Doll Leaves 60cm Boys Discussion

Apr 26, 2010

    1. Ooh You got a Hu!!! I'm really quite happy to see Owner pictures of him! =3 Congrats on your boy!

      And Xavor, Ben and Lang are my Favourites
    2. Oh, Hu is not mine. I just copy the link of a HU opening box thread. ^^
      Xavor is my favorite. ^^
    3. Ooh oopsXD I see now I Wasn't paying much attention last night ^^;;
    4. Why are we not already discussing the new boy, Mortin? Black resin!! **____**

      I just wish they had more pics up of the black one.
    5. It's awesome how the chocolate colour of that resin really changes Mortin's Features though! <3 I'm really excited to see that. And I'm so dying for more pictures of him. >w<!
    6. Hope they release him soon. And I really hope they do black resin again. *__* I don't think this guy's features are long enough, but I've been toying with putting into doll form my dark elf.... *purr*
    7. Released!

      Omg, their new splash photo for their website is gorgeous. *__* I wonder what they made those wings out of...

      I am somewhat sad that he is not as dark as I was hoping, but I still like his overall effect. That outfit is gorgeous (Doll-Leaves outfits all are, I think) and he pulls off that wig so beautifully.

      Hopefully we'll get more nude doll pics and full-outfit pics, because that looks just lovely.
    8. seems like they had some difficulties photographing him though, which is a little disappointing. All of the shots are grainy and not too focused ;-; But he is a very pretty colour. More Chocolate than Tan, and it almost has some purple-y notes to it.

      I'd wanna get my hands on him and take some new shots x3 nice focused ones.. because I can't tell is the Faceup itself is a little akward or if it's the grainy shots :<

      But I adore that blue wig on him.
    9. I'll look forward to your pictures, then, since yeah, grainy. :(
    10. Well personally I am not buying one, I have no money, Even food is tight right now.. But If someone orders one we can hope for better pictures that way.
    11. *revives thread*
      I want to try to save up enough monies for a tan Mortin.....
      He's completely and utterly beautiful. <3
    12. I shall join you in thread revival, as I have one of these guys on the way home to me ^^ (christmas event ftw)
    13. :o *throws revival back unto thread*
      Tan Mortin is on the way! Still in China I think, but...! Still. :p (Thank God for such wonderful, wonderful parents)
      .... Does anyone else have one on DoA yet? :\ I haven't been able to find any owner pictures of him anywhere!
    14. I don't think there's many of the Doll Leaves dolls around at all, which is sad, because they're quite nice, actually. I know I love my Jiang...
    15. Yes, they do look really nice.... I think for my next I'll order a Fay.... Maybe.
    16. Discussing Doll-Leaves.. Still waiting for Mortin.. I don't know if they've shipped him yet or not, buuttt... I promise there will be pictures ASAP
    17. LittleNerdyOTAKU, did you get your Mortin already? I really want to see more pictures. Now I didn't see someone have Mortin yet. He is so beautiful.