Doll Leaves 60cm Boys Discussion

Apr 26, 2010

    1. so cool~~ can we see a pic wich shows his full tail?:D
    2. hello, what about Noir head hybrid?
      it could be very beautiful with a fantasy body!
      anyone have a picture?
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    3. @SteamWitch that outfit is so cool! Love it!

      I still have my boys, haven't done anything with them, sigh.
    4. Hello in here! Hope I'm not reviving a dead thread?

      I'm looking for a little advice. I'm trying to find a big, handsome (yet affordable) boy to add to my collection. I was looking at Doll Leaves and their boys looked great!

      I had a question - would a Doll Leaves 60cm boy fit into clothes made for an Iplehouse Y.I.D? I compared measurements and they're somewhat similar. Iplehouse Y.I.D guys have longer legs and wider chests. But everything else is about the same.
    5. The YID pants may be a bit too big but you can roll the hems under. As long as you don't want a fitted dress shirt it sounds like they would look okay on the Doll Leaves 60.
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    6. Does anyone own the Daniel from Doll leaves? I wish to get him one day, but I would like to know more about how he poses and pictures. :)
    7. [​IMG]

      I bought my boy new body but still thinking if I should let him go or not...
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    8. I have always loved this grey skinned elf ghost boy, does anyone own him? He sort of fits in my mismatched group of doll friends, but I'm just curious if anyone else owns him and has an opinion on how they feel.
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    9. I took care of an Andy before, he belonged to my friend but stayed with me for a period of time, and he was the first bjd I ever played with. He is a handsome sculpt, I love his changeable ears and his skin tone!! He feels pretty solid too, good to pose in that sense. Overall a lovely doll, I doubt you’d have regrets getting one :)
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    10. Yay! Good to hear. I've wanted him since I started in the hobby, and the grey skin looks pretty. I have all different sculpts, but he would be the most random until I introduce more fantasy based bjds into my collection. I just adore doll leaves though. Thank you for the input!! ^_^
    11. Hello, I was wondering. I heard that the Doll Leaves 60 cm boy body(ies?) is shorter than advertised. Is that true?
    12. Hi, does anyone know if you can get replacement ears? I'm hoping to get a new chap but he's missing his elf ears
    13. Finally got my hands on a Noir head, he's just missing his original elf ears. I think the ones he has are Andy's.

      I would've liked to have the originals, but it's not a huge deal, he's still pretty.