Doll Chateau Tiny Discussion Part 2

Sep 17, 2014

    1. Hello everyone! I was curious - one of my grail sculpts is a Doll Chateau Liz (the discontinued kitty heels baby) and I was wondering if anyone had any nice owner pictures of her they'd be up for sharing? Looking at the way people style my favorite sculpts makes me really happy and excited! I've only seen Liz out in the wild once and haven't otherwise seen anyone doll her up (pardon the pun) other than her old product pictures! She didn't seem like a super popular sculpt so I don't anticipate a lot, but I thought I'd ask~
    2. Yep! I asked about targeting $20-30/month, and they said they can do that through the normal layaway process. I might be ordering a spooky girl when I get paid...
    3. I'm still a little on the fence on whether I really want Julianne or not... so I did just submit a layaway order. :) Hopefully it goes through! I'll see how she inspires me when she gets here and decide what to do then, but with the clock running out I figured I should move on her.
    4. I ordered both Liz and Mandy and now just waiting for the shipping notice. I'm hoping they'll be here in two weeks. :eusa_pray
    5. Oh my god that's WONDERFUL! Are you going to do an unboxing vid? Or take pictures of them? Did you get the fullsets? Did you order them before DC discontinued them? I'm SO HYPE for you!!! <3 Sorry for all of my questions but I'm just SO excited for you and I hope you have a wonderful time with them! <3 <3
    6. Ta. :)

      I ordered them during the discontinuation event through BJDivas. Tbh, couldn't justify getting the fullsets as I wanted some other dolls/heads, so just the blank dolls.

      I can see if I can take pics or something. I'm just very bad at remembering. :doh
    7. Thank you so much - if you remember, no pressure okay!!!
      But yeah, CONGRATS!
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    8. So happy I finally got the body for my floating wanda head, thought I'd share a few here....


      (also- hi @caiterprince , fancy meeting you here~ i'm showing off the photo you took everywhere I can :D)
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    9. @Beedalee There is PISCES my favorite girl!!! I will always be happy to be your photographer, Bee, you know how much I adore your dollies! <3 Congrats on the body, again!!
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    10. She’s absolutely lovely! So delicate looking and I love her face-up and wig. They really enhance her beauty.:)
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    11. Hopefully I'm in the right thread. (wasn't sure if I should be in the tiny or kid thread...) :sweat

      Has anyone here restrung a Xaviera? I'm thinking I might have to bathe mine due to her "new resin smell" being so intense and me being hyper sensitive to smells.

      She's been airing out for soon 24 hours outside (on my glassed balcony so in a safe place, I'd never leave her just on a bench or something). I plan to leave her there for possibly another 24 hours if cloudy and gloomy weather persists. I'd still like a backup solution which would be bathing and I'd need to take her apart for that.

      Still, I've never restrung a doll and having taken a peek inside her she looks rather intimidating.
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    12. Seeing as how it’s almost Christmas time, I wanted to share my beloved “forgotten toys” (Dollzone Lunas in normal pink and green skin) with a few of their attic friends.

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    13. They're so cute~ I've been eyeing one one on the marketplace, but it would be nice to see them compared to other dolls. :whee:
    14. Is anyone else a little unsure of their feelings on him? I really loved Charon and Pluto, but for some reason he just isn't clicking with me. I really like the new ears and his face sculpt so maybe it's just the way they did his makeup? Anyone else have opinions on him?
    15. I feel much the same, I think he's really cute but the makeup and the way his body is painted is definitely what's putting me off him. Not a fan of the mechanical take on him. Honestly would be tempted to get him blank, I'm sure I'd be completely in love if he was done to my taste.
    16. I'm actually not too much of a fan of most of the heads for their (kid/baby)centaurian creatures. Instead, I opt to swap out the head. I thought "just sell the head," but the thought of divorcing the head from the rest of the body makes me a bit sad. Though Cephalopod himself isn't bad to me. I do think his face is a bit too sloped and smooth for my tastes, but that's just that -- my taste. I'm also not much of an elf ears person. Their full set tries to go with the cyberpunk aesthetic, and I quite like that. I do wish they altered the male's body more than they did. It really doesn't make him feel special in comparison to the female.
    17. If I was still collecting resin dolls, I would probably be planning on how to purchase/afford him during such a limited ordering period. If I wasn't buried neck deep in pre-orders (for OT figures/dolls), I would seriously consider him right now, but I'm sadly not interested in getting more resin dolls, particularly in his size. If he was smaller, maybe, I would be in deep trouble right now. I love his face, wig and overall concept. I think they kind of did a lazy job with the torso looking like a mod of the female one -- I like the curviness around the hip/waist area, but the protruding chest area does make me think it's just a quick-mod of the female. I don't mind the rest of the body being exactly the same, I like the sculpting on the scorpion piece, and there's really not that much difference (if any at all) between male and female scorpion bodies. Humanoid-males do have more of a straight/flat chest unless they are inhaling-in-air (or some or posture issues), so that does bother me a bit. I would definitely add him to my small collection if it were another time (earlier in my BJD collecting years), or if I didn't have too much already going on. He is very tempting. (:
    18. I agree that the chest area looks like a bit of a fast mod. I think it's because the nipples are so low down and to the sides. Normally they're only going to be that low if there's some breast tissue or large muscle tissue, and there's neither. I mean guys do have breast tissue and can have more than might usually be expected. To be honest, I would be very interested in a doll with gynecomastia or a doll that is considered male but otherwise has breast tissue, that'd be cool. But Cephalopod definitely doesn't feel like they made any deliberate choices to make a non-standard chest haha, just seems like it's a quick modification of the existing female chest. Not that it's the end of the world, it'd be a fairly easy "fix" if you wanted to rearrange the nipples and muscles on the doll a bit. It wouldn't be something that put me off. I kinda like it as it is tbh, looks like very very small breasts.

      For me I am put off by the make-up too! I actually like cyberpunk stuff, but I don't think they've really nailed it. It looks like too much of a mush of vaguely cyberpunk-like things without enough thought into what would work. I wouldn't mind seeing them try again in future though.

      If they had brought him out back when Pluto and Charon came out, I would have bought him over those two. However, since I purchased a Pluto, I don't really have the space - literally or figuratively - for another scorpion. A shame because I like his pincers much better!
    19. I really love him. His face sculpt is adorable and I prefer it massively to Pluto and charon's faces.

      As for his chest, I actually think it looks fine. Guys come in all sorts of shapes and i'm cool with that.
    20. I also super love him, I have him on layaway and totally broke all my plans and "nothing but bodies" pledge for him, I'm very excited
      I'm a bit wary of how baby faced he does look blank, but he doesn't seem as much so painted so I'm not super worried, the right faceup will help. I want to also go in a cyberpunk direction like the fullset but...Glowy and probably tacky clashing bright colors