Doll Family H Discussion

Apr 7, 2010

    1. Hello everyone! Does anyone know if sunshine skin and tan are different colors? And if so which is darker?
    2. Another question, does anyone havea doll family h 72 cm male body? If so can you measure how tall his neck is for me?
    3. I don’t know which is which, but I do know that DF-H has two resin choices for it. I’ll quote BJDivas:
      Nothing beyond this was specified for the colors, but I chose the imported resin, so we’ll see how it looks when I get him. I ordered a 70cm boy, so if the prices are consistent with your choices, then the difference may be the type of resin.
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    4. @Pandy That's strange, does DF-H now offer a normal resin tan? When I ordered my boy, the only tan choice they had was the imported. :?
    5. Not sure, unfortunately. If I search for their resin colors, the pictures only show the one color of tan.
    6. By any chance would anyone have a Doll Family H Liaofeng? I'd love to see him in something other than the promotional photos, since he's currently my best bet for shelling a character that I'm looking to have a doll cosplay as...
    7. I'm 95% sure I'm gonna go with a Doll Family-H 42cm Girl Body Ver. II for my floating Peak's Woods head I'm going going to get. I just think it's one of the most beautiful 1/4 bodies, and it's in my price range! I'm probably going to wait for them to have a sale though, as the head won't be here until march of next year anyway (I just ordered it and my whole order is on a 4 month layaway)

      If anyone has any picture of that body, I'd love to see!
    8. I’m finally going to be seeing my Long Xiu! It’s been quite a wait. I just paid for his shipping from Divas.
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    9. I'm still waiting for my christmas quing lang :/ has anyone recieved the christmas or halloween version yet?
    10. I saw a Christmas version one for sale in one of the Facebook sales groups.
    11. I got mine, but I also ordered him nude and blank. Are you waiting on a fullset?
    12. Does anyone know what neck circumference Doll Family H practice head and Xiao Xin head would fit on? I ordered one of each and was thinking about maybe getting bodies for them..
    13. I’m gonna assume since they’re doll family h, that the Xiao Xin is going to fit on something with a 10cm neck, just like their 62cm bodies. I don’t know about the practice head because I can’t seem to find it so I don’t know what scale it is.
    14. I could use some help identifying a body I think might be a DF-H body. Sadly there isn't much to go on in the picture other then a piece of the torso that's showing and the hands.

      【LA LUCYFUL】{腿长两米} BJD娃衣 紧身水洗破洞牛仔裤 限时开团-淘宝网

      If you scroll down towards the bottom, the body I'm interested in is the one that the grey Soom Heliot head is on. The caption above mentions Popo68, but I do not believe that the Heliot head is on a Popodoll 68 body. From every picture I could find the hands don't seem to match, and the torso sculpting also doesn't seem to match, but that's harder to tell because of angles, and the picture being a bit blown out around the torso.

      I then checked out some of the other bodies that were mentioned as models throughout that whole picture series. The closest one I could find was the DF-H62cm body. From company pictures and a youtube video I watched the shape and placement of the fingers appear to match up well with the ones on the body I linked to. The body also appears to have a bit of a pinched waist look similar to the one in the pictures.This is the main reason why I'm interested in finding out what body that could be as I love the way it looks in clothes. I also really like the hands.

      So, is there anyone who happens to have the 62cm body that could possible chime in? Or just anyone else with an opinion. I've been staring at this picture for two days now, and I think I'm starting to go crossed eyed.:lol:
    15. He’s finally here! My tan Long Xiu. I had to hunt him down at the PO super early this morning. I am not a morning person.
      He’s so beefy! He’s absolutely perfect, and the only issues I have with him are a matter of preference, not because of a flaw. I’m so happy to see his faceup is close to what is shown in company photos too! He is the imported tan choice I was given, and on the 68cm body which looked less beefy in the photos, but is still beefy as heck. He also came with jointed hands, but I am going to need help with those, because I think Thor himself strung him. D:

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    16. Congrats Pandy! He looks awesome! :thumbup

      The tan color is lovely! :D
    17. @Pandy congrats! I hope this doesn't sound creepy or anything but I've been eagerly awaiting your Long Xiu's arrival too XD I just don't know of any other owners and I was eager to see what he looked like in tan, too. He's gorgeous and his faceup really does look like the promo pictures (I've heard DF-H can be a bit hit or miss with faceups so I'm glad!).
    18. Thanks! :D
      He’s downright impossible to find pictures of online, so I plan on spamming him a bit to at least relieve some of that before I go back into my quiet crab cave of hiding again.
      He’s strung really tightly, I have to say. So tightly, I can’t get his head off to try eyes, so I had to attempt to work around that s-hook. I did find that he suits 10mm pretty well, but I tried 8mm and I like the size of the iris better, even though they didn’t fill the eye wells. I was suuuper hoping he would suit my large bounty of 12mm and 14mm eyes. I have a few eye molds though, so I’ll make him temporary eyes until good ones are ordered. He’s also so tight, I can’t put his jointed hands on yet. I also realized I’ve reached the tipping point in 70cm clothes. I’m all out. D:
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    19. Pandy, I hate it when dolls arrive strung too tightly. That's why I always have extra string around so that I can re-string my dolls when this happens. Re-stringing is easy and just makes it easier to handle the dolls.

      Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your boy! :thumbup
    20. No, that's why I'm so annoyed! I ordered a blank head with only one of the teeth parts :(