Doll Chateau Tiny Discussion Part 2

Sep 17, 2014

    1. No problem! I took a second look around and doll legend says they use 6mm eyes (so you could still use 8mm/10mm if you wanted! I use up to 12 mm on my doll with 8mm eyes) but I cant find any head measurements *_* you may be able to find the wig they use in the fullest and track it down for sizing, but your best option may be to wait unfortunately :c

      Do you have a wig for your ant? I've been trying to make a wig for my scorpio doll, but his horns and ears make it difficult (and I'm not great at it :c) I've been considering buying but I'm not sure if itll work. If you did make your wig what did you use? I keep trying yarn but it never looks right for some reason
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    2. Wow! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. :cheer
    3. No, and I won't have a wig for my ant either. Actually, my ant doesn't even have ears any more! I've heavily modified it, I wanted it to be more ant-like so I removed the ears and breasts. I'll be making new hands for it, and in terms of coverings, it has an outfit made out of fake petals. Sorry I can't help with ideas for actual wigs, the thought of giving the insect dolls hair has honestly never crossed my mind!
    4. It's cool! I was just wondering because I dont always see people with strange doll head/sculpts with wigs. I honestly love that idea so much. Making her more ant like sounds like such a good move. What are you thinking about doing for the hands? Will they still have fingers or will you being doing the psuedo-hook/claws that ants have?
    5. @sketchmo Here you go!

      From my instagram, this is the prototype print to check fit, the final will be printed in resin. I wanted something that kept with the feet look, but I also added a thumb just so the hands could still have a bit of expression. They are really tiny and really cute!
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    6. Oh those are lovely! You did such a good job with that model! I think adding the thumb was definitely the way to go, they get across hand while being super true to ants! They look tiny, I mean the ants were a 1/12 dolls right? Are you posting progress images of her on here?
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    7. @sketchmo Thank you! :D They are indeed tiny! 7.5mm across on at the widest point. Generally I'll stick to Instagram to post modding progress, or maybe make some kind of modding megapost on here at some point.

      But here's a quick, admittedly fairly low quality shot of her mods in progress:
      Once I've had her hands printed in resin and I'm satisfied I won't want to do any more subtractive mods, she'll be getting dyed purple.
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    8. She is so cute :,) Is your insta the @ on the pic? I'll def have to look at your progress! <3
    9. Does anyone know if the b-body-06 was discontinued or something? It's not in the discontinued section on the DC site, but I can't find it on any of the authorized seller sites like dolk or alice's collections.
      Here's the stock image for anyone who is wondering. I'd love to see some owner pictures if anyone owns this beautiful body!
    10. It is on the discontinued list on BJDiva's site. Sorry I hope you can find one secondhand.
    11. They were discontinued, but Jeeryama/Clover singing has two available.
    12. [​IMG]

      Just got my Julianne! She's actually a little bigger than I expected, and I can't say that's disappointing to me. :) Now I need to decide for sure what I want to do with her look... She was a slight impulse buy, but having her in hand, I don't have any regrets!
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    13. @vicemage She’s truly a fascinating sculpt! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you do with her. Doll Chateau makes such amazing creatures.:)
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    14. I got my Julianne in this past week! Ugh I'm in love with her!
      I'm gonna make her a dark/eldritch horror circus ring master and I'm very very excited!
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    15. I finally put some dye on my Julianne! I'm in LOVE with this purple!
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    16. AAAAA that looks fantastic. love the color choice for her horns!
    17. Beautiful!
    18. Hello all! For the Mini Bella - a 4/5 or a 5/6 wig? Her head measurement seems to be right in the middle and was wondering what’s better. Thanks!
    19. I recommend a 4-5 wig.
      I initially ordered a 5-6 mohair wig, but it was so big and could easily tuck the ears deep into the wig cap.

      This is the same company wig and same hair style, but in the 4-5 size, looks and fits wayyy better.
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    20. Bahboh this helps tremendously! Thank you so much!!!