Doll Chateau Tiny Discussion Part 2

Sep 17, 2014

    1. I personally think he's adorable, but I don't have a need for a scorpion right now, especially with the pile of unfinished dolls I need to get busy with *_*
    2. I recently bought a Mini Bella on the B-07 body. She's so tightly strung that she can't sit and when she stands she bends backwards. Before I try to restring her, are there any tricks to the way this body is strung, like separate strings for the torso and legs? I don't want to break her right out of the gate. Thanks much!
    3. Sounds like she’s just been strung too tight. I’d try simply loosening her strings a bit if there’s enough elastic chord to do so. If not and you have to restring her, you can do either single strings in the neck or the double strings for both arms and legs in the neck. I have two of them and I just checked...I have one done each way, and they both feel pretty much identical. They seem to be done just the same as any larger BJD.
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    4. Hey guys! Question. Any suggestions on what clothing might fit Luna and Fiona's body? I have a Catherine too and she's far harder to fit for but I thought Luna and Fiona's bodies in terms of dresses may fit a popular fashion doll's clothes? But I wasn't sure if anyone had experience in that regard.
    5. I have two Lunas and mine both wear Blythe dresses I find on Etsy. Depending on the dress, some sleeves may be a little short, but I love the look and there’s always plenty to choose from.:)

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    6. 1. Your girl is absolutely precious. I love how her shoes are painted! This is very good knowledge. It makes me think Pullip clothes would fit well too based on the measurements. Same arm issue but if you do sleeveless items. It's very helpful, thank you!
    7. Thanks @PoeticSoul. I'll have to open her up and see what's going on. I sure wish these dolls came with a stringing manual. A while back I restrung my little Ada using the extra belly so she could stand on 2 legs instead of 4. Turns out her antlers make her so top-heavy that all she can do is recline in a chair, so I made her a fishtail and now she's an antlered mermaid.
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    8. @PoeticSoul Follow up question for you, what size eyes does Luna take? I find conflicting information saying 14 and 16.
    9. I wanted a certain woeful look in mine (they’re forgotten toys) so I went with 12mm. But I think 14mm would work just fine. I would be concerned that 16mm would be too big to fit in the small space inside their head.

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    10. I finally got up the nerve to restring my Mini Bella. I'm amazed at how thick her string is. I've seen thinner strings used on bigger dolls, so I wonder if the extra-fat string is one reason she is so tight. I didn't have another on hand so I had to reuse what she came with, but I removed the extra joints and short resin segments in her arms and legs to ease the tension on the existing string. She'll get another restring when I find some thinner elastic.

      Meanwhile, I managed to give her a faceup, so here is Belinda:
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    11. Has anyone received Julianne yet? I’m really eager to see box openings.
    12. Mine has been shipped one month ago, no news on the tracking since may the 19th...
    13. And she is here! and I couldn't resist swapping her head (with DZ Sho horns) around (it would need some S hooks fiddling too).
      I wish I had DZ Neveu body in white skin... too bad it's sold out.


      My realfee may head goes nicely on Julianne body too (I wish I had it in pink skin, but it wasn't an option).
      A pukifee head might work too...
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    14. Howdy all! I've been wanting to add Ada to my collection for some years now and I wanted to know how everyone likes her poseability as a human all these years later? I love having double jointed dolls and I think it's time for me to start looking for one to add!
    15. I'm sorry if this has been asked before but does anyone know what wig size the 10cm Ants use (please)? I can't find it on Alice's, BJDiva's, or DC's website, I'm about to get the blank versions of Eco for myself and Ela for my sister and I want to be able to get wig/s for them without doing a potentially expensive trial-and-error. Please and thank you <3
    16. What do y'all think the likelihood of Dora containing sculpted genitals is? I see on her page, her deer groin and human groin are censored, but they are not on Noah. I hope she's blank, but if she were, it's rather odd they would censor her like that. Then again, one of Noah's pictures has his belly button censored.
    17. Hi everyone! I recently ordered a DC ant in the rerelease and was wondering if anyone knew what size eyes and wigs they take? Would be super grateful for any information I can get.
    18. Do you know what size they are? I think they may be a 1/12 or 1/8 size, cuz they look like a similar size to my scorpio doll, so they can probably take 8-10 mm eyes (10 makes them a bit more inhuman and shows more iris) if you know what general size they are you can look up wig size for them!

      Oh I absolutely love the swap :love was the face a factory face up? It is a bit of a shame that you couldnt get the color match, but they look so good regardless!
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    19. Thank you so much for the advice! I'm gonna take a bit of a guess and say its a 1/8 because its supposed to be about 15cm tall. :lol:
    20. @Lillytail That would make them 1/12, not 1/8 (an easy way to remember is that 1/6 is 30cm so 1/12 would be half that). Not that companies use the whole scale thing accurately of course!

      I just measured my ant for you, the eyes are 8mm, and the head is 3.5 inches (so a 3-4 wig). I will say that the ears will make a wig quite difficult, you might need to make your own custom wig in order to have something that stays on.
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