Doll Chateau Tiny Discussion Part 2

Sep 17, 2014

    1. Hello everyone! I was curious - one of my grail sculpts is a Doll Chateau Liz (the discontinued kitty heels baby) and I was wondering if anyone had any nice owner pictures of her they'd be up for sharing? Looking at the way people style my favorite sculpts makes me really happy and excited! I've only seen Liz out in the wild once and haven't otherwise seen anyone doll her up (pardon the pun) other than her old product pictures! She didn't seem like a super popular sculpt so I don't anticipate a lot, but I thought I'd ask~
    2. Yep! I asked about targeting $20-30/month, and they said they can do that through the normal layaway process. I might be ordering a spooky girl when I get paid...
    3. I'm still a little on the fence on whether I really want Julianne or not... so I did just submit a layaway order. :) Hopefully it goes through! I'll see how she inspires me when she gets here and decide what to do then, but with the clock running out I figured I should move on her.
    4. I ordered both Liz and Mandy and now just waiting for the shipping notice. I'm hoping they'll be here in two weeks. :eusa_pray
    5. Oh my god that's WONDERFUL! Are you going to do an unboxing vid? Or take pictures of them? Did you get the fullsets? Did you order them before DC discontinued them? I'm SO HYPE for you!!! <3 Sorry for all of my questions but I'm just SO excited for you and I hope you have a wonderful time with them! <3 <3
    6. Ta. :)

      I ordered them during the discontinuation event through BJDivas. Tbh, couldn't justify getting the fullsets as I wanted some other dolls/heads, so just the blank dolls.

      I can see if I can take pics or something. I'm just very bad at remembering. :doh
    7. Thank you so much - if you remember, no pressure okay!!!
      But yeah, CONGRATS!
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    8. So happy I finally got the body for my floating wanda head, thought I'd share a few here....


      (also- hi @caiterprince , fancy meeting you here~ i'm showing off the photo you took everywhere I can :D)
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    9. @Beedalee There is PISCES my favorite girl!!! I will always be happy to be your photographer, Bee, you know how much I adore your dollies! <3 Congrats on the body, again!!
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    10. She’s absolutely lovely! So delicate looking and I love her face-up and wig. They really enhance her beauty.:)
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    11. Hopefully I'm in the right thread. (wasn't sure if I should be in the tiny or kid thread...) :sweat

      Has anyone here restrung a Xaviera? I'm thinking I might have to bathe mine due to her "new resin smell" being so intense and me being hyper sensitive to smells.

      She's been airing out for soon 24 hours outside (on my glassed balcony so in a safe place, I'd never leave her just on a bench or something). I plan to leave her there for possibly another 24 hours if cloudy and gloomy weather persists. I'd still like a backup solution which would be bathing and I'd need to take her apart for that.

      Still, I've never restrung a doll and having taken a peek inside her she looks rather intimidating.