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Apr 7, 2010

    1. @IngieBee

      They came from Doll Family H with my Beilan order
    2. Very nice! I've made a note of 'em! :D
    3. @americanseamstress Did you order them separately, or did you get them as part of an event? Also, where did you order from? I'm curious as to if they're only available when you buy Beilan and not their other dolls.
    4. @BynByn93

      I ordered them from Alice’s Collections during their 15% off sale on Beilan because, if I remember correctly, either the hands weren’t free with the order on DFH’s Taobao, or they charged extra, either way, Alice’s was cheaper. The hands came free with the body. I wish I had my Doll Legend Imported tan hands I dyed to check the color match, but they’ve been Dyed to match Dollshe Honey Caramel Brown now. I think Doll Lengends tan is more translucent. Perhaps they’re sister companies, along with Doll Family A or all three share the same caster.
    5. @americanseamstress I think it's the case that Doll Legend and DF-H use the same casting service, but (rather confusingly) DF-A does not. I know for a fact that DF-H and Doll Legend white is creamier and DF-A white is more stark, for instance.

      I actually don't believe the two Doll Family companies have any relation to each other these days. Not sure how they started out, however.
    6. Oooh I see. I'm a little worried that if I order a Beilan in the future, and I'd like jointed hands for him, that he may be defaulted to the long nail ones >__< The long nail hands are pretty, but are of no use to me for what I plan to do with him :')
      I guess I'll email AC nearer the time and ask about it :)
    7. Yes, of course :)

      I will upload more photos on my Flickr or Instagram soon :)

      I don't know, but I asked them for hands matching with 65 body :D

      My Shadow (waiting for his eyes and dark curly hair atm, but I like him in blonde too)

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    8. @bickazer

      I don’t know for sure, but I remember reading an interview somewhere that Doll Family is two artists, and they split into A and H for easier business. I was assuming the A and H were initials, but maybe I’m wrong.
    9. Hey, anyone more familiar with DF-H know what the deal is with Qingyi? I stumbled upon his body on ACBJD and I fell in love, he's such an unusual size and I think his face is actually quite cute, even if it's a little dopey looking

      Is he a limited release or something??? I gotta know!

      Edit: Nevermind, I guess I was just a little early. :sweat I’m so sad he’s only available as a Fullset, I can’t justify paying so much just to wipe him...
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    10. @0bsequi0us, you can always buy his body separately and head of normal Quingyi (it looks a little less dopey). :)
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    11. Well that's the problem, now I've fallen in love with his dopeyness. :lol: But yeah, I was actually considering that! I've had my eye on the 1/4 version of that sculpt for a while.
    12. Haha, yes, his dopeyness is so cute! But I think you can get the same result with his normal head too. I hope they will decide to sell his limited jointed hands separately as well!
    13. Doll Family-H is having an event *heavy breathing*
      The time has come to (hopefully) order a Zhenluo :D
      I haven't bought a doll in maybe 4 years or so, so it feels strange >w<
      I'm planning on getting him blank, on the 65cm 3-part torso body (may get the heel feet for him too).
      Going to order some clothes for him too (though I have some still around from the SD17/70cm boys I used to own), so I can get free shipping :3

      Slightly off topic, but, in the photos for Zhenluo it looks like they're using eyes with small irises in him. Does anyone know where to get eyes like that (glass, preferably)? Most places I've seen only do them occasionally or through pre-orders every few months, but I'd like somewhere that does them on a regular basis or always has them available.
    14. Apologies for the double post, but I got some answers back from Alice's Collections about some questions I had. They might come in handy for someone else :)

      The 65cm boy bodies are compatible with the 70cm jointed hands they have.
      The 70cm heeled feet measurements are 8.7cm in length and 3.4cm in width.
      It's a shame the heel feet are so much bigger than standard SD/SD16 heel feet. Kind of makes it a bit redundant to have heel feet that won't fit the vast majority of heeled shoes...
    15. I see a lot of Beetles eyes on Taobao that offer small irises. I think you can get them via KOKDoll or Stacy's Pink Ocean, but I just buy from Taobao.

      Oof, this event has me tempted to get my Long Xiu. I miiight start a layaway for him. Maaaaybe I will add Lang Ya too. :D
    16. I've just seen that DF-H are selling the new ballet feet and sets of 1/3 hands separately (link), which I'm sure weren't listed before...? The hands are very cute so I think I'll pick up a couple of pairs, but I'm stuck on colour. If anyone has any recent pictures or links to pictures of DF-H's normal yellow, I'd really appreciate it! <3
    17. Has anyone see owner photos of Long Xiu or does anyone here have him, especially with the company faceup? I'm planning on getting the head for a character of mine but I'm not having luck finding any photos at all.
    18. I've been stalking around for Long Xiu pictures too and so far haven't found anything. :sigh It doesn't seem like he's too popular, unfortunately.
    19. I ordered one last month on layaway, eventually I will see him. I got him in tan and with the faceup they show him with, I hope it turns out like the picture. He is on long layaway though, so it will be a while. I do hope more pictures crop up at some point. I love that face, he looks so unsure. XD
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    20. Ooh, a tan Long Xiu, awesome! I'll eagerly await his arrival too. :3nodding: