Doll Leaves 26cm Discussion

Nov 8, 2010

    1. Question for you guys, what size wig is yours. The Doll Leaves site says Kiki's 6/7 but his current 6/7 seems way too big for him, I have so many issues with it sliding during shoots. Is 6/7 the correct size or should I go smaller?
    2. I have a Dan, not a Kiki, but he wears 7-8 that was made smaller by hand stitching. He also wears a silicone wigcap to prevent sliding. He also fit 6-7 Monique Ginger wig well, but only with a wigcap. So, if you don't own one already, get one. If the problem still exist, make the wig smaller with a safety pin or by sewing it smaller.
    3. It's so quiet here... so we came with Akemi say "hi" :)

    4. Vladini & Sem greet's Akemi back. Let's see some more DL love!

    5. Asher wants to add some more love to the forgotten thread!

    6. No love for these cuties anymore. So sad, anyway enjoy my Kiki renamed Natsume.
    7. Asher and Kiki are lovely. It's sad Doll Leaves yo's aren't more loved. Vladini (Dan) was my first doll ever and I love him to pieces. The body pose great once sueded. Vlad is one of the few who doesn't fail the standing on one leg test, even though he wil be turning three this year.

    8. Yeah I don't get it, they are affordable and beautiful.
      I love what you did with your Dan. I think I need suede my Kiki, they pop out of poses in his arms sometimes.
    9. Yes, certainly also affordable. Sueding should help. If not, try wiring. But hot glue fixed mine up just fine. Have you found a wig for Natsume (well obviously he's wearing one, but you know fit wise)? Allthough Vlad has a wig that fits, his big ears sometimes get in the way, lol.
    10. I rarely even look into the tiny threads, as my only 2 are from unpopular companies. So, I missed the attempted resurrection back in January.

      My poor DS kid just can't make up her mind about what she wants to be. She's back to being a girl again. Maybe for certain now....


      She was a completely spontaneous purchase when I got her. Poor thing never has really stuck to anything. Sometimes I almost give up on her and think about rehoming, but then I feel guilty and try again.
      She seems to like this look and it is different from anything tried before. Hopefully it sticks this time! Her new name is Ashlynn.

      I also finally got around to sueding her joints. If anything, I think I might enjoy her a lot more now that she doesn't automatically cross her arms and collapse every time I play with her. It certainly made her seem very grumpy all of the time.
    11. I have a FL LTF Ante who does the exact same thing. Genderwise she has stuck to female, but she is the make-over queen over here. Countless wigs, eyes, face-ups and still she is mostly a mystery girl. I can't bring myself to sell her either. So yes, I can relate. xD

      Ashlynn is adorable. She looks far from grumpy now. Her bright blue eyes really look right into your soul <3
    12. Thanks, Shirelae!
      The eyes are actually her defaults. I never really liked them before, but they are suddenly working out.. I don't know if this will be her exact look, but it seems to finally be on the right track. For the first time ever, she seems like she finally has a voice! And she seems kind of like a sweet kid! Much better than the little grumpy pants that has lived here for the last two years.
    13. I have the same thing with my DS Babel... Now, however, she decided to be a girl, and even allows me to dress her in lace... xD


      Picture is old, which reminds me that I should devote my girl more time :)
    14. Your Babel is super cute!
    15. She's cute in that dress!
    16. Thank you :D
    17. [​IMG]

      Vladini showing off his new hat and liquor bottle.
    18. What an adorable hat!
    19. Thanks, found it between the "carnaval" (dress up things) section of a local drugstore. I also have one in hot pink. xD The bottle is a cellphone charm from ebay.
    20. Your Vladini is very sweet, even in this dark frame... ;)