature of some dolls so x.x maybe next pay check i'll slip in the layaway so i can at least have her lol. My gathering of money for her didn't turn out as planned XD

      I'm excited to see everyone's though! Theres way too much possibility for the creative juices!
    19. Whelp, I've gone and sent an inquiry email to see how long I can go on her... I'm still thinking about the possibility after all this time. That's usually a sign to consider it more strongly, right?
    20. Oh
      BJDivas right? let me know please lol I was going to email them as well here soon to inquire as well but you are doing it so saves a bit of time right?