Doll Chateau Youth Dolls Part 3

Feb 23, 2018

    1. Lol, I can feel you. This one was a commission, I hardly sew for myself, that's why half of my dolls are naked :sweat.

      I should get my act together as well and dress them all:pout:.
    2. That corset is fabulous! Lol, I have enough issues with making simple things. Flat chested dolls, I can handle well enough, but curves are a nightmare!
    3. This is a weird question but I think this may be the best place to ask. About a month ago I saw a nthread for a new company by the artists at doll chateau I can't find the thread and dont remember the name of the company any ideas
    4. Could it have been Dream Valley? Or am I getting mixed up with something else I wonder...
    5. Hello! I was wondering if anyone had photos of a doll in the gray resin. I've seen the swatch on Denver Doll, but I'm really curious how it translates into actual doll format.

      I tried looking in the previous thread but couldn't find anything and did a search on DoA as well. Thank you in advance. :)
    6. I have a couple pictures of a tiny in grey! I can't get the link with my phone, unfortunately, but you can find the pictures in the album:

      Doll Chateau Order 2018

      It is a light grey in person.
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    7. Thank you so much, @Pandy! I haven't bought a BJD in a long time and am trying to be more careful/thoughtful with my purchases. I love Evangeline, and if I were to get her (she's definitely up there!), I am leaning towards the gray. Too many decisions to think about and decide! :shudder
    8. I've noticed several dealers listing a new resin color for DC called "peach," according to a note on Denverdoll its supposed to be between Pink and White skin in terms of color, but I can't seem to find any official info or images about it? Has anyone else seen anything?
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    9. I have two doll chateau youth girls and am wanting to get them heel feet, but the only heel feet dc makes in their size actually come with sculpted heels.

      Anyone here using heel feet from other companies to get their dc girls in pretty heel boots?
    10. I'm pretty sure I've seen Dollmore Model feet being used on DC Youth girls before!
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    11. I've never heard about it, but now I want to know :aeyepop:.
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    12. @Katushka_Nitok I love her eyes and hair. She's such a flexible sculpt!
    13. I wonder if Evangeline head would fit on the Youth-06 body proportionswise or is this head too big for the body?
      If someone probably knows, I am really very thankful for a short reply. Thank you. ^^

    14. Wow! You're very talented! The corset is perfect! This really inspires me to put some effort into making something like this whenever I finally get a body for my DC head. I really love the grey colour!
    15. Wanda, she's my f-Ingemar on Y-body-04

    16. Late response but it took DC/DZ awhile to post the actual photo comparison vs. the announcement of peach resin.

      So if you haven't seen it already or for others reading this thread, here's the link to the post (the link is to the actual post, but it is auto shortened for some weird reason):
    17. Did they make the pink darker? Or is that just my screen settings..
    18. Anyone see their new Youth doll Gladys? I've never had love at first sight with a doll before, thankfully I don't believe she is limited. Simply stunning.