Doll Chateau Youth Dolls Part 3

Feb 23, 2018

    1. Yeah, I saw her, she's amazing! I wish I had someone I could shell in her, but I'll just live vicariously through anyone that gets her. I even like her face a lot!
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    2. I know what you mean, she’s so gorgeous! :DI couldn’t believe my eyes because I’ve put a Doll Chateau Christina head on a hybrid body that I modded to look robotic. And now I’m waiting on a doll chateau order that I just paid off, it’s like why are you doing this to me DC? Why do you want all my money...:(
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    3. DC just announced that they're discontinuing a huge bunch of their sculpts in March, so you don't have long if you wanted to pick them up. (I've only found the link to this on their Facebook account so far; I'm not a big FB user so excuse me if I've messed up the link!)
      DollZone & DollChateau
      Edit: dealer post on Instagram

      They say the dolls that are going can be seen here:
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    4. Was shocked to see it this morning. Surprised to not see it on DoA. Doll Chateau weirdly enough doesn't post these news on their IG account but rather on the Dollzone acconut.

      I was thinking about rehoming my Stacy since I could buy her again later while I figured out what I wanted to do, but now... Plans have been dashed for now. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do with all my broader dolly plans this year, but this discontinuation has me scrambling.

      Thankfully, we still have about two months before they are pulled. It looks like they will re-release the bodies with different head sculpts, but my goodness... DC some of their bestsellers??? Seriously shocked.
    5. Does anyone have more pics of Irma?
    6. Irma is a kid-sized doll, so I'd ask in the kid thread in the mini-doll forums.
    7. Oh, sorry! I must've been looking at the wrong page. :sweat
    8. I ordered a Blanche via European dealer a few days ago AND commissionned SophyMolly for the wig.
      Problem, i won't get the miss before July at best and SophyMolly needs some measure for the headcap.
      If per chance someone has a Blanche, could you please give me the following measures ? I just copy/paste her mail.

      I can make standart cap with size from official site. Or if you have head (get it soon), measure next, please:
      1 head circumference (circle,girth) from the hairline to the bottom of the neck.
      2- circumference (circle,girth) from the hairline to the middle of the nape.
      3 height from the hairline to the bottom of the nape.
      4 - height from ear to ear
      5 Width of the forehead.
      Also need photo like third (with tiny doll head and measurind tape) for knowing exactly ears place. ))
      Kindest regards,
      Pièces jointes :



    9. Blanche is a brand new sculpt, I doubt anyone has her yet... It's gonna be at least 5-6 more months before she starts arriving.
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    10. I ordered the centaur body Lillian is on in December from Jeeryama on Ebay! (Along with her fullset outfit)
      I like Lillian a lot but I also really want to hybrid a Peaks Woods FOC head on it!
      I'm not sure if the proportion or resin will work, but I ordered it anyway haha
      And if it doesn't then I plan to buy a Snow Nymph head eventually!
      But with the recent discontinuing event I better decide quickly:...(

      Anyway, I am just so excited and I'm guessing I'm going to have to wait another three months for the body to arrive!
      Please keep the centaur pictures coming hehe:D
      (And if anyone has any insight on the DC-PW resin/proportion that would be greatly appreciated!:abow:)
    11. [​IMG]
      I recently received my Doll chateau order from August of last year. She is an Evangeline on the centaur body with the old tan, honestly I'm surprised by how much I ended up liking her!
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    12. Hello there! I'm sorry I only saw this now. I have a Blanche head that I ordered back when she came out. Do you still need the measurements?

      1. 7.6"
      2. 7.4"
      3. 4.8"
      4. 4.4"
      5. 2"

      Image of the head (had to post a link because IMGUR is being weird and won't give me the direct link. Also in case anyone's wondering, I modded her nose for a softer profile which is why it's not as pointy as in the official photos.)
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    13. Okonomide, thank you so much !
      Just to be sure, are you measures in inch or in centimeter ?
    14. No problem! The measurements are in inches :)
    15. Beautiful
    16. Okonomide, thank you again, i'll pass the information to the wig artist.
    17. Good luck! I'm excited to see how you'll style her. You're the only other person I know so far who ordered a Blanche. :)

      I just want to share mine again. I just finished painting her the other day. She's still far from complete (her proper wig and clothes are still not done and I'm still not too happy with her face up), but I do love how this sculpt matches the character I got her for.
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    18. Where can I find clothes that fit Doll Chateau Y-body-03 (DC Christina has this body for example)? Does someone have any tips what size clothes work on this body or if there is a company or someone on Etsy who makes somewhat fitting clothes? I know Alice's collections makes custom size clothes, so there's always that.
    19. I don't have the Y-03, but the 04 body (almost identical, except for no neck joint nor jointed feet), and I've found she can wear SID girl pants and most normal SD10 or so shirts/sweaters. The arms of course are too long for the sweaters, and I fear with the paints might be carpi length with the extensions in. My girl doesn't have them on as I wanted her to be human fully...
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