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Apr 7, 2010

    1. I spent a good while on my break yesterday trying to look for any owner pictures of him using his Chinese characters for his name, but I got no matches. I did, however, paste it into Google Translate to make sure I grabbed the "Long Xiu" correctly, and his name translated to "Repair"! No wonder I kept getting pictures of unrelated dolls on Baidu! XD
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    2. I'm majorly on the fence about getting this new (ver. 4) body, I've been in love with it ever since it came out but it's such an odd size that I'm still apprehensive about getting him... I've decided against buying it with the head since I'm not totally in love with any of the heads in this body's size range.

      Usually I'd wait, but this event is too good. DX

      Do they have events like this often? I haven't really been keeping an eye on them closely until just recently...
    3. I had the same problem! Maybe someone will sell himseperately far off in the future....
    4. ... Aaand if I had just waited longer I could have gotten the head sculpt I wanted. :doh I'm an idiot, I need to learn to wait on things like this...

      maybe acbjd would still let me change my order? probably not. :eusa_sile
    5. Does anyone know what Faceup B means? I'm thinking about getting Takumi but $110 seems steep for a faceup so was wondering what the B faceup will look like. Do they not give examples anywhere? :?
    6. When did you order? I suppose it depends on the manufacturer, but I've found acbjd to be super helpful with changes. You should contact them :)
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    7. @IngieBee That's good to hear! I ordered on the 8th, so it's been a while... but I went ahead and asked anyways, I figure it wouldn't hurt to try. :lol:
    8. Oh, that's only a few days :) depending on the changes, I an sure they will try to help :)
    9. I've been trying to find pictures of Yan Xiao because I really like his face, but there aren't many! I would like to see how the head looks on the body or any body, but you can't see that in the promotional pictures. Has anyone gotten this head? Is it well balanced? I suspect from pictures I do see, that the head sits way too far forward, like it's attached to the neck from the back of the head or something. This could easily be due to short focus or some other anomaly of photography though. Is it a new offering? I'm wondering why nobody has taken photos of him :(
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    10. Just ordered a Luo Yunci head that I want to put on a Dollshe body. It's so hard to find owner pictures of these dang dolls. The super common keywords in the company name aren't helpful lol. Have a couple questions:

      1. Are we still getting 7ish month wait times?
      2. @SugarFirefly any more pics of your lovely guy? :D
    11. Hello! Can anyone help me with measurements? I am putting a big order together from AC because Doll Family H is on sale. I want Bei Lie as my first boy doll! I can’t find specific measurements for wig size and eye size! Anyone know? Especially the eyes... thanks!
    12. I have Xiao Xin, which I believe is a boy, and can measure later. I believe in the meantime it's size 8-9 . Mine will be a girl :) It's like, if you want a sassy girl, ya gotta use a boy head, LOL
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    13. DF-H has released two new 68cm boys and they're gorgeous! YouGuang in particular looks like a bigger version of Nan Xing, I'm in love. :love
    14. Omg, I love them! DF-h is becoming a new favorite for me, all their recent faces have been so expressive.

      These two have a really comedy-and-tragedy vibe in the duo pictures of them... cute
    15. You Gaung really does look like supersized Nan Xing! He's so cute! DF-h is so on point lately. :)
    16. Muu, I asked about if my boy has shown up yet. I put in the request to order him mid-November along with a Miracle Doll girl. BJDivas said they were just shipped their October orders, so they expect him to show up fairly soon. My girl also hasn’t shown up yet, so at least nothing is sitting at the dealer’s. So they might be about a five month wait right now? Someone brought up that Christmas and Chinese New Year were also during this time, so maybe later orders will be faster.
    17. When will my son return from the war......... anyway this wait is killing meeeeee
    18. My previous DF-H order I made (in 2017) took a while too, around 4.5 months. I think 4 to 5 months, maybe even 6, is the norm for them.
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