Doll Leaves 26cm Discussion

Nov 8, 2010

    1. I love my lil angel. Kiki's are gorgeous sculpts.
    2. Your Kiki is gorgeous!
    3. Hello everyone! Hoping this thread still has a little bit of life in it!

      I'm very excited as only a couple days ago I placed an order for two Connies! One of them is a gift from my husband and I'm already on pins and needles for their arrival! I got them both on boy bodies and one in white resin and the other in tan resin. I think Connie is a relatively new sculpt so I'm not sure if anyone here has one yet, but either way I'm still enjoying looking at everyone's little ones! These will be my first very 1/6 dolls and likely my only ones for a while as I just don't seem to like many sculpts in this size (hence why I got two :lol:), and I'm soooo excited!!
    4. Great to hear @InkyBear ! I haven't seen a Connie yet, so I'm very curious to see what you will do with them. I'd also love to see DL tan in yosd size. Here is another pic of y Vladini, a DL Dan.

      [​IMG]Violin music for my beloved by Shirley Girly, on Flickr
    5. Thank you! Alice's Collections actually just contacted me tonight and asked if I'd prefer "Tan" or "Wheat" skin, and I didn't realize they had 2 options! Now I'm totally stuck on which one best suits Elijah and I have to decide soon :doh

      Anyway, I love your little ones! Look at all the tiny props, so cute! I bet it's much easier to find appropriate sized accessories for these little guys :)
    6. @InkyBear Maybe this will help?

      Well, only the Violin was purchased as a prop, from ebay. The kettle was a gift from my mother and the gallow + bat were custom made by Puppit Productions. Necklace was made me.
    7. I have a Safa on his way to me. Hoping to turn him into a girl :o and use his body for my Sprocket Glee head:) It's hard to find much info on the Doll Leaves dolls.....I don't understand why because it looks like the body will pose well and they're really reasonably priced?? I read that a couple of people have sueded them for better posing so I'll remember that if needed.

      I'll come back and post a photo when I have it all sorted.

      I also have an Impldoll Evan on to find that thread now......
    8. Congrats @lyna55 . I'm looking forward to seeing your Safa. You are right, they do pose well when you have sueded them. ;)
    9. Thanks Shirelae....he should be here soon! I'm not sure if it will work but I'm hoping to use his body for Glee's head. If it doesn't work I guess I'll have another cute YOSD to play with LOL
    10. I just ordered a Lili and I'm super excited for her to get here! I ordered her with a custom faceup so I'm really excited to see how it came out. Doll Leaves was such a pleasure to work with, I've been really pleased so far. Does anyone have any feedback on custom faceups from Doll Leaves on their 26cm?
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    11. Congrats on your Lili @aae3748 . I'm curious to see how the custom face-up turns out.
    12. Thanks, me too! I'll definitely post photos when she gets here.
    13. Per a message posted at Denver Dolls Emporium, Doll Leaves retired their 1/6, 20cm and 26cm, line of dolls on March 31, 2017. They also posted that new generation dolls are on the way.

      I own a Dan, and think he's a cute little guy. I am looking forward to seeing what the new doll line will look like!
    14. I've got a Lili and a Safa and I'm finally finishing their characters and getting wigs for them. I couldn't find anything about this in a search so hopefully this wasn't already asked. Has anyone tried a 5-6 size wig on these guys? I have a few 6-7 size wigs and they're pretty loose on them. I'm ordering wigs from nine9style and I have one for my Dreaming Doll Bobo and it's big so I'm wondering if 5-6 wold be better but I don't want them to come and be too small to use.
      And as far as eyes go, I have size 12mm because the recommended 14mm was way too big for their little eyes, I kind of wish i had just bought 10mm eyes at the same time to see if those fit even better. Has anyone tried 10mm eyes?
    15. Mine is wearing a 7-8 wig that has been shortened in the back to fit with a few stitches and is currently still wearing a 6-7 fur wig. I do have 5-6 wigs, but I highly doubt they would fit my DL Dan. Maybe Dan's head is bigger?

      If you measure you dolls, I will measure Dan, and if the measurement is the same, I will try to plop a 5-6 wig on him.

      My doll is wearing 12 mm eyes as well. I don't think I can help you with a comparison though, since Dan has romantic / dreamy eyes. You could try 10mm bead to see if it would at least fill up the eye socket / not show gaps?
    16. Time to revive this thread (I think it's the right place for her?) Carrie is a Babel YOSD who came to me in trade for some crafts I made. Her striped dress/top I made, but everything else is borrowed. She stole her brother's purple eyes after this box opening, but they're too big to keep (sorry kid).


      She's Carrie after Her Majesty General Fisher (and my aunt Keri who's the best ally in my family). There will be Glitter in her faceup.
      Suprise, you have three younger siblings now. Welcome to the family.
    17. The wig her littlefee sibling came with is a 5-6, which just doesn't quite fit her. The 6-7 Carrie currently wears does slide a bit, but I will probably add a few hotglue dots around the edge to keep it from sliding anymore.
      I trimmed the snarly ends of Carrie's wig so it's now roughly one length.


    18. I just did a 'sponge bath and hot glue sueding' for Carrie today and --aside from her ankles-- she feels as solid as my littlefee now! I did replace her knee/hip wire because sueding her knees wasn’t quite enough, especially since her bare feet slide on the desk and her ankles say Nope.

      I'll cross-post this question in another Doll Leaves thread too : How can I stabilize her ankles without boots?
    19. All I needed to stabilize my Lili's ankles. She never wears shoes and stands great even on slick surfaces.

      I would share a picture, but I can't figure out how to get Flickr to cooperate from my phone.
    20. I have to use the browser menu option 'show desktop site' to get the share options that include BB Code, then select the link out of the rest of the code as usual.