Doll Leaves 60cm Boys Discussion

Apr 26, 2010

    1. Aren't the jointed hands fantastic? <3 They're so lovely and inscale with the bodies unlike some hands which look huge!
    2. Wow, awesome shots!

      My guy arrived this morning. I got him to be a body for my DIM elf head, which I was quite pleased to see matched much better than I was honestly expecting. I'm loving the torso jointing as well. All too often torso joints are just kind of... there... and are more or less useless. Not this guy's! Full range of motion there.

      The other joints aren't as impressive, and I was a bit disappointed that he doesn't want to touch his face even with double-jointed elbows, but hey, I'm a master at wiring by now.

      He sat up straight and stood right out of the box, which are two problems that wiring can't always fix, and he feels very nice. Not too light, not too heavy, good sleek resin, and not a single seam in sight. Overall, I'm quite pleased.
    3. happy to hear it Tygati =D
    4. Wow. So, Doll-Leaves boys are definitely on the thin side.

      I was wondering why the outfits I kept putting him into seemed baggy on him, so on a whim I stuffed him into a pair of girl-jeans that fit my uber-thin B&G boy. They fit. So I got out the pair of super-tight Dollmore skinny pants... and those fit too.

      It's funny, because he doesn't look that thin, but clothing-wise he is. ^^;;
    5. Heheh Yeah, It's why I ended up sewing my guy his pants
    6. I may resort to that, or rather, asking my roomie, because I can't sew a stitch. ^^;

      It's kind of funny, because this guy was supposed to be the easy one to dress. Simple, common clothes like slacks, jeans, and polo shirts. *headshake*
    7. Haha XD never is how we wanted eh? X3 I think all my dolls do it to me.
    8. I'm looking to see if Dollmore has anything that will work, since I know their skinny-butt clothes will fit. ;)
    9. =o yeah I'm glad to know that too :aheartbea I'll have to get Benjamin some clothes
    10. Doll-Leaves boys are not as small in the shoulders as B&G boys, though.


      Skinny hips, but not as skinny shoulders.

      ... wish I knew someone with a Dollmore Adam boy to compare with. :/
    11. Hmnn I should take some comparisons of Adonis and Ben so there is the DiM and DL pictures
    12. Yeah, comparison pics would be really nice since this company is so new. I should haul the rest of the boys out... and put Yetual's feet back on. >.>;
    13. ^^- I'll drag them to a nice spot for some pictures x-x
    14. That body is really nicely detailed. Thanks for posting the comparison pictures!

      Maybe a strange question but I just went to their site and noticed Mortin is no longer there. Anyone know if that particular sculpt has sold out or has just vanished into the ether?
    15. Doll Leaves has removed their Dolls from their main site on more than on occasion, however Heartstring Serenade still carries Jiang who was removed fairly early on. That being said Mortin and Lang are still order-able through Heartstring Serenade.
      The Main site takes them down if there isn't enough requesting or ordering of the sculpts, So they become somewhat exclusive to our shop particular.

      I hope that helps to clear things up a little bit, and if Doll Leaves tell us anything We'll be more than happy to update everyone.

      ~Heartstring Serenade~
    16. Cid St.Locke

      Just arrived today!

      His face is something I don't think i normally would have been all that drawn too, but he's pretty cute!! His Faceup isn't fully finished yet, and I need to replace his eye putty since they gave him like Mint-green gum coloured tack D: YUCKIES

      He'll be finished soon I think... Then to find him clothes.
    17. Omg they made a kitsune. *___*

      Those eyes are so awesome. His lips are rather off-putting though. :( Same as Xavor. Beautiful eyes and ears, notsomuch on the lips. *pout* Not that I need another doll, but...

      I also love the little squiggles on his cheek. The artist in me is squeeing.

      What I'd really like to know, though, is does he come with the sleeping head as well as the OE head?
    18. I'm personally not a fan of the sequins on his face x-x; I don't like things glued to dolls, but aside from that he's pretty. Too narrow of a face for my personal liking.. but I do think he's very pretty :aheartbea
    19. I love these guys. Xavor is hard to resist. Thanks for posting some pics of them!
    20. Xavor being hard to resist eh? Well to better see him ourselves We got one to model with for our shop Heartstring Serenade I haven't really taken a ton of pictures yet D: since he's kinda bald! Lol.. But he's Gorgeous! I can Happily say he was totally worth the temptation!!! So I shall give you a little more ;D

      This is our store's personal Xavor <3 <3 Ugh I love him.

      I'll take some more shots of him if you wish =D