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Doll Chateau Youth Dolls Part 3

Feb 23, 2018

    1. @IzabethS Great, thank you! ^_^ I wondered what the difference between Y-03 and 04 was, so thank you for that too.
    2. Just wanted to post my girl with her boyfriends guitar and her poor dogs tail oops[​IMG]
    3. Where do yall get clothes for your DC bodies?? I'm having the most difficult time finding boy clothes for my Matthew
    4. Does anyone have an idea what kind of body would work with a Lillian head? I find her super pretty, but I'm not the biggest fan of DC's overly thin bodies so I'd love to find an alternative.
    5. With the discontinuation event, I think I'm going to snatch up an Evangeline head while I still can! I'm still planning on getting her default Y-04 body, but just out of curiosity, does anyone know what other bodies could possibly hybrid with the head? I know Dollzone's bodies are a done deal (being sister companies and all!), but what others could match with the resin/just complement it well? Thank you!
    6. I wanted to order Laney on the Y-06 this summer. They said, the human version is not limited and I thought, I'd have enough time, since it is a new sculpt released on Dec 19th. That’s why I prioritized other dolls and I have 3 SDs, 2 MSDs an 3 floating heads coming in, all ordered in the last three months. Atm I can purchase the head only. :horror:
    7. @glueblade
      Maybe Dream Valley 1/3 girl body would work after its neck modification. DV white and normal resin colors are very close to DC ones. Also, DV girls have their head girth of 21 cm and DC girls - approximately 20 cm, and both companies' dolls have a same shoulder width; proportionally DC heads may fit to DV body. For me DV body sculpture seems very beautiful and natural, in contrast of their faces, so... :roll:
      At this moment, I myself cannot decide, if I want to take Evangeline head or not. I liked her face and its expression for a long, but It's such a pain to hybrid DC. I'm still in the process of transferring my DC boy head to another body, and I must say: the neck slot is a real stone of stumbling :doh. I'm not sure that I should underwrite for another DC hybrid.
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    8. Ohh, thank you so much, I'll definitely keep that in mind! I took a look at the DV body and YES, that long lanky torso would be perfect! My only concern is that it's 60cm, and the DC Y-04 body seems to stand considerably taller at 66cm, so the vertical height is a little worrying. >o< Still, I appreciate the suggestion very much! <3
    9. I've been waiting on a DV girl body for a while and I'm hoping it gets to the dealer this month. I also ordered a DC Gladys head to put on it, so when my order gets here I can show what it looks like ^^
      The size difference is mainly because of the elongated limbs on the Youth body, which are like 3 or 4cm long. I took the ones on mine out, so she's a bit shorter now. I can post a comparison when my Gladys comes in ^^
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    10. Thanks for the replies, everyone! I'm thinking the Dollzone 58cm girl body looks nice, but I find it hard to tell if they'd actually fit well together. And it seems to have a thinner neck than Lillian's standard body, which might be a problem. Is there anyone who has done a hybrid like that who can give some advice? I'd also love to see some pictures of Lillian in general to help make a decision-
    11. Ahhh yes I know for a fact that I'd appreciate that tons! Oof, it would be those long, lanky limbs that make or break things. ;O Darn DC's beautiful stylistic bodies.... I adore the elongated look, but it makes things so hard when trying to figure out proper height/aesthetic for hybridizing! Pictures would definitely be a huge help, thank you! <3
    12. I have a DC Snow Nymph on the Y-04 body with all the extensions removed, and honestly, I love her that way. She fits in SID jeans, and SD10 sweaters (though sleeves aRe a titch short)
      I have the DZ 58cm girl body, my Snow Nymph did. not look bad on it. If you like I can show you that hybrid later!
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    13. That'd be amazing :D I find it really hard to imagine what hybrids might look like, so that'd be super helpful.
    14. Sorry for not posting this sooner, but here's a link of what the hybrid looks like!

      I can take more recent pictures too if you like!
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    15. Can anybody tell me, that the y-body-06 is 60cm tall with heel feet, or flat feet?
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    16. Sorry, but if someone heard about discontinued Ingemar head?
      DC dont answer my emails , I have no idea what is the problem there.

      I ordered Ingemar from Alice collection (it was in the list of dolls on preorder). Before I asked if there a possibility to make an order, and AC confirmed that I can order him. I placed an order on their website and paid fully amount, but next day they send me an apologize, that they cannot order him cuz it’s discontinued. No official announcement from DC concerning this issue.

      if someone know about discontinuation of Ingemar, can you please tell me about it?

      Updates, Ingemar was discontinued but DC forgot to notify about it, said Jeeryama :(
      #77 Eva Brown, Apr 29, 2020
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    17. I finally finished my Gladys A...I love her! Her name is Pixel.:)

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    18. I got an email from ACBJD saying that my Lillian head is ready for shipping! I ordered in late March, so that's a lot earlier than I expected. Now that I'm thinking seriously about what to do for her aesthetics, I'm starting to realise that it's a bit of a challenge to find something that goes with her default faceup.The blue and pink pastels limit the options quite a bit.

      I do want to stick with a white wig and a mostly white outfit for her, but I can't decide on an eyecolour. I came across some gold eyes with a black sclera and while white/gold/black is a great colour combination, I have a feeling it'd clash horribly with her faceup. I'm thinking light blue eyes, maybe? Although a part of me thinks it might be better to wait until I see her in person to decide.
    19. Hay, New to this group. I got a Male Youth Body and I am looking for a more angular head and so far I have not had luck finding a good size to fit. Any recommendations? or Hybrids you have seen?