Doll Leaves 26cm Discussion

Nov 8, 2010

    1. Thank you! That worked!

      Here is my little Ashlynn. Such a serious girl.
      But, you can see she stands well without shoes of any kind. She is on a very slick table in the picture.
      That is only hot glue and it keeps her very stable. She was a complete mess with holding any poses before the glue treatment. It is everywhere now and I am much happier with her!

    2. Looks like she's got the same body as my Carrie. So just. Lots of glue in the ankle/lower leg joint?
    3. I admit it's a little thick, but nothing too extreme. Maybe a little more tension in the elastic might help too?
    4. I ended up just gluing the ankle ball to her foot. It means I need to reglue one of her boots that I hadn't unlaced enough to remove nicely (oops) but she stands like a champ in most poses. She also is wired thru knees/hips, and I added extra hotglue to the back inner edge of her pelvis piece to change the torso angle, so she kneels amazingly. She kneels better than she sits or stands!

      eta: remind me to share her new fancy faceup!
    5. Fancy faceup, as promised!


      by @rykaan

      eta: wrong pic oops!
    6. Time for a bit of an update :) Carrie is my fancy girl. Eventually I'll make up a pattern for a bodice and get her some more historically styled dresses made.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      We also did some restringing - her legs are secured into her center torso piece, her arms still their own piece, and her head now a third piece, run down through her center torso piece as well. I finally re-glued her shoulders and neck after the last sueding peeled out.

      My sister called her hands "like worry stones" in their curvature too.
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