Doll Family-A Reviews?

Jul 11, 2018

    1. I am looking at purchasing a Doll Family-A DuoDuo doll but I haven't really heard much about the company and I am just looking to see if the quality is as good as it seems. Thank you so much!
    2. As someone who has two of the Doll Family A pets, I have to say that they are the best! I got pulled into them with their Milu sculpt because that little guy has so much personality in the sculpt. I later got the Kai sculpt because I wanted to try to do battle scars on it. I was even able to purchase the Milu legs for they Kai from DFA separately because the character need movement when I eventually take picture of the two. I am falling hard for DuoDuo and hopefully I can get this little lady and see how Doll Family A's tan resin looks in person. I also would suggest ordering through Alice's Collection because DFA usually has sales. I highly recommend.
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    3. I did see her on Alice's Collections! I love her look but wasn't to sure of the company and wanted to hear some opinions from people that own dolls of that company. Thank you for your help ^^
    4. Also Alice's Collection does layaway. They even let me do it for when when I got my Milu when he was on sale for $60 couple years back. *hint,hint* ;)
    5. Oh my goodness!! I didnt know you could do layaway for sale items!!!! Thank you so much